February 8, 2018

353PRESENT: Skot Caldwell, Linda Williams, Diana Hopkins-Rosseel, Andy Rush, Pam Bandy- Dafoe

REGRETS: Jerry Weller, Elaine Brown, Linda Johnson

SCRIBE: Marilyn Haskell-Armstrong

Meeting Location: 45 Carriage Court., Kingston, ON

  1. Meeting called to order (Pam): 7:19 p.m.
  2. Welcome and addition of new items to the agenda
  3. Approval of Minutes of November 23, 2017 by Linda and Skot
  1. Board Recruitment 2018/19
    1. Vacancies: 4 vacancies for upcoming term: Elaine, Diana, Jerry, Linda

Reported that some choir members had expressed some interest last year

    1. Strategy – How to recruit, paper resources to give, when?

Linda suggested written summaries of roles by each board member and presented to choir/ Diana suggested that one to one approach is also effective. P.R. activities discussed


      1. Diana to approach Bruce Downey re: volunteerism chat at the mic (is he still interested?)
      2. All Board members: Role descriptions for their current portfolios developed by each Board member
      3. Diana to do 1st call at the mic for new Board members (offering the role descriptions and times pre- and post-choir to chat with a Board member/Diana with their questions)
      4. Board to pull together a power point (~3 slides) to promote what being on the Board is like (i.e. the PR approach)
    1. Number of Terms – Linda W proposed writing a new Bylaw to define the number of consecutive 2-year terms a Board member can serve, e.g. 2 terms or 3 consecutive terms maximum, for treasurer (burn out, new blood, individual feels able to contribute, pressure to stay, etc.), Diana spoke against this concept (continuity, new passions, not done, etc.). Andy spoke to the idea of ‘Emeritus’ board member – President stays on for a 3rd two year term.
    2. Education of New Board Members – Purpose, Roles, Consensus, Commitment.
    3. Andy reported that he will be making a proposal to move the AGM and election of the Board to the spring, before the summer break to have a smoother fall start up with a working Board.

ACTION: Diana to ask Gord McDiarmid about the process and relationship to financial year end (June 30th)

  1. Membership Update (group discussion in Elaine’s absence)
    1. Departing members thank you card and phone scripts for review – Status? Exit interview.

ACTION: ask Linda Johnson to determine who are departing members who should receive a card from the Board. She would then generate the letters signed by the Board

    1. Recruitment of new members for membership Committee – Announcement at choir rehearsal and creation of sign-up sheet – Status?

Elaine has previously suggested a membership committee: deferred to next meeting

    1. Qualifications of membership (Andy):

Summarized current qualifications (not auditioned, not needing musical experience, try to accommodate mobility issues and child care needs.) What about cognitive skills, deafness, etc. e.g. stages of Alzheimer’s, hearing deficits, etc. We debated the philosophical question of “openness “of choir versus a practical need to be able to learn and participate.

Discussed a ‘buddy’ system for difficult transitions.

Discussed the need to identify special needs and what would be helpful supports in the application process, with the choir mandate in mind.

Discussed possibly developing a working policy (apply the Core Ethical Principles of the choir … ‘choir members have the responsibility …’) to be used by the Board, especially the person with the Accessibility portfolio, to implement any interactions with choir members and any possible decisions to be made.

ACTION: consider as addition to the proposed Town Hall meeting topics?

d) Request former member – Response?

ACTION: Elaine has informed the former member that he should apply with the late Spring intake

e) Review of rules regarding choir attendance and participation in concert:

ACTION: Andy will ask section leaders to discuss with him individuals who may be missing too many rehearsals, not attending make-up sessions and yet singing in the concerts.

ACTION: Andy to email Elaine to get attendance sheets

f) Summer intake:

Andy would like the intake process reviewed perhaps to include a larger team and less of his involvement.

ACTION: add intake to next agenda for further discussion.

6. Treasurer’s Update: Pam

a) Latin Heat Concert revenue and expenses discussed (see b)

b) Current Financial reports – Questions and Discussion

Linda: would like to see concert information separated from choir operating expenses and revenues on reports

Andy: we should not depend on concert revenue for operating expenses

Linda: suggested that we return to past practices: membership fees should fully cover operating costs.

Currently, $28,165.00 for choir operating costs (not concert costs). Membership intake is only $24,075.00 so concert profits are required to cover operating costs.

ACTION: renew the discussion regarding concert revenue covering related expenses only and not being used to cover choir operating costs. (Do we need to increase membership fees or decrease operating costs or both?) Then concert profits would be used as flexibility to take on new projects and/or donate to community groups or use as discretionary funds.

c) Chair Fundraiser:

$650.00 has been raised so far.

