• Open Voices is an non-auditioned choir. The current membership ranges from people who are new to singing in a choir to those who are very experienced. Some members read music well but some do not. Some members have beautiful singing voices but some do not. 
  • Print music, teaching recordings, beginning theory lessons (optional) and sectional rehearsals are provided to help members have maximum fun. We are friendly and fun and you’ll find you ‘belong’ very quickly. 
  • Rehearsals are on Wednesdays from 7-9 pm starting mid-September at Cooke’s Portsmouth United Church, 200 Norman Rogers Drive.  Members are expected to attend rehearsals but for those who travel or have occasional things come up, extra practices are offered allowing everyone to do their fair bit preparing for our concerts. 
  • Full Membership dues are $270.00 per year but because the choir doesn’t want finances to be a barrier, other amounts are acceptable, no questions asked basis.  Our operating budget is planned around about 85% of members paying full dues. 
  • The choir finds new members by advertising online through it’s website and through local newspapers/publications and also through word of mouth.  Interested individuals must complete an Expression of Interest form and attend an orientation session prior to the lottery (names are put in a hat and drawn at random).
  • The application process for accepting new members in 2018-19 has now ended. If you want to keep up with the choir, and find out when next year’s applications are open, please like us on Facebook.

Frequently asked questions about joining the choir

What is expected of members regarding dues, attendance, and leaves of absences?

OV has a Membership Policy which aims to outline a consistent set of expectations and procedures for members of Open Voices.  The policy aims to balance individual needs with choir needs.  Click here to read the Membership Policy (PDF) that was approved on February 12, 2015.

How do I become a member of Open Voices?

A call for new members will generally happen in the early summer. It will be advertised in the local papers, through our current members, and on the choir’s website.  When there is a call for new members, you need to fill out an Expression of Interest form and submit it before the deadline date.

Where can I get an Expression of Interest Form?

The current Expression of Interest form will be posted to the website just prior to a call for new members and it must be completed and returned by the advertised deadline which is normally around July 15th.  The Form can be mailed to Open Voices Community Choir, Box 1010, Kingston, ON K7L 4X8.

Do I need musical experience to be a member of Open Voices?

No, Open Voices is a non-auditioned community choir and there is no voice check, required experience or musical training needed to join.

I notice that there are permanent and one year memberships in Open Voices. What is a one year membership?

Each year, we have some members who choose to take a year off from the choir. We replace their positions in the choir with one year memberships. This means that you are guaranteed to be in the choir for one year, and that you will have priority over new applicants if there is room in the following year.

How do I find out more about the choir?

Andy Rush, Artistic Director, and a Board Member hold an orientation sessions in the late summer for interested persons, telling them about the choir, our schedule, and what it’s like to be a member. Exploring the choir’s website is another way to learn about the community.

How are new members chosen?

After the orientation session, the names of those who submitted an Expression of Interest form will be included in the lottery.  Names will be “put in a hat” and drawn at random, section by section.  The Artistic Director also has the prerogative to select a few members specifically to balance or strengthen sections of the choir, and the Board has the prerogative to use affirmative action to help create diversity in the choir. You will be advised by phone about the results of the lottery.

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