Recipe For Living

Contributed by Louise Bark

1 full cup love
1/2 lb pride, cut into small portions
1/4 cup will power, packed firm
3 oz. determination
a dash of flexibility
1 large head understanding
a few leaves of awareness (fresh, if possible)
1 lb humility
a sprinkling of common sense
a pinch of adventure
1 full (8 oz. ) can foresight
a hint of hindsight
a few sprigs of humour,
seasoned to taste

Sauté love and understanding until tender. Mix well and continue cooking gently. In a large bowl, blend will power and determination well to avoid procrastination, adding a dash of flexibility to accomodate life’s delicate variations. Fold in a few leaves of awareness (more, if you savour knowledge). Set aside to rise and expand its flavour throughout the days.

In a separate bowl, combine pride, whisked lightly with humility. Pour in common sense and sprinkle lightly with adventure. Set over with foresight for each new day; but hindsight… just enough to profit from the old. Season entire mixture with humour. Bake for 24 hours, testing often and adjusting to the wonders of each new day.