ACTION: Diana will make an announcement to the choir re: the need for approximately $2000.00 to cover cost of chairs.

7. Music Committee Update (Skot /Andy)

a) Street Song Initiative – Support – PR poster, social media advertising, costs

      1. Andy sent out a proposal statement to Board Members including a budget and timeline, etc. Board support including:
        • help with PR poster, social media advertising, finding out about timing of other events, labour for setting up/taking down, general support to Andy re: planning, $1000 for musician honorarium ($50 x 9 events and rehearsals + pricing music + video of ~$500.00 – Kevin Bowers student project?)
        • in development of project

Dates: Monday, April 9, 16, 23, 30, Tuesday, May 8; Gigs Saturday a.m. May 12, 26, June 9 followed by fun social lunch

        • Practice space needed that is free but is also visible, to draw in individuals to participate

ACTION: Skot will contact Josh Lyons and Kevin Bowers if Andy wishes, regarding video.

ii) Board response: -how does it meet our mandate?

Andy discussed how it fits our Mission – e.g. bringing music to the community (like Rabble Singing was)

        • “Board agreed that it would “bring Joy of singing and music to the community”
        • Great recruitment opportunity
        • “suggested that video expenses could be reduced if a student project.

Board agreed to support this project to $600.

Next step: identify venue and form a committee of choir members to help plan.

ACTION: Skot will look into grants from the Skeleton Park Arts Festival and Kingston Arts Council.

b) Impromptu Gigs – Status?

ACTION: ask Linda Johnson if there has been any interest expressed by members since her announcement about this at rehearsal

c) ‘Making Rehearsals Fun’ Committee – Andy

ACTION: Table for music committee agenda

    1. Negotiating with Musicians – Andy

ACTION: Any questions re: payment of musicians and negotiation of fees to be discussed between Andy and the musician directly (Reminder: there is a musician pay scale)

8. Concert Committee Update (Skot)

a) Peace Quest Meeting report (Andy/Linda J):

Response was great about choirs participation.

ACTION: Andy to ask organizers of Peace Quest if Open Voices will be asked to participate again.

b) Latin Heat follow-up

Skot reported the committee worked really well. Experience of members made things much easier than he expected. He will provide notes to help for next concert.

Skot asked if there was or could be, an optimal arrangement for placement on the risers that could be reused: i.e. a standard configuration for Cooke’s performances.

Andy asked for any ideas to reward those on the set up and take down crews.

Skot to send out Thank you to Naomi’s Father for photography: other Thank you notes due were identified including: Darrell Bryan, EVE, front of house, dancers, etc.

ACTION: Skot, Linda W. and Linda J. will take care of sending Thank You notes to non-member volunteers

c) Tuskegee Update: Andy feels we are fulfilling our obligation to Tom Mawhinney.

ACTION: Andy will discuss with choir at next rehearsal, to generate enthusiasm for volunteering, attending the workshop and the concert.

d) ‘What If Kids …’ Concert Update – Grant, registration, other (Andy)

  • Risers will be needed for use at the Grand; transportation/ setup/takedown planned.
  • Diana requested time pre-concert on Grand Theatre Stage to practice marshalling and singing.
  • Ticket sales handled by The Grand Theatre staff
  • Blue Skies in the Community grant discussed.

ACTION: Linda Williams will look into the application process and requirements and write the proposal for the Blue Skies in the Community grant (? $1,000.00)

e) Update and Expand OV’s Internet and Social Media presence (Jerry) deferred

f) Feedback summary (Linda W.) – Action items?

Summary has been distributed to Board members by Linda W.

9. President’s Update (Diana)

a) Proposal to support Syrian family/ Involve Fahd—deferred

b) Chairs – Status: see Agenda Item 6 (c)

10. Music Director’s Update (Andy)

a) Suggestion Box: deferred

b) Photo Directory: members only on website similar to the Kingston Capital Men’s Choir.

ACTION: Andy to approach Frank Poce to ask if he would move this idea forward with choir members encouraged to use their photography skills. (David Craig, Kat, John R.)

c) Responsibilities: deferred

11. Next Board of Directors Meeting

a) Date: Thursday March 1, 2018

b) Time: 6:30 for Beverage/Tea visit, 7:00 start

c) Location: 39 Markland Street

d) Chair: Skot Caldwell

12. Meeting Adjourned: 9:40 pm

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