August 2018

Final OVBoard Minutes 21 August 7-9pm
Chair: Linda Williams
Host: Mary Gauthier
Scribe: jerry Weller
Attendance: Alan Kary, Linda Williams, Skot Caldwell, Pam Bandy-Defoe, Mary Gauthier, Jerry Weller, Andy Rush, Graham Stratford
1. Approve the Edits to June Brd minutes
a. Item 3, concert Planning- Syrian Concert “Building Bridges” is Saturday 27 October
b. ADD fee of $1000 for CoCo Love
c. Meeting adjourned at 10:15pm
2. Approved:
Board Meeting dates to be 2nd Tuesday every month: 11 September (host: Linda), 9 October, 13 November (host: Pam), 11 December, 8 January2019, 12 February (host: Pam), 12March, 9 April, 14 May, 11 June.
Action: Alan distributed to Board members the date list and Board contact wallet cards.
3. OV 2018-19 Term Schedule (Alan and Mary)
Approved: the new layout of the Schedule was applauded.
Action: switch Columns 1 and 2 (Regular Practise followed by Sectional); page 2 will add major dates and list rotating Sectionals.
Action: (Alan and Graham) organize printing of the first copy only; check with OV webmaster to post subsequent copies on the members page; (Alan and Andy) organize rehearsal hall storage before Library Committee’s first meeting.
4. Treasurer's Report (Pam)
Approved: Treasurer’s Report of OV financials.
Action: (Pam) arrange digital and hardcopies of Audited Statements for the AGM;
scan OV archive materials onto website.
B/F at next Board Meeting:  (Andy) additional accompanist/musician Pay issues.
5. Member Relations Report (Mary)
Discussion: update of membership recruitment, retention, Section member status; new online registration form, Graham’s expression of interest system.
Action: (Mary) send Andy detailed lists; (Mary and Pam) study and report status of the 18 new members’ dues for the next Board meeting, 11 September; (Mary) liaise with Debbie Earl to Welcome new members at week 2 rehearsal; (Linda) get last Spring's Bass accessibility survey for choir.
Action: (Alan and Graham) produce the attendance sheets from the member lists and have them available ; (Graham) to liaise with OV webmaster to ensure PayPal receives OV’s Charitable Status; (Skot) Announcement in week 2 about volunteer roles.
6. Membership Management Report (Graham)
Discussion: assembling registration and how-to-volunteer materials for OV website;
Action: (Graham) meet an OV member to exchange concert publicity with other choirs, etc.; recruit a backup for OV emails in his absence; discuss with OV webmaster if a new recruit is needed, then if so, prepare volunteer signup sheet.
(Alan and Graham) produce the 2018-2019 Section attendance folders from the member lists.

7. Music Committee Planning Report (Alan)
Action: (Alan) prepare Section Leaders' attendance folders for the first rehearsal; advise Section Leaders that they are to arrange any extra Section rehearsals for their members - dates, space, accompanist, with Janice and/or Andy.
(Skot) Chair; prepare Opening Welcome; Establish quorum; type up and print AGM Agenda copies; review Agenda; Motion to Approve previous AGM Minutes; (Skot and Linda) recruit three readers for this year’s AGM Minutes;
(Alan and Graham) send email notice of AGM to full Member List this week; plus print & bring list of 2017-2018 members for AGM sign-in sheets, each Section separately on a page;
(Pam) email digital OV Audited Statement of Revenue & Expenses to Graham for members; prepare report and motions; send digital copy to scribe by Sept 12; print 10 copies at AGM (seven for Directors, three to circulate, digital copy to Andy for data screen projection); at AGM, call for Motion and seconder to accept the auditor’s report; Motion and seconder for the board to appoint auditor, and Motion and seconder to pay the auditor for the next year;
(Mary) develop short summary of highlights of 2017-18 (concerts, gigs, educational events, approx. $4,000 in grants, Special Projects like CD or videos); email to scribe;(Marilyn) by Sept 12; develop short summary of 2018-19 Membership numbers;
(Andy) bring projector and laptop; develop short Director’s Report of 2017-18; email to scribe by Sept 12; at AGM, honour Past Volunteers/Recruit New Volunteers (name the Roles, ask people who did any of these to stand, ask new members to volunteer);
(Alan) organize Section Leaders to recruit one  Section member each for AGM sign-in and binder distribution table in the hall;
(Andy and Skot) develop list of OV volunteer roles in order to honour/recognize past volunteers by naming the Roles at the AGM (include Library Committee, Stage Crew, Church Liaison, website, Poster Production/Distribution, Concert Lobby/Ticket Volunteers, etc.); email to rest of Board for any additions;
(Skot) adjourn AGM.
9. Director's Report (Andy)
Discussion: Andy's planned absences 2018-19 early October, November and end-March;
Approved: Andy to sell or donate Yamaha mixer/Yorkville speakers; liaise with a composer for a commissioned choral piece; buy and test 10 new music binders.
Action: Andy to book vocal health choir workshop.
10. Publicity Report (Jerry)
Discussion: two bound copies of the 64-page Publicity Report of media “press clippings”: 12 pages were generated for “Latin Heat”, 16 pages for “Tuskegee”, and 28 pages for “Kids World” concerts; the purpose of publicity is to help choir members to sell tickets.
Action: (Jerry) recruit more publicity volunteers to help him; liaise with Andy on PeaceQuest concert publicity; liaise with Andy and Concert program coordinator on full page OV Season ad in PeaceQuest concert program (Alcorn, Tate concert/workshop, Open Sing).

11. Skot to announce at a later rehearsal that we will no longer have a Suggestion Box that solicits anonymous input but rather we invite all members to directly and openly contact Board members with questions, concerns or suggestions.
12. Next Board meeting: Tues Sept 11, 7-9pm. Agenda/Chair: Alan. Host: Linda, at 46 Colborne St, just west of Clergy.
November and February meeting Host: Pam.
13. Adjourn 9pm.
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