June 20, 2018


In attendance: Alan Kary (chair), Mary Gauthier, Skot Caldwell, Pam Bandy-Dafoe, Andy Rush, Sherry Aylesworth (scribe), Graham Stratford

Regrets: Jerry Weller and Linda Williams


Time: 7:00

1. Approval of May 31st, 2018 minutes: Minutes approved

Action: Alan to forward May 31st minutes to Susan Hara to post on OV website and will do so after all Board meeting minutes are approved.

Financial orientation for new members to be an item for future meeting.

2. Board admin and organization:

Who does what in 2018-2019:

  • Diana was music Committee Liaison from last year. 
  • Alan will connect with Diana to transfer knowledge
  • Skot Caldwell has accepted role of Open Voices Community Choir President.

Board meeting schedule for fall:

  • Board meetings starting September 2018 will be every second Tuesday. Alan will send out a new schedule for 2018-2019. He will ask Diana for the template of the Board Schedule. The new schedule is to be confirmed with Linda and Jerry first.

Memberships function component parts or roles:

  • Membership relations: Linda suggested this role be divided into 3 parts- membership relations, intake and data management. Mary and Graham are satisfied with division of membership roles as was previously discussed at last board meeting.
  • Reconsideration of OV member request (Frank Poce) to “use rehearsal announcement time to advertise non-OV choral events, if the performing choir includes an OV member.”

This was previously rejected on May 3rd 2018. Choir members encouraged to use the OV Marketplace in the church lobby. Frank Poce asked the Board to reconsider the decision once again.

Frank’s request was discussed by Board with following suggestions/re-considerations:

-could allow a few minutes once a month for members to make non-OV announcements at podium- already seem to be a lot of announcements at choir- could be problematic

-members can post signs at front of choir rehearsal setting behind Andy to be more visible

-members can send a promo ad to a choir volunteer to then be posted on data projector. This can be viewed at each rehearsal as choir members arrive. This idea was approved with the following provisions:

Frank Poce to be asked if he would like to be the contact to collect promo ads.

-Ads to be collected on data sticks and then given to Andy to be displayed on the projector. -Ads need to be simple, are only for choir members who sing in other choirs and need to state, “if you are interested, see…”

-It was also suggested that a tab could be created on the OV choir website to host and post these ads. This could be referred to as the OV Kingston Choral Network

-Other promo items from choir members (ex; dances, fundraising events, artists, musical event, etc..) can still be advertised in the OV marketplace.

Action: Skot will connect with Frank with Board decision.

3. New items:

June Concert report:

  • Andy passed around the Grand Theatre financial report – Box Office Reconciliation statement. The budget came in well below what was projected which was a very positive and surprising result. Andy will also send an electronic copy of Ticket Sales Report. He gave a copy to Pamela.
  • There were 650 audience members for the afternoon benefit concert and 329 paid seats in the evening.
  • Andy thanked the Board and felt the concerts were both very successful for different reasons. He felt the choir did a great job, liked the casual aspect of this particular show, and stated that OV’s mission about ‘spreading joy to the community’ was achieved. The Board agreed.
  • Skot commented on the planning for this concert. He would like to see a sequential order of planning items for future concerts, so planning is not so onerous. This concert required a lot of extra planning.

Action: This idea is forwarded to the concert committee for development.

  • A question was asked whether there is a budget or slush fund for benefit concerts? Andy stated he would respond to this later in meeting.
  • Money is still owing to Detlef.
  • There needs to be grant writing follow up.

Action: Pamela and Linda will discuss this with Andy.

  • It was suggested that the ‘runners’ and volunteers- Body, Allie, Leah, Harper, Mckayla and Claire receive thank you notes.

Action: Skot to to ask Wendy Stewart about thank you cards an OV letter head.

  • Concert Publicity: Jerry sent a fabulous report. It was suggested that Jerry be asked whether he can complete his role in board due to his health issues. If he would like to remain on board, would he like a volunteer?

Action:Pam to ask Jerry if Tuesdays work for him and if he thinks he might be able to sit on board in the fall. Pam to also ask Jerry if he can print and bind his report to be available for choir members to view.

Concert Planning/Budget:

2018-2019 Planning:

i) AGM: The following Board members will compile reports and fulfill following duties for the AGM in September:

  • Organization of the AGM- Alan
  • Highlights/accomplishments from past year-Mary
  • Financial/auditor’s report- Pamela to complete and organize and Alan to be ensure the auditor’s report is approved
  • Director’s report- Andy

ii) Syrian family benefit concert:

  • Sat. October 27th-at Sydenham Street United Church in the evening
  • This is a non-mandatory call out gig for choir members. The event needs to be posted immediately.

