November 17, 2016


Board members: Diana Hopkins-Rosseel (President), Ruth Hayward (Treasurer), Wendy Stewart, Colleen LaHaise

Musical Leadership Team: Janice Dendy (Assistant Conductor)

Minute taker: Sherry Aylesworth

Regrets: Elaine Brown, Linda Williams, and Jerry Weller

Meeting location: Colleen’s house-Front Road

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

1. Approval of minutes from October 20th, 2016- approved

2. Financial statement- Ruth

Board members have received report by email- refer to report

Action: Ruth will report on details of concert at next board meeting.

3.Membership update- Elaine

There is now an email address with a domain name. Elaine is sending out emails to choir members. Elaine has been taught how to load and update minutes onto the website.

Action: Ruth will upload November minutes onto the website.

Sectionals have been well attended. Sopranos have had low attendance the past two weeks. But, their section leaders have heard from their members and have received regrets.

4.Concert committee update- Colleen

Intermission: Martha decided from discussion at Music Committe to have an intermission during the concert.

Washroom concerns: There will be no porta pottys. Instead signs will be posted on men’s washroom indicating that women will have access to washroom first and then men. Diana will look for signs. Volunteers will be needed to monitor washrooms.

Lighting: Andy has lights that are heavy and may pose safety issues in assembly. John suggested that lights create a nice ambiance for the concert. Colleen spoke with George at church about lighting. He mentioned that they rent LED lights for $150.00. There was discussion on whether to use Andy’s lights, borrow lights, rent lights or seek out a choir member who might like to make a charitable donation to Open Voices. Wendy Stewart has graciously offered to donate money towards the cost of Open Voices purchasing lights. She will receive a charitable receipt for her donation.

Action: Colleen will check out the cost of new LED lighting that is easy to set up and inquire what is involved in setting them up.

Piano: Colleen asked George from the church if piano can be tuned. It will happen this week. OV will split cost with She Sings, and Townsmen. The cost is $100.

Decoration: The stage will be decorated with intenational fabrics. The Open Voices banner will be set up in the lobby.

Action: Colleen will contact Elaine about sign and look for OVsandwich board.

Sound: John Armstrong and Andy will be doing sound. Monitors and extension cords will be required. Ask Craig and Tim for information on where to get monitors and to borrow extension cords. Tim will bring a condensor mike next Wednesday to amplify the percussionists for Call Your Girlfriend

Set-up: will happen on December 6th. The rehearsal will happen in Sanctuary on December 7th.

5.Ticket sales and poster distribution- Jerry

The following is Jerry’s report sent by email to the Board:

Concert Tickets: have been on sale starting 6 weeks before concert and about 70 appear to be sold so far by Tacey and online. I designed & printed them after they went through various revisions with improvements suggested by OV Board and Concert Committee; I spent $20.

Concert Posters: have been picked up for posting starting 6 weeks before concert; about 150 so far. Bruce Downey designed and took it through 4 revisions with improvements suggested by OV Board, Concert Committee, and regular Members. Bruce printed for us in the usual volumes, in usual 3 different size and spent the usual amount of $80 so far. He can print more closer to concert date if needed.Elaine sent a copy of the Concert Poster by email blast to all OV members before our recent rehearsal for them to send to friends, family, colleagues, by email and Facebook. Poster is up on our website thanks to Susan Hara.

Promotion: I’m in the midst of sending out Concert PR and Public Service Announcements to the VERY complete print, broadcast, digital media on the list John Armstrong has developed for OV over the years.I’m contacting area Seniors Facilities and Youth Organizations to explore audience development opportunities for this and future OV concerts.

6. Storage risers and set up issues- Wendy and Diana

Staging concerns: Diana has concerns about risers. She noticed at Chorapalooza the OV risers had 3 steps. She remembers that the decision was to purchase 4 step risers. She is concerned about there not being adequate space on stage for whole choir with 3 step risers.

Action: Diana will investigate with John Armstrong and Andy to determine what were purchased.

Action: Next week Diana and Janice will have every member take a seat to determine what the staging will look like and space required on stage.

Storage of risers: John Armstrong is concerned about the the way the risers are stacked on a cart in church. He feels that this storage system makes the risers cumbersome to move around. He feels it would be better to have them in smaller stacks. There is a line on floor in storage area that is alloted for OV storage, which has been surpased. It was suggested there be a clean up and re-organization of the storage area. Two storage areas are needed- one for platforms and one area for risers.It was suggested that items be labeled and a map be created of how to store risers and where in storage room. It was also suggested that someone approach Vern and/or Scot Caldwell if they could assist with a storage plan. They would be needed on the Tuesday night set up night. A truck will be required to remove items and take somewhere else for storage.

Action #1: Invite Andy and Bruce and recruit some volunteers for clean up of storage area.

Action#2: Colleen will ask Vern and Scot for their assistance with suggested ideas for organizing storage and labeling items.Colleen will ask them to meet with Diana so she can coordinate with them.

Action#3: Wendy to email Andy the need to clean up and organize storage room. Wendy to make an announcement for someone to bring a truck. Ruth’s truck will be a back up.

7.Promotional tickets for concert- Diana

A question was posed as to whether there is a criteria on the Outreach tickets OV is giving away. Jim Hill asked for tickets for his Syrian families. Janice will take 4 for the guest conductors and their spouses. Wendy may have another Syrian family who might like tickets.

Action: Diana to discuss with Jim how many tickets he needs.

8. Discussion of Chorapalooza- Diana and Janice

Feedack: Diana and Janice reported 90% positive feedback on the event as a whole. The day went very well and all volunteers did a great job.

Concerns/ future thoughts: Diana was left with most of email and workload when Andy was away. The other choirs provided no volunteers and no work towards the event. There was an expectation that all choirs involved were to contribute work and volunteers.The organizing committee will be meeting and feedback will be given concerning the division of workload of all choirs involved and their members and stage management issues. It was also mentioned that the audience attendance was low which could have been due to little promotion or promotional materials available. It was suggested that this event go to another choir to organize next year or that it might be beneficial to have the event every other year or postpone for a few years.

9.Music Committee- Diana

Diana passed on Music Committee minutes to Board members and reviewed highlights.

Action: Diana will send music committe minutes to Elaine to post on-line.

10. Update on second semester singing 2017- Janice or John

Janice and John have met with Ian Juby to discuss next term. They came up with the song list and are ordering 2 new songs. Diane Dowling has the list and will have music ready to distribte to choir at the beginning of new term. Ian understands how choir works. He has been invited to come to one of our rehearsals and is excited to do so. He is looking forward to his term with OV. He has been asked to assist withTenor section projection.

John and Janice will be booking time to meet with Tim Stiff.

11. Other:

The Board reviewed the Open Voices promotional video and thought it might be a good idea to show the whole choir.

Action: Play promotional video for soul food at the next coffee house. Diana will bring a data projector and a lap top. Ruth will look for copy of the video from Susan Hara.

12. Location and date of next Board meeting-December 15th at Collen’s house. Elaine will draw up agenda.

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