June 8, 2016



In attendance: Jerry Weller (Chair),Diana Hopkins Rosseel (President), Andy Rush (Artistic Director), Ruth Hayward (Treasurer), Thom Rosseel, Wendy Stewart, Elaine Brown, John Armstrong and Sherry Aylesworth (minute taker)

1.Concert Debrief (Diana/Andy/Ruth)
et up and take-down crew:

  • there is a concern that it is always the same people volunteering for this job and that some of these folks have health concerns which could lead to health and safety issues

  • in future how will new Board create a better system to recruit volunteers?

  • need photos taken of new risers for set up and storage to assist new volunteers

  • need someone to do an orientation with set up and take down volunteers and a person to act as supervisor to ensure health and safety

  • Could OV hire a crew to move risers? An OV supervisor would still be required to inform crew about set up and take procedures, to ensure safety and ensure concert space is left undamaged

  • John mentioned that there may be a liability with hiring an outside crew due to health and safety standards and the team may need work-boots etc

  • should take down be on a day after concert instead of night of concert? This is a problem with church on Sunday

  • should we investigate a moving company to assist in moving risers?- ex., Frank the mover?

  • Should new members be directly asked to assist with this job?

Action Items:

i) Need a procedure to recruit volunteers to assist with storage of risers with Andy and et.al

ii) New Board to investigate and decide on a procedure for recruitment and/or hiring workers or moving company for concert set up and take down of risers and stage

iii) New Board needs to decide on process for set up of lights

Policies/ideas about weather issues for concerts:

  • there is no policy or procedure for weather issues (ex., extreme heat or cold, snowy/icy weather) for concert days
  • is it possible to book air conditioned hall for summer concerts- ex. Isabel or Grand
  • could we purchase/rent Dyson cooling fans that do not emit sound?

Action: Add to concert binder: orange tape need to be placed on steps at any location and to ask members to assist each other during concerts or rehearsals on risers to ensure safety.

Ticket sales

  • Jerry reported that there were 261 tickets sold for evening and 180 tickets for afternoon pre-sales
  • Action: Thom to ask Linda Williams how many tickets were sold at door

CD orders

  • 158 total sales (includes forms that choir members ordered)
  • Summit sound will do production and packaging-will order 250 cds and then order more as we need
  • Wendy has a list of who ordered and how much and who paid. Most have been paid in advance. Wendy passed on money to Ruth
  • Diana will be creating an electronic option on usb stick for those who do not have cd players- for current choir members only

Action: Elaine to email choir members that we are still taking orders.

2.Choir membership Update (Diana and Elaine/Andy)
esponse to departing members

  • Diana brought forth a concern about how Open Voices/ OV Board says goodbye to members who are leaving choir for health issues or personal reasons.The consensus was that the Board should take responsibilty for this.
  • Elaine mentioned that there needs to be better way of tracking attendance and keeping her (the Membership Board Hat) aware of what is happening with members. Section leaders need to be reminded of keeping Elaine and Andy updated on section attendance. A suggestion was made that Section Leaders hand in the attendance forms once a month to Elaine (membership board member)
  • Attendance to be discussed at music committee meetings

Action: Wendy to create cards for departing choir members. Elaine will be responsible for ensuring cards are signed by Board and Andy and then sent to departing members.

Status of applications, Dues & EOI (expression of interest)

  • still waiting for 3 members with outstanding dues and application forms

Action: Elaine will send out a reminder email on behalf of Diana with a deadline. If these members do not get their application and money in then their spot will be filled.

Membership lottery

  • need male tenor voices. It was suggested that we intake the 3 male tenors who already are interested to beef up tenor section and check to see what Martha Hill Duncan’s husband sings. Invite him to join if he is a tenor.
  • At this time OV will not take any more members into other sections of the choir

3. Next year’s Board membership (John Armstrong and Diana)

Current positions and new positions:

  • the following members will be continuing as part of their term: Jerry,Thom, Wendy.
  • the following members terms are complete but are interested in returning: Ruth and Elaine.
  • the following are leaving: John Armstrong and Diana Hopkins Rosseel
  • expression of interest: Linda Williams
  • need to fill 4 positions- Linda Williams may know of some folks who have expressed interest.

Action items:

i)Diana to email choir through Elaine for nominations to the board.The deadline is June 30th. The email will mention that there are 3 committed nominations.

ii)Diana will review membership forms to determine who is interested in being a section leader. She will give these names to Thom for Music Committee. She will also determine interested parties for Library Committee and give these to Elaine.

iii)Diana will inform new Board members the night of the AGM of orientation meeting and train new governance person on the board orientation procedure for future.