Action: Graham to get details from Andy and post on website

iii) Peace Quest- November 11th- John Rosseel will produce. OV will do 5 songs. This is an official mandatory choir concert.

iv). OV breaks– December 19th and 26th, and March 13

v). Dress Rehearsal- Jan 26th morning, June 1

vi). Coco Love concert– February 2nd- afternoon and evening

  • Projected budget-$1,000.00- to include rental of Cookes, marketing, promo, dress rehearsal time, and normal budget items. $1000 for the artist fee.
  • may include $600.00 for musicians- if we use OV musicians
  • Music cost for this choir is low

vii). March 13th- break

viii) Brian Tate Concert-June 8th at Isabel Bader

  • Arrives on 4th, OV rehearses on 5th, 7th rehearsal at Isabel
  • It will be a week filled with events and workshops (for example; community choir management and leadership, composing and arranging)
  • Dress Rehearsal may be on June 1st.
  • Andy might need some help with grant writing for this concert.

Action: Andy to ask Dan Corbet for assistance with grant proposal.

  • OV is co-producing this event.
  • Action: Andy to share details with Graham, so he can get this information out to the choir early.
  • Three choirs will be involved in this concert- Open Voices, She Sings, and Kingston Youth Choir- Brian Tate will be guest conductor. OV will do 4 songs by themselves- 3 conducted by Brian, one by Andy. The other choirs will be doing the same.
  • OV will accept 66% of liability and net profit if any.
  • She Sings-34% or profits if any.
  • Youth Choir- no profit.
  • $2,600.00 was offered to Brian Tate- he has accepted.
  • OV is required to purchase music for this concert which makes the printed music cost heavier than other concerts-$2,000. approx.
  • Isabel cost- $2,000- but looking into grant options to help cover this cost
  • Additional costs- room rentals for workshops at Cookes
  • Participants will be charged a minimal fee for workshops-$10.00-$15.00
  • Fee at Isabel-$20.00 a ticket
  • Action: Linda to talk to Andy about dates and confirm details for this concert.

OV Calendar/Schedule: needs to be created so that it is available for first choir rehearsal.

Action: Mary to design a new OV calendar.

4. Standing Items:


  • Mary and Graham have met with Susan to discuss membership roles and responsibilities.
  • All membership registration is in and uploaded onto data base.
  • Graham passed around some reports he generated: members on leave, spring and fall membership lists, and full membership list.
  • Graham will create a system to have data on website so that all board members and Andy can easily access this information.
  • Andy was curious if OV has retained any new and new ‘younger’ members.

Action: Graham and Mary to pass on this information.

Action: Graham to forward last year’s full membership list to Andy.

Leaves from choir:

  • Andy is still concerned about members taking leaved and the numbers in choir changing drastically from fall to spring. E.g. 100 members down to 70. This item was discussed at length at the May 3rd meeting. Refer to those minutes for preceding discussion and decision.

Deferred Action: To be discussed once again in upcoming meetings.

  • The membership numbers for the Fall 2018 is 97 and Spring 2019 is 70.

Action: Mary to ask Elaine, Susan or Linda about people who wanted to join in 2017 and did not get into the choir. Those members to be contacted and offered a space. OV will invite 10 new members.

  • Andy suggested that OV do a big advertising blitz mid-November to attract new singers for Spring. An ad could be placed on Peace Quest program and say something to the effect, “Come sing with Brian Tate with OV in spring concert.”

Deferred Action: This discussion to be deferred.

  • Graham and Mary suggested an on-line registration form and option for on-line payment. The Board thought this was a great idea.

Financial report: refer to attached report.

Artistic Director’s Report:

  • Andy will be using some professional development money- $500.00 to attend Podium in NFLD.
  • He will be away for 2 weeks in fall and 3 weeks in spring- needs to be discussed how this will work re. replacement. E.g. Janice to conduct, bring in other conductors?
  • Feels there needs to be a restructuring concerning volunteerism, and Artistic Director replacement should he decide to leave Open Voices.
  • He feels a healthy choir would have 110 members and would like Board to discuss whether

OV should be changed to full term or remain as term by term.

  • Andy mentioned he is having some vocal difficulties. Is there a way to accommodate Andy with this?

Deferred Action: This topic deferred to later date.

  • The use of the Comment/suggestion box was discussed. Skot mentioned that there should be a proper process for feedback- it should go to the Board. The Board will discuss the feedback and then respond.
  • For communication-Andy suggested the board use a variety of methods to communicate more regularly between board meetings, besides email and once a month board meetings; for example- touching base in person, more frequently communicating by telephone conversations. He would like to see more fluid-ongoing communication between the board.

Action: Alan will create a wallet card with phone numbers.

  • There was a lengthy presentation from Andy where he shared some personal concerns, past personal board related issues that he experienced, and structure of the board. This conversation to be ongoing so that it can include board members who were absent.

Action: Discussion on this topic for future board meetings:

How does Board deal with Andy’s concerns?

What can Board do about these concerns?

Are some of the concerns applicable to this new board? Or should there be a discussion with former past board members?

5. Date of next meeting:

Social: July 10th- Alan Kary’s house- Alan to send directions. Spouses are welcome.

Board meeting: August 21st at Andy’s house.

Meeting adjourned at 10:15 pm

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