Aug 23, 2017

PRESENT: Board Members 2016-17: Diana Hopkins-Rosseel (President, Chair), Elaine Brown (Secretary), Wendy Stewart, Jerry Weller, Linda Williams; Andy Rush (Artistic Director); Sherry Aylesworth (Scribe)

REGRETS: Ruth Hayward (Treasurer), Janice Dendy (Ex-officio, Assistant Conductor), Colleen LaHaise

Meeting location: 1137 Front Road, Kingston, ON

Meeting called to order (Diana)-7:10 p.m.

  1. Approval of June 22nd 2017 minutes.

There are few small corrections to be made, but otherwise approved.

Action: Sherry to amend and re-send minutes.

  1. OV Banner:

-The banner is currently housed at John and Diana’s home. They would like a new place for it to be stored. Elaine offered to store the banner.

-The original banner is stored at Cooke’s church and is still available for use.

-The sandwich board is missing the OV sign. It was suggested a new sign be created.

Action: Linda Williams will discuss this with Gerry Shoalts and Bruce Downey and Andy will get dimensions.

  1. 2016-17 feedback summary (Linda)

Linda Williams reviewed and compiled feedback given to members at the end of last term.

Action: Linda will send Summary of OV feedback 2016/17 to board.


-28 responses

-mix of members willing to practice vs though who do not have time

-emails were very useful in allowing members to practice in advance

-members really want practice materials early in term and concert repertoire early

Action: Linda to pass on feedback forms package to Janice. Andy to forward his copy to Diana.

  1. Membership Update (Elaine)
    1. Lottery process: Refer to attached document.

The advertisement seemed to bring in a lot of new members and younger members.

-Thanks to Susan Hara for her work on updating the website.

-Ruth worked with Vern Simkins on social media. Vern updated the OV Facebook page.

-Two orientation meetings were held with an average of 16 people in attendance.

-Sherril Ritchie needs to be added to members who withdrew.

-It was discussed that when members withdraw from the choir, the board membership person will connect with them, thank them for their membership and ask for any feedback.

Action: Cards will be sent to choir members who have withdrawn. Wendy Stewart will send Diana cards. Linda asked: Should cards go to Elaine, as membership person to send out?

The Board thanked Elaine for all her hard work and time on the lottery and membership.

    1. Current membership numbers: Refer to attached report.
    2. Support for new members (Linda)

-Andy & Elaine to check in after choir Wed., Sept 27th

-Debbie Earl volunteered to provide an ongoing link to new members.

Action: Andy will confirm if Debbie is still willing to do orientation, be an ongoing link for new members and have a conversation concerning the process.

  1. Treasurer’s Report:

-Ruth pre-circulated the 2016-17 report.

-Budget for 2017-18 was reviewed in June.

-There was discussion about possibility that the 2017/2018 budget may not be a balanced budget due to extra unforeseen expenditures. For instance, cost for guest in January concert- Eclectic Vocal Ensemble (EVE). It was debated whether there is room in the budget to cover the cost of music and an honorarium of $200.00 for EVE. After discussing the matter, the board approved this expenditure from the concert guest musician budget line.

-Cost of tickets for the children’s concert at The Grand Theatre was tabled for further discussion.

  1. AGM Preparation (Diana)
    1. Diana sent out AGM notice, agenda, by-laws, and mission statement to choir members.
    2. Meeting set up:

-AGM check in will happen in the lobby.

-Diana will set up AGM meeting ( ex., chairs, voting cards, pencils, sign-in list, pens)

-Ten volunteers are required to assist with AGM and to meet and greet new members.

-A scribe is needed to record minutes. Sherry Aylesworth volunteered.

-By-laws: both eligible and new members will be on the voter’s list.

Action Items:

-Elaine will send Diana the names of new members.

The budget and auditor’s report will be pre-circulated to all members.

-Diana to have 20 hard copies of agenda and financials for members.

-Diana to print and bring hardcopies of 2017/18 schedule for new members, plus 10.

    1. Reports:

The following reports to be submitted by word documents to Diana via email by Sept 6th:

-Music Leadership Report – Janice Dendy and John Rosseel

-Year in Review-Elaine Brown

-Financials: (budget and auditor’s report)- Ruth Hayward. Andy will upload to his laptop.

