May 31, 2018


In attendance: Susan Hara (representing Elaine Brown), Graham Stafford, Mary Gauthier, Diana Hopkins Rosseel, Pamela Bandy- Dafoe, Scot Caldwell, Alan Kary, Linda Williams (chair), Sherry Aylesworth (scribe) and Andy Rush

Regrets: Jerry Weller


1. Approval of minutes from May 3rd, 2018: approved

2. Treasurer Report: Pamela: See attached report

Action: Pam will review financial statements at each meeting. This will be helpful to new members.

It was suggested to take the last audited statements and the actual projections and transactions and create a report for new members to refer to.

It was also suggested that at some point in future it would be good to review operational costs of choir.

3. New Member Orientation and Role Transition:

Time was taken to do a meet and greet with new board members and former board members.

Diana gave a history of the choir.

Linda described how the board works. She passed out a report- OV Governance. This document reviewed the following: governing principles, mission statement, statement of ethics, practices and policies, governance structure, duties of directors and orientation to the Board.

6. Descriptions of roles and responsibilities: These descriptions can be found in bi-law- article 5.5

The following people have accepted the following positions:

President: Linda Williams is willing to do this role, but it will be discussed with Skot in case he is interested.

Secretary: Mary Gauthier

Treasurer: Pamela Bandy Dafoe has agreed to continue in this role.

Ongoing roles: OV Board responsibilities 2018

Membership: Mary Gaudet- member relationships=new member intake and orientation, issues, registration dues and respond to emails

Graham Stafford will do data management and send out emails to choir

Music Committee: Alan Cary

Concert Committee: Skot Caldwell

Promotion: Jerry Weller

Community Events: Linda Williams

Choir Governance: Alan Cary

Library Resources: Alan Cary

Social: Linda Williams

Accessibility: Linda Williams

Administrative Details:

Church Liaison and close up: Linda Williams

Rehearsal hall opening:Diana Hopkins Rosseel

Sound Tech Head: Diana Hopkins Rosseel

Term feedback: Mary Gaudet and Graham Stafford

Website liaison: Susan Hara will continue to input items and resources onto website and Graham Stafford as support

The membership role came up for discussion. It was discussed whether to divide role between new member intake, data management, orientation and liaison. Or, should there be a board membership person who coordinates a membership committee and the committee members can take on these roles. This to be discussed at later date along with possible other role responsibilities and division.

Graham shared some ideas concerning having on-line registration, automated emails etc…

8. Board meeting schedule for fall- to be deferred

Current concerns

9. Membership update- Pam: There are 99 members registered for next year. Elaine sent a report to all Board Members. There are still a few members who are not included in this report due to the extension that was given. Susan will re-send this report with updated information asap.

10. Concert issues: deferred

11. Financial report: see attached report

12. Coffee House– Linda will take this role on.

New Business:

12. OV Member’s request to use rehearsal announcement time to advertise non- OV choral events: was formally discussed at last meeting and an announcement was made.

13. Ray Croxford: John Thomas wrote a email requesting and email go out to the choir to assist Ray’s wife. An announcement went out from the choir. The Board agreed that a lobby announcement can be made. Susan will respond to John.

14. Additions to minutes:

Board social: Alan to host

Ticket sales: e-blast went out for ticket sales

Next Board meeting: June 20th- Andy’s or Sunday June 24th- chair: Alan Cary- to be determined

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