4.Board structure (Jerry and John)

  • Jerry suggested that a way to ease up Board workload would be to create committees that are off-shoots from the board. For example, The Concert Committee could be comprised of a Board member, Andy and a board liason member and other choir members.
  • some possible committees could be: concert, membership and promotion
  • Andy mentioned that a presenter in a conference he recently attended mentioned that a happy choir was choir where members who were involved
  • to engage choir members the board needs to make committees fun, create interesting roles for members, define what committees look like and what duties would entail. It was suggested that a presentation on volunteering for choir and committees could be included as part of Agm
  • each board member would head up a committee and that person makes announcements at choir
  • need to put some creativity and energy in engaging choir members
  • it was suggested that there needs to be longer time for announcements to really describe duties to drum up interest. Sometimes there is pressure to make quick announcements without giving enough detail. Possibly have longer announcements about volunteering earlier in year for recruitment and shorter announcements pertaining only to concert details closer to concert

. Next year’s Section Leaders (Diana)

  • Kim Ducca is interested in assisting with sectionals to train new section leaders who have musical skills. She would expect to be paid for the 2 out of 4 weeks of each month.

Action: Diana to firm up-the section leaders for next year

6. Treasurer’s update (Ruth)-see attached reports

  • discussion on next year’s budget- Ruth stated that OV lost money this year-down $5,046. These numbers are not current as they do not yet include membership fees for September
  • OV received $21,000 for grant money thus far.Trillium held back 10% until December.
  • Rabble made $173.00, not including money earned for June Rabble which was $100.
  • Concert expenses, especially promotion was more than expected. (ex., leaflets and newspaper ads)
  • Ruth suggested that we may want to consider putting money through Facebook and Google in future. This will generate more on-line advertising.
  • on-line tickets do very well and should be included in all future sales.
  • Ruth is going to try to switch to a new on-line accounting program to make a system that is easier to pass off to new Treasurer and as a back up plan for finances
  • Ruth has received from Andy what Muscians and Leadership are being paid
  • next years budgets will be increased by 1/3- but each only have one concert and thus will not generate as much revenue. Will Tim and Craig need to be included under musicians in budget next year? Andy suggested that they may not be used as much and that the new AD’s may have their own musicians in mind.
  • there was a discussion on whether Janice should be paid more next year due to her expanded role and duties while Andy is on leave of absence. Ruth suggested that John Rosseel should also be paid for all the work he will be doing as well. The Board approved that Janice should get an additional $500 on what she is currently paid and John should get $500.
  • print music might be another added expediture next year.

Action items

i) John will forward invoices from Trillium Grant onto Ruth for financials

ii)John Rosseel and Janice will discuss use of OV musicians with new AD’s.

ii)Andy to ask John Rosseel to see if we can have access to other choral libraries

7. AGM (Diana)

  • Action: Diana to move forward and plan AGM- Thom as apprentice and Elaine with historical information


8.Next Year’s choir schedule (Wendy)

  • concern with December 10th date- as there may be a conflict with another choir’s use of space for rehearsal on the day of our concert
  • confirmed dates for Wednesday rehearsals-Sept 14th to Dec 14th- Need church for Sept 7th for binder set up-5pm to 8pm
  • Dress Rehearsal-Sat. Dec 3rd from 9am til noon
  • Concert Sat Dec 10th at 7:30 pm
  • Coffee house Dec 14th
  • new term starts- Jan 4th
  • March 4th- dress rehearsal
  • March 11th- concert at 7:30 pm
  • May 13th-dress rehearsal
  • May 17th- concert 7:30 pm- may need to revisit the date for this concert due to some conflicts with working members
  • suggestion to have a concert at QECVI before they close-this would meet Grant requirements for outreach gig for use of new risers. Need to confirm this as early as possibly with Tim Stiff

Action items:

i)Thom to discuss the QECVI outreach option with John and Janice

ii) Andy to ask John Rosseel to discuss with guest conductor about any flexibility with May 17th concert date and space and then confirm date/space with Wendy

9.OTF Reporting (John Armstrong.)

  • John needs numbers for community gigs (ex. Grandmother’s gig) to report back to OTF
  • The Board congratulated John A. on his mental effort, time and success in a job well done on securing OTF grant.

Action:John will need to inform the new board about all requirements of OTF grant that are required by year end. For eample; photos, urls, and outreach gigs

10.Next year’s Socials (John Armstrong)

  • John received a memo from Wendy Kraus regarding additional coffee houses next year. She suggested four socials (2 per Semester) using Craig and Tim as music with 5-8 members in a mini coffee house. She felt this would show appreciation for Craig and Tim. These socials could include a pot luck. Wendy Stewart checked into this with church and was informed that insurance could be under OV.
  • The Board agreed that this would not work next year due to funds and shorter terms.

