May 14, 2019

Open Voices Board of Directors

Minutes of Meeting
Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Present: Pam Bandy-Dafoe, Skot Caldwell, Mary Gauthier, Alan Kary, Andy Rush, Graham
Stratford, Linda Williams
Regrets: Jerry Weller
Guest: Sylvie DesHaiess
Chair: Alan Kary
Scribe: Louise Slobodian

  1. Welcome: Alan called the meeting to order at 7:04
  2. Approval of Minutes: The minutes April 9, 2019 were approved as circulated
  3. Additions to Agenda: Two items were added, that became 5b (placement of board
    manual on website) and 5c (Linda J request)
  4. Outstanding Business:
    a. Leaves: Mary Gauthier reported that the membership form would be distributed
    the following evening at practice for active members and by email for those on
    leave. A PayPal link has been created on the website to facilitate online
    registration and payment.
    Discussion resolved numerous questions about leaves:
    Late registrations: It will be announced that there is a strict policy but those who
    are late but approach OV before the coffee house (mid-June) will be accepted.
    Mary will contact those whose application is incomplete. The PayPal link will be
    opened longer than announced. Those who miss the deadlines completely will be
    reached out to as a courtesy and asked if they wish to be part of the lottery.
    People currently on leave: To be given option to mail registration/cheque as well
    as sign up online
    Payment regarding leave requests: Those requesting leave will submit $40 cash
    or cheque to hold their place. That stands if the leave is accepted. If leave
    rejected, they have a choice to sing or leave the choir. If they sing, full payment
    will be required. If they leave the choir, the $40 payment will be returned.
    Why would a leave be turned down? It was discussed that leaves have always
    been a feature of the choir. The concern is the large-by-comparison number of
    leaves for winter term by some members, the toll that takes on the choir “and we
    don’t even understand the process.” Andy described the requirement of formal
    leave requests as “a grand experiment,” saying: “We’re looking for more

2OV Board Minutes May 14/19
information and accountability for choir members. So let’s see what we get. If they
are all great reasons, then I just have to feel OK about it. And we will have notice
to fill gaps.”
Target number for choir: Andy: 104 come regularly to practice. There will be
probably 98 on stage at Isabel. To get that number, we have to register about

  1. We registered in 118 in September and brought in another 7 in winter and
    we’re still at 104 now. The choir would benefit from continuity for the entire year.
    ACTION: Inform Gord that the PO Box may be used by those who mail in registrations
    ACTION: Mary to reach out to other board members if help needed – as Linda said, the
    numbers will be unpredictable and if she needs help, she is to say so
    ACTION: Mary and Andy will go through the leave requests and bring their
    recommendations to the Board
    b. The Great Folder Project: At the time of the meeting, the folders were arriving the
    next day. The election was also to be the next day and to preserve some practice
    time, it was agreed that Andy would announce that the folders will be here next
    week and for those who bought one to come early. They will stop distributing new
    folders by 6:55. The rest will be passed out after rehearsal.
    ACTION: Announcement to be made about folders and pick-up
    ACTION: Pam will handle the folder distribution
  2. New Business
    a. Elections: Board elections to be held the following evening (May 15) at practice.
    Three members have completed their terms – Skot, who is not standing for re-
    election; and Pam and Graham who are. Guest Sylvia DesHaies agreed to stand
    for election. While acclamation was possible, the Board discussed election
    procedure at length, relying on the by-laws, Board manual and Alan’s research.
    • The election is to be held at the start of practice with the winners named
    during the announcements
    • Two scrutineers and the secretary are needed to ensure a correct count. In
    addition to Linda, Skot volunteered as a scrutineer and the board agreed to
    ask Diana H-R to participate.
    • Alan noted 43 members would be needed for quorum.
    • Alan agreed to lead the process at the meeting.
    • A motion was passed to waive the 60 day waiting period for new choir
    members and allow the seven new midterm members to vote: Kit, Zorian,
    Patty, Tim, Kim, Anita, Connie
    ACTION: To ensure quorum is present and to create a record of who is there, Alan
    offered to set up member sign-in sheets after amending the member lists to be up to

