March 3, 2016


Present: Diana Hopkins-Rosseel (President/tonight’s scribe), Ruth Hayward (Treasurer), Elaine Brown, John Anderson, Jerry Weller, Wendy Stewart, Andy Rush

Regrets: Thom Rosseel, Sherry Aylesworth

Meeting began at: 7:00 p.m.

  1. Minutes of January 28, 2016 approved
  1. Treasurer’s Report (Ruth Hayward) – pre-circulated and attached
    1. Slightly over budget on equipment but this was for an approved Open Voices banner
    2. Expenses well down this year compared to last
    3. Greatest expenses from here will be paying the AD and AC, the concert and the recording of the concert
  1. Inshalla Concert Update
    1. Billeting Update (Wendy)
      1. Emailed Janet Waito from Inshalla but there is no update on numbers – to date we will be able to cover the 50% of their choir who are likely to wish to be billeted
    2. Promotions Update (John A.)
      1. There is an Interchurch Refugee Partnership does have a website with PayPal available (
      2. Andy and Steve Hofford, choir rep will be on CKWS at CKWS studio, March 23rd (a week before the event)
      3. Profile Kingston: we are now on the mailing list, they will be running a piece in the spring issue covering our May concert event
      4. Kingston This Week and the Heritage have been contacted and given information re: April 2nd
    3. Ticket Update (Tacey is covering this)
      1. We are responsible for selling 50 tickets ($28.00 adult/17 & under $10.00); no slaes totals at this point
    4. Logistics Review – full weekend
      1. Saturday a.m. we will have a tech crew from OV to go early to the venue to assist Andy to set up; minimal to no sound check except for instrumentalists
      2. At noon we arrive at St. Andrew’s Church
      3. Cars/bus arrive between noon and 12:30 p.m.
      4. Lunch at 12:30 p.m. (churches making pots of soup, dishes, water, tea/coffee); as hosts, we should do box lunches and share them – e.g. with our billets or, for those not billeting, OV members will bring box lunches to share with the other members or to help others with their billets; we will do a sign up to ensure all guests are getting a lunch
      5. 1:15 p.m. practice in the Sanctuary (small break) and go ‘til 4:00-4:30 p.m.
      6. Time to go home or a local OV member’s home
      7. Call at 6:45 p.m. in basement church hall (we can secure purses)
      8. Concert at 7:30 p.m. (to last 80 minutes, no intermission)
      9. After the concert, reception in upper church hall (goodies provided), info on the ICR, donations accepted at entrances and at the reception; audience is invited to the reception
      10. 7:10 p.m. – Broderick Gabrielle from Whispering Winds Singers have offered to play prior to the concert for audience arriving (native Canadian drumming – 5 drummers and 1 drum) for an honourarium (covered by the ICR partnership)
      11. We get on stage during the drumming
      12. Multi-church combined service at Sydenham Street on Sunday morning – no official OV involvement
  1. Set List
    1. OV songs
      • Gabriella’s song, 1st of Last to Know, City Called Heaven, … (3 to 4 songs)
    2. Combined Songs
      • Storm is Passing Over, Hambinati, Give us Hope, Rejuvination, maybe Soon and Very Soon
    3. Inshalla songs
      • Don’t know at this point
    4. Which are off-book pieces
      • Rejuvenation, 1st of Last to Know, City Called Heaven for sure
    1. Wendy to organize billeting and boxed lunches
    2. Diana to put together the logistics on a handout
    3. Diana to announce what to wear (they are in black pants and coloured solid shirts) – black and/or white, with colour accent if you want, no hats, no patterns
    4. Diana to determine how many chairs required for OV singers; Andy to find out for Inshalla singers
    5. Diana to ask Section Leaders to determine #s of OV singers to be absent/to attend
    6. Steve Hofford doing print program
    7. 1:30 p.m. meeting at St. Andrew’s for organizers (Wendy Stewart and Andy from OV)
  1. Update on grant application for risers (John)
    1. No news until 3rd week in March to beginning of April
  1. Kingston Arts Council Update (Ruth)
    1. Ruth is unable to reach the KAC to attempt to become members
  1. AD Report
    1. Next year’s plans
      1. Dates and guest conductors
        • Fall: Martha Hill Duncan … September 14 to Concert December 10, Dress on December 3, Coffee House December 14
        • Winter: Ian Juby … January 4 to Concert March 11, Dress March 4 Coffee House TBA, let’s try a public Friday one…. (think we decided this was too intimidating and not the goal of the CH as welcoming to the uninitiated)
        • Spring: Tim Stiff … March 15 to concert Wednesday May 17, Dress May 13, Coffee House and wrap up May 24.
        • Patty Smith to do some vocal coaching sessions
      2. Roles
