May 11, 2017

Present: Elaine Brown, Diana Hopkins-Rosseel, Linda Williams, Colleen LaHaise, Janice Dendy, John
Rosseel, Andy Rush
Regrets: Jerry Weller, Ruth Hayward, Wendy Stewart
Chair: Colleen LaHaise
Location: home of Linda Williams
Minutes: Marilyn Haskell-Armstrong
Meeting called to order 7:00 P.M
Agenda Items:
1. Approval of Minutes of April 13,2017: approved
2. Financial Report: Colleen reported that Ruth Hayward indicated there were no changes since the last
3. Board Recruitment: Diana reported that she had mailed board information to those members previously
identified as having an interest in joining the Board with no confirmed response.
Action: Diana will follow-up on the email she sent to these interested members to respond to
questions and determine their level of interest going forward for a nomination to the board.
4. Membership Report: Elaine reported there are currently 110 members of the choir. This includes Andy
and Kim and some non-paying members (musicians) as well as those on leave. Elaine will email those on
leave to determine their intent for next year.
The possibility of recruiting new members was discussed. Andy feels we need a good strong choir for
next year’s activities and suggested that sectional needs should be determined. Distributing an expression
of interest form and community advertising were discussed.
Action: Recruitment Planning and Choir Size to be added to June 22, Board Meeting Agenda
Action: Diana will make an announcement at rehearsal about the plan for recruitment of new choir
5. Concert Planning: Colleen reported that the concert planning committee meeting of May 18 is cancelled.
On May 19 , Colleen, Janice, Tim and Diana will meet at the Citadel from 3-4 p.m.
Colleen will notify those involved.
Plans for recognizing Tim Stiff were discussed and confirmed.
John Rosseel confirmed that the Citadel lighting is fine and the Tim Aylesworth will do the sound for the
Janice confirmed that the Citadel will arrange and cover the cost of piano tuning for the concert.
Action: Colleen will determine if we are able to use the gym at the Citadel for choir use as warm up
and gathering and prep space for choir; including if there are any additional costs.
Action: Janice will confirm program details such as adding lyrics for possible sing-a-long and notify
Nola asap.
Action: Linda will announce at rehearsal as well as email choir members with information about
parking, etc. at the Citadel.
Action: Linda will confirm with Wendy that Cooke’s – Portsmouth is booked for dress rehearsal
May 27 and the 21 . Also for coffee house on June 7 and a date for the Altos sectional party.
Action: Linda will ask choir members at rehearsal if they know the whereabouts of the OV
sandwich boards.
Action: Tim Stiff’s wife will be given a concert ticket. Janice will speak to Tacey about this.
6. Advertising: a) Wendy emailed the following report: “Just an update on the “reciprocal advertising”
process that has happened so far. I contacted two choirs who where having shows before us and they both
agreed for us to have our flyers inserted into their programs. So myself, Liz and Susan went to Sydenham
Street United Church and inserted 400 flyers into the May 6th program of the Kingston Choral Society.
This Saturday, May 13th, the Kingston Capital Men’s Chorus will also be inserting our flyers into their
programs. Frank Poce has agreed to do this for us. We could also ask EVE to insert flyers, but their
performance is the night before ours so I am not sure if is worth it!!?? I received positive responses from
the other choirs, so I think this is an interesting process to continue next year. Maybe we want it to be
digital, so our upcoming concert info is printed in their-programs.
I also talked with the people at Fairmount East and they are having a fund raiser so won’t have any staff
available that could take a group of residents to our concert.
I will also will be talking to the Port’s to give them a heads up about the after party
b. Linda discussed promotion of the concert such as advertising in the The Heritage, Kingston This Week
and The Whig Standard.
Action: Elaine will send out an email to former choir members promoting the concert.
c. Jerry’s update deferred in his absence.
7. Burt’s Greenhouses: May 13 @ 1:30 p.m. John Rosseel will pick up the risers. Andy will help. Song
selection has been distributed to participants. Dorothy will collect the music after the performance. Andy
will introduce the choir and Janice will conduct.
Action: Linda will take pictures for the Trillium Foundation Grant requirements and distribute
handbills and have concert tickets to sell. Weather is questionable but Ruth will try to find an
indoor space if needed.
8. Music Committee: Diana thanked Gord McDiarmid for chairing the meeting in her absence. She
reported that the minutes have been circulated to attendees.
Janice reported that Craig Jones has confirmed his participation in the concert.
9. John Rosseel led a board discussion on the options for how to proceed if a medical emergency occurs
during a concert.
10. Next Meeting: OV Board Meeting and Pot Luck, Thursday, June 22, 2017, Home of Colleen Lahaise,
Board Members, Scribes and Partners welcomed! Bring your swimsuits! Meeting: 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m,
Meal and Swim : 7:00 p.m.
Adjournment: 9:00 p.m

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