August 20, 2015

Present: Jim Hill, Wendy Stewart (Chair), Elaine Brown, John Armstrong, Diana Hopkins-Rosseel (President and Minute Taker), Ruth Hayward (Treasurer), Frank Poce, Andy Rush (Artistic Director)

  1. Approval of minutes from meeting of June 4th, 2015
    1. Page 2, item 5b part 2 correction: Ruth Hayward is going into the 2nd year of her term
    2. Jim Hill suggested the minutes require some ‘significant’ editing to elaborate on some items and delete others prior to a final approval of the minutes ACTION: approval of the minutes deferred until a revision is completed and circulated. The final draft will be circulated for a final email vote. Deadline for the email vote prior to the 2015 AGM to be held September 9th, 2015.
  1. Budget updates – Ruth
    1. The financials have been pulled together and sent to the auditors, Collins Blay, in preparation for the AGM 2015 audit report.
    2. Andy noted that an invoice will be coming for OV 2015-16 music copying fees but it should be minimal compared to some years as we will be using a lot of music from previous years.
  1. Membership issues, update on registration for 2015-16 – new members from lottery, those taking leave –Elaine [appended]
    1. The members of the Board thanked Elaine for marshalling this membership process and handling this arduous portfolio
    2. Membership count pre-lottery: Bass = 21, Soprano = 29, Tenor = 22, Alto =28 [109 + 4 musicians]
    3. 23 entered into the lottery
    4. Membership count post-lottery: Bass = 25, Soprano = 32, Tenor = 25, Alto = 29
    5. Discussion ensued regarding follow-through on the policy and procedures for registration/renewal/leave; consensus was that the policy must be followed. ACTION: (i) public announcement, (2) public single reminder and then (30 forms not submitted will mean an automatic withdrawal from the choir.
  1. Feedback forms from the 2014-15 season
    1. Wendy Stewart to summarize the feedback and circulate to OV Board members
    2. Wendy read out the positive comments and some concerns/issues
  1. AGM on September 9thDiana
    1. Call for the AGM and proposed agenda went out to the membership [attached]
    2. Recruiting new members on Board,
      1. the ‘scribe’ (minute taker) needed replacement – Sherry Aylesworth has agreed to take on the position for next year, starting in September (Jim Hill will be back up);
      2. Linda Williams has agreed to be the scribe for the Sept 9th AGM; ACTION: John Armstrong will arrange for the AGM
      3. We also need 1 more Board member for 2015-16 ACTION: each member of the current board has agreed to continue to make personal advances to OV members for the last open Board member spot


    3. Diana discussed the AGM procedures
    4. ACTION: Diana to send the 2014 AGM minutes out to the Board
  1. Update from Artistic director – Andy
    1. Reminded the Board that the upcoming year is:
      1. Seasonal concerts ( ‘Winter Songbook’) in December: Monday, Dec 21st and Tuesday, Dec 22nd
        1. Coproduction of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church and Cooke’s-Portsmouth United Church; they bring their communities, they do event evening staffing (front of house, social after the Tuesday concert, helping setting up risers, bake sales, …)
        2. Monies go to our costs (including music, musicians) plus an even split of the profits to the churches
        3. Promotions should go to the local community to bring in the neighborhood individuals and families
        4. Kim Duca and Darryl Bryan will both be involved (accompanist and singer); Kim’s protégé Molly Lutta may be singing a song


      2. Next event discussed is with Inshalla; coming April 2nd from ; will arrive at Cooke’s and we will give them a light lunch; then rehearsal and finally home to their billets. They come back to the venue, St. Andrew’s (corner of Clergy and Princess Streets), a production of a consortium of 6 downtown churches to bring a family from Syria ($90,000.00 to sponsor a family). We host and do the concert. On Sunday morning, many Inshalla members will go to church services; back to Cooke’s by noon (ish) to get on their transportation home.
        1. Approximately 80 members
        2. Approx. 1.5 hour concert and no intermission
        3. Will have a silent auction
        4. We will need a committee to plan and implement