3OV Board Minutes May 14/19

ACTION: Skot to create ballots
ACTION: Alan to script himself with Linda’s support
b. The placement of the Board manual on the web. It was agreed to place it under
ACTION: Mary to send Graham final version of the manual
c. Linda J request: Linda was on leave in the fall and has been unable to attend
practice this winter when her return was expected. She contact Marla and asked
if her registration fees could be put towards next season instead. The Board
decided they could not agree to the request because it was made in April, there
had been little communication and OV didn’t fill the spot, anticipating Linda’s
ACTION: Mary will reach out to Linda to convey the decision. She will also let Linda
know that if she pays to register for the 2019-2020 season, but finds she cannot
undertake the season, she will be reimbursed.

  1. Reports
    a. Finance (Treasurer-Pam): As noted earlier, proceeds for binders covered costs.
    The Gan boat money covered the boat but not the $282.50 cost of the bus. That
    and some publicity expenses and concert fees for Kim Duca and Craig Jones will
    come from OV funds. There was a directed donation from the Lions Club to the
    youth music program in Gan to process. The theatre has not yet informed OV of
    the tickets reconciliation. Andy thanked Pam for taking on both the funds for the
    boat and the folders right at tax season.
    ACTION: Andy to inform Pam how to forward money from Lions Club
    ACTION: Linda to convene budget review committee
    b. Artistic Director (Andy):
    i. Andy had debriefed the Gan concert with Robyn and shared that the kids
    were so happy. Overall, he described it as a neat event with a family feel –
    Brett Christopher of the theatre was pleased, it was a good experience for
    choir members and good for member to support other artists. He
    acknowledged the idea that came from Gerry S. some time ago.

ACTION: Sylvie to share videos of the concert
ACTION: Linda to write a thank you to the Playhouse
ACTION: Linda/Robyn to acknowledge the Lions Club donation

ii. Andy shared a number of thoughts about the Tate concert that resulted in
the following actions.

ACTION: Andy to ask choir members for help in spreading the word about the

4OV Board Minutes May 14/19
ACTION: As time is short before workshops, Andy to ask Tate if music can be projected
rather than hand out copies at workshops
ACTION: Concert committee needs to discuss concert – Skot has it on the list
ACTION: Tate costs of flight and incidentals will be split with She Sings! so Pam tracking
Twelve men from OV did go to She Sings and had a lot of fun. More are expected
at the next practice.
iii. Andy has opened a conversation with Janice Dendy about a
growing assistant director role that will expand to accommodate Andy’s
travels and involvement in Child Haven, etc. Janice is taking time to
consider and will have a response by the next board meeting, June 10.
Andy signaled two implications for the Board to be aware of. One is
compensation. Andy says his remuneration hasn’t changed since 10
rehearsals were added a year. But now the roles will change and he could
be away for 10 of 38 weeks. Second, Andy’s commitment to Janice is to
expand her role fully, not just as a stand-in. Therefore, they would work
more closely with repertoire choices, planning approaches to music in
advance, increased leadership. If this happened, it would impact the
coming year (2019-2020)
iv. For the 2019-2020 year, the music committee has settled on the
guest artist Sheila Carabine (of Dala) in partnership with Brian MacMillan.
Sheila has not yet confirmed. The second concert would be on the theme
of Sea and Sail and not include a guest artist.

c. Concert Committee (Skot): Videographer trying to find a date to meet and might
piggy-back with committee meeting.

  1. Meeting Adjourned: 9:10 P.M.
  2. Upcoming meetings
    WHEN: Monday, June 10, 7 – 9 P.M.

It will be the post-election cross-over meeting.

WHERE: Linda’s house (46 Colborne St)
CHAIR: Linda

WHEN: July BBQ, Rain or shine.
WHERE: Alan to host and will invite board, artistic directors, musicians, scribes.

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