June 10, 2019

Open Voices Board of Directors

Open Voices Board of Directors

Minutes of Meeting
Monday, June 10, 2019

Present: Pam Bandy-Dafoe, Skot Caldwell, Sylvie DesHaies, Mary Gauthier, Alan Kary,
Graham Stratford, Linda Williams (chair)
Regrets: Jerry Weller, Andy Rush who sent notes that were incorporated into the meeting and
resulting actions
Scribe: Louise Slobodian

  1. Welcome: Linda called the meeting to order at 7:03
  2. Approval of Minutes: The minutes May 14, 2019 were approved as circulated. The minutes
    of the special election meeting of May 14 was also agreed upon as accurate. Those minutes
    will be brought to the membership in September for formal approval.
  3. Transition meeting: Incoming board member Sylvie DesHaies was welcomed. Outgoing
    board member Skot Caldwell was roundly thanked for his many contributions as a member
    of the OV board and in the role of president.
  4. Board admin: reflection, roles, and formal titles. The following section was held later in the
    meeting but is included in the minutes in the order of the agenda:
    a. Linda invited the board members to introduce themselves to Sylvie, who had
    introduced herself publicly after her acclamation.
    b. Reflecting on how the board functioned during the past year:
    • Members discussed how grateful they were for a year without signification friction
    or tension.
    • How many people contribute – while OV is working board, there are many others
    to help. It’s been good to recognize the many acts and the board should continue
    to make sure it’s not the same people doing the same things all the time.
    • How useful it is to call back on a principle Bruce Downey put forward many years
    ago: Will it help us sing better?
    • Members encouraged each other to be clear in email communication what needs
    to be resolved quickly and to weigh in whenever they have thoughts
    ACTION: Board to adopt a formal budget process
    c. Board roles:

2OV Board Minutes June 10/19

Pam – treasurer
Graham – membership management, database, uploading music / practice tracks to
Mary – member relations
Jerry –publicity and public relations
Linda – social
Alan – music and library
Alan: Taking on role of secretary, to include governance and corporate admin. Tasks
include: Taking care of paperwork to province / acting as officer; ensuring minutes in
order, posted to right place; checking of quorum at AGM; keeping membership list up
to date; providing notice of meetings; preparing agenda for AGM; ensuring a minute
Sylvie – Will take lead on concert committee
Mary and Linda will share duties of community events
Linda will take on the role of president
ACTION: Linda to share Tate notes on music committee with Alan
ACTION: Skot to meet with Sylvie to take her through the committee framework
ACTION: Graham will put pictures of board members at the front of the binder
ACTION: Governance to be discussed at AGM so members really connect to who does

  1. Outstanding Business:
    a. SPLASH update: Monies for the Gananoque evening came to $1472, which includes
    the $300 donation by the Lions Club and $1172 in ticket sales. When expenses of
    $559.23 were subtracted, the net take for the event is $912.77. Discussion revolved
    around the question of whether the donation that OV should forward to Gan Youth
    director Robyn Barker-Ableson should be the gross amount of $1472 or the net
    amount of $912.77. Both amounts include the directed donation. The board agreed to
    direct the net amount unless Andy had made a commitment to the contrary.
    ACTION: Linda to check with Andy about any financial commitments he might have
    made (Was this you, Linda? This was right when I arrived and my notes are sketchy)
    b. Budget review committee: Not held since last board meeting.
    ACTION: Linda to convene budget review committee
  2. Reports
    a. Concert committee:
    i. Debriefing highlights of the Tate concert and Tate Week:

3OV Board Minutes June 10/19
• OV’s mandate is to promote choral music in Kingston and that mandate
was evident and fulfilled during Tate Week, through both the concert
and workshops. Beautiful.
• Appreciation for Andy’s risk-taking in setting up such a big week that
involved a large choir community and for his openness and humility in
front of both Brian Tate and the choir. Skot noted that Andy had had his
neck out in lots of ways for the concert and also let himself be evaluated
by Brian in front of the choir. “He keeps allowing himself to take risks
and that lets us take risks.”
• While the concert came off so well, members have related that they
didn’t feel as prepared as they might have wished.
ACTION: Recognition of Andy’s risk-taking needed for AGM
ii. Level of concert activity this past season: Skot noted that it was a successful
week but a massive week to ask of our members. He asked: When people
sign up, what are they committing to? The board agreed that a conversation
about the expectations of members was needed. Also, members may need
clarification over what is truly expected as a member and what is voluntary,
based on the varied activities of the recent season.

ACTION: Board to pay special attention to the question of member expectations in
feedback and to make it a dedicated item in an upcoming board meeting where Andy is
ACTION: Board requested to “remember how this feels,” – being happy after the big
week but so very tired as well.
i. The passing on of wisdom born from experience: “When Andy says that
concert is at the Tett and we don’t have to do anything, that’s not true. There
is always a lot to do. It’s still worth going through the checklist.”

ACTION: Skot is updating concert committee guidelines
ACTION: Linda to send acknowledgement (vs. thank you) to Martha of She Sings and
Emily of Kingston Youth.
ACTION: Pam to follow-up with Martha and Emily in regard to receipts. Contact info
available on websites.
ACTION: Alan to ask Craig for union pay scale
b. Membership committee:
Mary presented a breakdown of membership renewals, withdrawals, requests for
leave and those from whom there had not been a response. She had heard from 122,
there were 9 leave requests, and that left 95 people on stage in the spring, similar to
the current year. Mary was thanked for the management of the whole membership

4OV Board Minutes June 10/19
c. Treasurer: Pam had circulated the financials prior to the meeting and the board
reviewed them. She noted that reconciliation of the Tate concert was not yet
i. The board passed Pam’s request for a standing float of $200 for OV’s two
cash boxes.

ACTION: Pam will set up the float, which will require a cheque of reimbursement.
ii. Pam requested additional signing officers for 2019-2020.
ACTION: Pam will set up an appointment for those involved.

d. Artistic director: In Andy’s notes to the board he had asked for consideration of two
i. A change of date for the winter concert away from January 25 which conflicts
with the Kingston Choral Society. Andy proposed January 18. After
consideration of the December holidays among other concerns, the board
favours moving the date to February 1. The spring concert is May 30.
ACTION: Sylvie to ask Andy for clarification in regards to dates
ACTION: As per item in Andy’s report, Mary will send information to board about children
accommodation for time on site. Cost per hour ranges from $8 to $20.
ACTION: Children’s accommodation to be item for next meeting agenda, for fuller
ii. Remuneration structure – Deferred until next meeting when the question of the
assistant director / split of remuneration settled.
ACTION: Linda and Alan to approach Andy to begin a conversation about the timeframe
and implications of a beefed up assistant director role

  1. Meeting adjourned: 9:35 p.m.
  2. Upcoming meetings
    Regular meetings to remain second Tuesday of the month
    WHEN: July 3 BBQ, Rain or shine.
    WHERE: Alan to host and will invite board, artistic directors, musicians, scribes.
    Kids welcome.
    WHEN: August 13, 7 – 9 P.M.
    WHERE: Pam’s house (45 Carriage Court Ave)
    CHAIR: Pam

Meeting Adjourned: 9:10 P.M.

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