      3. Final concert Saturday, May 26th
        1. The repertoire was read out by Andy
        2. A CD will be recorded by Summit Sound
        3. A one-day event with an afternoon and evening concert – both recorded
        4. Andy and Tim will work on the post-production of the CD
        5. Venue is a question – likely Cooke’s as we have recorded there before and because we have more control for recording purposes


      4. Andy suggested scheduling some Open Sings with some developed and run by members (perhaps November when Andy will be away)
      5. Coffee House will be in January – Andy proposed Wednesday, January 13th and open to family and friends. More of an evening out, and set up more like a coffee house with lighting etc. It does need to remain non-threatening and keep to the original concept (not a performance).
      6. Schedule discussion: resume Jan 6th after the seasonal break in December. No March break this year. Possible date for Open Sing is November 18th. No date yet for a spring Open Sing – suggested Wed., April 13th.
      7. ACTION: Diana to have a schedule completed and circulated to Andy and the Board by the end of April and then finalized for AGM/1st practice night.
  1. Concert promotion for Christmas concerts – Wendy, Frank and John
  1. Choralpalozza update – Andy
    1. Both grants City of Kingston Arts Fund and the Bally Tobin Foundation received totaling approx. $9,000.00 which will cover the majority of the budget – thank you to those organizations and to the grant writers and reviewers.
    2. An organizing meeting was held in the summer and another is to be held September 20th at Andy Rush’s house. All participating choirs have been asked to
    3. Sunday, November 8th
    4. There is a new Youth Project Choir (40 teenagers, ages 13-19) with Emily McPherson and Darryl Bryan as Directors; an open call will go out for the participants.
    5. There will be a video documentary produced
    6. 15 choirs representing 776 singers participating to date; room for one more choir
    7. Andy would like Open Voices to have a presence/visibility in the form of a table display. ACTION: Andy to approach John Rosseel re: the status of the vertical banner
    8. Diana H-R and Jim Hill both represented on the committee from Open Voices. So is John Rosseel (Both OV and EVE)
    9. It is likely that there will be a gap year after 2016 (fall of 2017)
    10. Andy to be developing an apprentice for his leadership and some other key positions
    11. Open Voices is committed to performing on November 8th (approx. 18 minutes of stage time)
  1. Andy’s replacement for 2016-17, what is the process of this – all
    1. Options/Strategies:
      1. Replace with a single Guest Conductor for the year
      2. Replace with a different Guest Conductor for each concert
      3. Choir leadership plus a concert only Guest Conductor(s)
      4. ACTIONS:
        1. Ruth to pull out and send to Andy and the Board to review and edit the existing role description
        2. Define possible salary(ies)/compensation
        3. Andy to send a personal email out as an approach some specific community members to extend an invitation to consider the Guest Conductor position (Open call may not bring in a good match) – Darryl B., Sarah Q., Emily M., Emily, Ian, Michael Capon, Martha Hill-Duncan


    2. Possible gigs?? – Jim
      1. Horizons were approached by Jim to see if they are interested in their end of season event (query Saturday, Sept 26th?); 2 extra practices before and each singers must be able to attend one. ACTION: Jim to follow through on the logistics and choir organization.
      2. No others in the offing right now
  1. Music committee – Diana
    1. No meetings have been held since the last report
    2. Board members asked to consider the portfolio of Music Committee and chair the committee
    3. A scribe will have to be found for the committee
    4. ACTION: Diana to send the list of Section Leaders for 2015-16 to all Board members
  1. Rabble singing for 2015-16 dates etc.– Ruth and Andy
    1. 1st Rabble is September 7th and will run the 1st Monday of every month at Stone City Ales
    2. Cole Miller is running the 1st Rabble sing with Andy and Tim present
    3. OV is funding to $800.00 this upcoming year
  1. Next meeting date and location.
    1. Thursday, Sept 24th (tentative pending coordination with new Board member(s))
    2. John Armstrong’s – 477 Sydney Street
    3. 7:00 – 9:30 p.m.
    4. Wendy is away Sept 15th to Oct 8th

Adjourned at 9:09 p.m.

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