Action: John to respond to this request with board decision by letter

11. Audience Development – strike a committee of the Board? (Jerry)

  • Jerry was concerned about numbers in matinee audience for this concert and suggested that OV connect and promote our concerts with nursing homes, youth organizations and senior’s residences
  • nursing homes/senior’s residences would like dates months in adance
  • he suggested that we offer tickets to communities in need with discounted tickets
  • it was also suggested that OV create an audience list similar to Live Wire. There could be an extra volunteer with a lap top taking email contact information for this purpose.
  • another method to generate audience list is to include a box on the on-line tickets and ask if customer would like to be reminded of future concerts

Action Items:

i)Jerry to contact and be liason for senior’s residences and community agencies for advance tickets and discount tickets

ii)Jerry to ask Susan Hara to include box on on-line tickets

12.Tech Team for Next Year (John)

  • very good reliable people this year
  • John offered to train someone to be lead on training members how to use the sound system and mentioned we need to recruit a few more tech volunteers. Thom is interested in being trained to be lead.

Action: Thom will recruit volunteers to do tech

14.Old risers- need agreement from board to recycle risers (John)

  • Board agreed to dispose of old risers

15.Expenditures: Board decsion on purchasing a new piano (John A.)

  • need new keyboard- there is money in education that can be paid back later
  • Board approved purchase of new electric piano with upgrade pedal- $740. from Renaissance

16. Artistic Director’s report:


  • Wendy and Andy received copies of feedback. These need to be distributed to board to review. Members need to know that Board has reviewed feedback.

Action: Wendy will review and make lists of trends and issues. She will then give this to Susan Hara to put summary on-line

Summer Newsletter

  • last one was 2014. Andy suggested that maybe a few weeks prior to choir a reminder notice could go out to members to indicate that new term is starting.

Action: Thom will ask John and Janice to ask Martha Hill Duncan to send out an introductory/welcome note reminding members of upcoming new term.

Liaison with Guest Directors and Music Team

  • Andy mentioned he will be around in fall and available if music team needs his input or assistance.
  • Andy mentioned the importance of regular and ongoing liason between guest conductors with John, Janice and Board

Church Liaiason Meeting and process

  • need to touch base with church about storage and relationship with choir

Action: Wendy to set up appointment with Nadine and Cheryl from church- to discuss rehearsal and concert dates, rental, extra use of church and our concerns (ex., broken chairs). Also to say thank you on behalf of OV and Board for changing heating schedule, weather stripping on storage room door and for all their work and help with the Winter Song Book concert.

Report about Podium and visit to Guelph Community Singers.

  • Podium- OV sent Andy to Edmonton to attend conference. He reported this was a great professional development opportunity and that he picked up a lot of great repetoire. Andy thanked the board for this opportunity.
  • Guelph Community Singers were modeled after OV and started 8 years ago. They are very strong on member involvement on committees. The committees drive a lot of the activities. Andy had a discussion with the condutor from this choir about growth and innovation in choirs and choir membership/volunteerism. This got him thinking about how to engage OV members in a fun way for health of choir and enjoyment for all.

CD Production-process and planning.

  • Thom and John had committed to work on art and print cd, Tim to do post print production and Dave Dawe recording and final producation/packaging.
  • Art work design needs to be created and set to Dave Dawe.
  • Andy suggested we use Summit Sound as producer instead of Indie pool. They are local and do great in-house packageing and can do a small run.
  • Timeline for CD’s- have post production done by mid August
  • If CD makes a profit OV needs to pay Peter Katz 25%
  • Cd’s to be ready for AGM

Action items:

i)Andy to talk to John and Thom about artwork for simple packageing.

ii)Thom to ask Dave Dawe for tech specs for cd’s.

ii)Thom to bring 3 different CD art work ideas to social for feedback. This would include some photos. Ask Jay, Ken Hoffman and Jo Matyas for photos.

Rabble singing

  • done for season. Was very successful and there is a regular group who attend who are not connected in any way to OV. Andy not doing it next year. It may go it alone with new members or not happen if there is no leadership. Need musician and teacher.
  • There will be a Rabble meeting to determine it’s future

Open Voices DVD project

  • cost of project- $500. Jay to finish it.
  • Andy suggested we preview it at AGM. Board has authorized John to finish this project.

Action: John to give Jay a deadline.

Next meeting date and location:

  • Board Social: Pot luck at Sherry and Tim’s place- 819 Cataraqui Woods Drive on Wednesday June 22nd at 6 pm- spouces/partners welcome.
  • New Board Orientation-Former board members to attend new board member orientation meeting. Thursday September 19th from 7to 9 pm at Wendy’s place.


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