November 26, 2015

368Open Voices Community Choir

Board Meeting Minutes

November 26 , 2015

7:00 PM Andy Rush’s-Livingston ave.

In attendance: Diana Hopkins Rosseel, (President), Andy Rush (Artistic Director), John Armstrong (Chair), Thom Rosseel, Wendy Stewart, Jerry Weller, Elaine Brown, Ruth Hayward (Treasurer), Sherry Aylesworth (Minute taker)

Approval of minutes:
October 22nd minutes approved with correction made from 14,00.00 to read 14,000.00 in Treasurer’s report.

Action: Sherry to make correction and forward to Ruth and Ruth will post on website.

Treasurer’s Report: Nothing to report. See attached document.

Action: Andy to submit invoices to Ruth.

Choralpalooza Videographer: materials to be used for OV promo and marketing.

Action: Andy to get this material.

6500.00 grant is an in and out number that will not be declared on Treasurer’s report.

Business Arising:

  • Executive Limitations: Diana to set date to meet with new Board members to review this document. Meeting set for next choir meeting- December 2nd
  • John to wait until new year to contact Paul Kopten.

Additions to minutes: review Choralpalooza, section leader meeting update, tickets for December concerts and PSA announcements

  1. Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant Proposal: (John Armstrong) John attended a meeting.
  • Registration was accepted for $5,000.
  • John and Dan Corbet have been working hard on this- congrats!
  • John discussed the OTF Capitol Assessment Sheet- assessors appointed review this form to assess OV’s grant proposal. OV Board needs to outline how choir will meet requirements. Proposal will be made looking at OTF Capitol Stream and Inspired People Stream- enriching people’s lives through arts, culture and heritage. (John has documents pertaining to grant proposal requirements)
  • OV needs to be accountable for funding and what is used next year. OTF expects to see that money used appropriately as requested in grant proposal.
  • OV needs to prove there is an increase in quality of programming provided with items purchased from grant money and demonstrate an increase in number of people benefiting from OV concerts, outreach and growth in the geographical area reached.
  • Financial statement and ticket sales can determine numbers of people reached.
  • The following question was discussed- Do we need to increase number in audience or number of audiences to meet target number for Grant
  • John is concerned with the term ‘need’ used in the grant requirements. How pressing is need and how will it be addressed? After discussion it was decided that what is pushing the need for grant is as follows:
  1. safety and age and differing abilities of the choir members in using risers and in set up and break down of risers and speakers
  2. constant updating of equipment
  3. age of risers- were originally school board risers that were unfit, 30 years old and unsafe at time given to OV
  4. OV does not have funds to purchase new ones.
  5. Risers could be utilized more-choir could use each week or at dress rehearsals and new ones would be easy to set up. This would help members to get used to being on risers and would be easier for conducting as well
  6. Newer risers and Bose speaker system would provide better sound of choir-speaks to quality.
  7. Portability-would also add to increase in audience and larger geographical area and include options for more outreach with better quality of sound
  • As part of the grant proposal we are allowed 5 photos to include with application. John suggested close up photos depicting deteriorating state of risers and equipment with one photo depicting 2 older choir members lifting up large equipment such as speakers. Also include a photo of choir on risers to demonstrate how crowded they are and potential safety hazards. Action: Diana to look for photos of rizers and set up for concerts ASAP and forward to John Armstrong.
  • The grant proposal needs to demonstrate who will be leading the project. Are they skilled and equiped to lead this endeavour? This is something the assesors will be looking at. Diana suggested that the Board approve a stewardship committee with experienced members., example, Janice Dendy, assistant choir director or John Rosseel.
  • Thanks was given to Ruth and Linda Williams on the information collected from past treasurer’s reports.
  • Marilynn Haskell Armstrong, (John’s wife and new choir member) has alot of past experience is submitting grant proposals and might be helpful in this area.
  • Risers: Bruce gave John Armstrong diagram of current riser configuration to assist in determining new riser request.
  • John passed around diagrams of risers options. OV needs to choose a design and decide on tapered vs straight edged designs.
  • Companies that OV is conisdering for risers are:1. Wenger– Tour master choral rizers-3 tapered edges. They have a longer warranty, have a reversable riser option for more flexibility and quote is cheaper.
  • 2. Canadelle- Tour master-3 tapered edges, Canadian made, does not reversable option, less time on warranty.
  • Discussion about whether we should get 8 or 9 risers that are tapered vs straight edged.Tapered rizers gives more flexibility and portability. All agreed to with 9 risers.
  • Everyone liked the option of idea risers with a wider step.
  • Newer risers would be beneficial to choir as they would be much easier to store, haul and set up and take down.
  • Action: John to send Andy name of agent from Wenger so Andy can discuss the issue of reversibily and set up of rizers.
  • Also included in grant proposal is to purchase a Mic-assured Beta 58 and a Bose tower (BoseL1 Model 11 and B1Bass Package with Tonematch) This system is similar to what Suba and Dylan use. Tower generally goes behind performers. Sound can fill a large space. Our speakers and mics are old. This system would provide quality sound and Portability
  • John and Dan will be submitting a grant proposal for $15,000. Once submitted, the committee will respond by February or March 2016.
  • Should grant be approved, OV will need manpower to get rid of current risers.
  • Ruth suggested that OV offer our current rizers to agencies in need.