-Publicity – Jerry Weller. Action: Jerry to send Diana an electronic copy of his report. Diana will

circulate one ‘shiny’ hardcopy during the meeting.

d) Tech:

-Diana to connect with Tech team to see if they are available to set up AGM and to do sound for rehearsal.

-Andy to bring laptop and projector.

8. Board Recruitment / Election:

It was discussed how OV will manage the likelihood that it will be short 1 Board member this year.


a) Bruce Downey suggested a new way to motivate volunteers and to mentor potential new board members. He is willing to stand before the choir to describe what volunteering looks like, his experience with volunteering and his experience as a Board member. He could briefly address the

choir at the end of a rehearsal (possibly in winter) and offer to mentor those members who may be

shy to step up. At the end of his address to the choir, Bruce could ask current board members to stand.

He would mention that choir members could approach those board members to volunteer or that members may be approached by a board member at some time.

b) Bruce also suggested a “Buddy” system in job sharing with board positions to help mentor new board candidates.

c) Linda suggested it may be helpful to explore alternatives to the “life-time tenure” model of board

membership rather than giving up on ideals of volunteer contribution by a wide base of members. She

suggested the board get creative. She suggested that if the board is down one member that the board

does not take on that extra person’s role, but instead recruit other choir members to take on tasks.

Also, it would be stated to the choir that there might be certain tasks that cannot get done due to less

board members and that committees be formed to take on duties such as organizing the socials and

assisting with concert organization.

d) The current by-law stipulates 7 members on the board. It was discussed whether there should be a

limit on how many terms a board member can serve. The current bylaw is supported by the

recommendations by the Board 101 workshop (Sept 2015). Andy described the 2-term limit for Board

membership and 3-term limit for Officers of the Guelph Community Choir. It was suggested that this

could be revisited and could go to the choir membership for a vote to amend the by-law next year.

e) Sherry Aylesworth suggested the Board host a Board Open House where possible interested members could come to find out what is involved in being a board member, duties and how the jobs are shared.

  1. Governance (Diana)

a) Review of portfolios: Diana circulated copies of portfolios to board members to review. This

will be sent to incoming board for consideration. Refer to attached document.

b) Update on Section Leaders and sectional leadership:

-Updated August 2017.

-Diana sent out email for clarification on numbers and names of section leaders.

-Morag C., Sean S., Kim Duca and Gord McD. are no longer musical supports in sectionals as Janice is back in that role.

-There are some spots that need to be filled with back up. This will be on agenda for first music committee meeting.

Action: Elaine will review membership forms to determine if anyone has indicated interest in being a section leader.

  1. Review and Finalizing of the 2016-17 detailed schedule.

Diana circulated draft schedule for discussion and update. The following changes need to be made:

-Cookes is no longer available for dress rehearsals on Saturdays due to a conflict. The board will need to find a new space. Time of day and location to be determined. Suggestions: Duncan MacArthur, St. Andrews Church hall, St. John’s Church and Princess Street United Church.

Action: Wendy and Andy to discuss this issue further with the Nadine at Cooke’s church.

-There will be one choir social- March 28th .

-January 30th will be a dress rehearsal.

-The schedule will go out as a tentative schedule until new board members have time to consider and approve.

  1. An issue has come to light concerning a scent sensitivity and communication of this issue with Cookes church. Andy and Wendy to discuss the matter further with Cookes and Diana to discuss the scent concern and communication with the concerned party.

11. Other: Andy looking for some suggestions for a title for the January concert. Ideas were brainstormed: “Some Like it hot!” , “Viva La Open Voices”, “Hot Latin”, “Open Voices Sizzles.”

12. Next Board of Directors Meeting:

    1. Date: Thursday, September 28th (tentative, based on the schedule for new members)
    2. Time: 6:30 p.m. for tea/beverage; 7:00 – 9:30 p.m. meeting
    3. Location: 6 Miles Avenue, Kingston (613-531-9553 is the landline)
    4. Chair: Diana

13. Meeting Adjourned: 9:10 p.m.

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