        • Janice: to cover any guest conductor absences and 2 or 3 pieces per concert plus any 2 practices as requested per term; she will also do sectionals
        • John R: have developed theme ideas and chosen some pieces for each; Andy has sent off to the guest conductors to choose as they wish; will continue with assisting with AD as required. John has taken a sabbatical from Cantabile to be 100% available for the guest conductors, choir, Janice and the Board.
        • Guest Conductors (as above)
          • Andy read out an example of the letters of offer/contracts sent to the guest conductors; not expected to attend OV Board meetings; suggested they will be attending Music Cmt meetings
          • ACTION: Andy to send OV Board members the letters of offer and contracts ($2,300.00, $2,300.00 and $2,700.00 for the 10 and 12 week sessions)
  1. Other Issues:
    • Sectional Leadership
      • Janice to continue, Nancy Mucklow to assist with piano in sectionals as requested,
    • Board Liaison to Janice and John R
      • Thom Rosseel
    • OV/Board Liaison to Guest Conductors
      • Thom Rosseel (plus John R and Janice D)
  • Peter Katz
    1. Asked if he was available May 28th and would like to be a guest for our May 28th concert: 1st of Last to Know, ‘Til You Come Home, plus a new song
    2. He has agreed to be at the concert and be on the recording, fee of $800.00; if, in addition, the recording makes money, he is to get a cut – 20% of the recording/CD was suggested (no liability for any loss on the endeavor)
    3. He is doing a paid House Concert the Friday night before – contracted by Al Rankin
    4. ACTION PLAN: Andy to discuss this with Al Rankin
  • Choralpalooza Workshop April 16th, 2016
    1. Jerry Weller and Andy working on this workshop – venue, logistics, etc.
    2. ACTION PLAN: Jerry and Andy to talk tomorrow, consider Megalos, …
    3. Looking for 30-35 participants
      • Choir Leaders/Management
      • 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
      • Doug Dunsmore working on conducting
      • Deconstruction of the choral scene in Kingston
  1. Membership Update (Elaine)
      • Process for 2016-17 sessions (year)
        • Choir is $240.00 (2 cheques of $120.00 if requested) as usual
        • Same membership form, same options
  1. Open Voices Out of our Minds Concert (Saturday, May 28th) Update
    1. Set List
      1. Andy to pass onto the choir as soon as he has settled on the set list
      2. Added ‘Amy’ by Pure Prairie League for a county song
        • Off-book songs – TBA
        • Practice songs online/CDs (Diana) – TBA
    2. Logistics
      1. ACTION PLAN: concert committee to go ahead ASAP; Date and time set forThursday, April 14th at Andy’s house at 7:00 p.m.
    3. Promotions
    4. Logo / Poster – Image concept: Terry Gilliam like
      1. ACTION PLAN: Diana to discuss with Thom moving quickly on this and to have the poster and CD with same/similar (linked) image(s)
    5. Tickets
      1. Sales: ACTION PLAN – Wendy to ask Tacey if she is willing to take this on (Barbra Rose?)
      2. Printing: ACTION PLAN – Jerry to print 340 per show (2:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.); Cooke’s; $15.00 and $5.00 as usual; Open Voices Out of our Minds
    6. Recording
      1. Dave Dawe from Summit Sound (<$1.000.00)
    7. Band, etc.
      1. Andy Schick to be asked to play for ‘Amy’
    8. Addendum (post-meeting email follow up): (John A.)
      1. The video doc project which is alive and well.
        • Jay Middaugh is on board to video at a rehearsal before the concert date to be arranged, and at our May 28th concert. It will not be as long as the Choralpalooza doc but will profile the choir and some history. I would like to announce at choir that filming will take place and that people may be approached to be interviewed. If they would like to be interviewed to please let me know.
  1. Music Committee (Thom)
    1. Deferred due to Thom’s absence
  1. Kingston African Grandmothers (Jerry Weller)
    1. Spring Fair: Saturday, May 7th, 2016
      1. Suggested OV do a 20 minute show (Andy prefers 1:00 p.m.)
      2. ACTION PLAN: Jerry to announce and ask for commitments (hands of those who will commit the following week)
  1. Next Year’s OV Board
    1. Leaving the Board: Diana, Elaine, John A.
    2. One more year: Wendy, Ruth, Thom, Jerry
    3. Anyone leaving the Board who would let their name stand again: Elaine, Diana, (John not sure at this point)
  1. Next OVB meeting:
    1. Date: Thursday, March 24th Time: 7:00 – 9:30 p.m.
    2. Location: John’s (477 Sydney Street; 613-546-9327)
    3. Chair: Diana (please send agenda items to the Chair no later than 48 hours before the meeting)

Meeting Adjourned at: 8:20 p.m.

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