Concert committee report:

  • St. Marks, St. Lucs and Cookes to do reception
  • Promotion- the churches will do promotion in surrounding church neighbourhood. This needs to happen asap.
  • Decoration of Cookes for concert: Action: Diana to discuss boughs and lights with Cheryl
  • OV needs to take photos of church prior to set-a volunteer photograher is required
  • Concert set up to take place on Sunday December 20th at 1:00 pm.

Action: Wendy to post sign up sheet for volunteers for concert set up.

  • Bruce Downey, John Rosseel and Ray Croxford need to be there.

Action: John A to email them.

  • Churches will also provide manpower to set up- able bodied and can lift.
  • Promotion- ad will go in paper this weekend.Action: Wendy will see to this.
  • Poster- Bruce Downey is working on the design.

Action: Thom to touch base with Bruce this week and let him know poster is needed asap. Thom to give John Rosseel copy of poster from Bruce to be printed asap.

Action: Elaine to email choir members that they will be emailed a poster asap

  • It was originally decided at previous meeting that there would be no full program for this concert. It was suggested at previous meeting that the lyrics be projected onto a screen. There is an issue with screen idea as the screen in Cookes is directly behind choir and too low, thus not visible. Andy suggested a one page song sheet with some credit to churches and thank you’s on the back. Elaine has however put alot of work into a video where choir member’s names could be projected onto a screen. It was suggested that this could be presented before concert onto screen choir and at end of concert.
  • Dress for concert: Black and red with Christmas accents.
  • Ticket distribution:
  • Tickets are now printed
  • Tacey Lawrence and Colleen Lahaise will disperse OV tickets to members. Members will be required to purchase tickets before getting them, rather than getting ticket packages to sell.Action: Elaine to send out email to choir members informing them that tickets will be available and will need to be purchased in advance.
  • Venue holds 320 people with 2 shows this equals to 640 tickets to be sold
  • Susan Harah to place tickets online for purchasing-100 asap.(50 each night)Action: John Armstrong to ask Susan to do this
  • St. Marks has 200 tickets
  • Cookes-Nadine -Minister-should be given 200 tickets

Action: Andy to give Nadine tickets

  • OV- 400 tickets Action: Wendy will contact Colleen and Tacey.
  • Ticket price: $15.00 for adults and $5.00 for 18 and under.
  • Action: John Armstrong to ask Susan Hara to put full information about concert on-line.
  • Action: Ruth to create a concert event
  • Take down- Wednesday, December 23rd at 10:00 am
  • Action:Wendy to create a volunteer sign up sheet for 6 people for take down. Also need Ray and Bruce on that day.

Diana Items:

Cookes Church Liaison: Jim Hill no longer liason.

Wendy will be liason and this will be included as part of her portfolio.

Open Sing Debrief:

  • Really fun, leadership was excellent. Many new members attended.
  • Choir attendance was poor and was disappointing. Concern about why attendance was poor. Attendance sheets to be looked at to determine number of absentee members and how many guests were there vs choir members.
  • Less promotion for this open sing was suggested as a possible factor.
  • Point of Open Sing- to experience what it is like to be in choir, spread joy
  • Substantial preparation was involved.
  • Suggestions on how to promote Open Sing in future: bring a friend, have half choir real rehearsal and the other half open sing, in past promoted as an event, take open sing on the road, come and join in an OV rehearsal.

Action: bring this discussion to Music Committee

Coffee House prep– January 27th

  • Action: announcement at choir- John A. will announce at next rehearsal. Wendy to create sign up sheets (15 acts)
  • Andy suggested we decorate stage for coffee house with floor lamps, lava lamp,
  • friends and family are invited to coffee house. This needs to be announced to choir as it may affect those who decide to perform
  • Someone to ask Diane Dowling if she can provide table cloths and if she could bring them 1 week prior to coffee house

Board Orientation Binders:

  • 2 binders in storage room – need to be found and a decision needs to be made about where these are kept.
  • Need paper binder and scan contents and post on-line for archival purposes
  • Elaine is responsible for archiving choir information and minutes.

Action: Diana and Elaine to track down binders

Board Member and choir member exit process:

  • in past there was a little ceremony for board members who were leaving board- ex., board members received symbolic board
  • Diana suggested a process to say goodbye to choir members and possible exit interview for those who are leaving dissatisfied, for illness or for other reasons
  • Exit interviews can be used to touch base, to hear concerns and receive feedback
  • acknowledge long standing choir members and members who have contributed alot to choir
  • Bruce has created a thank you card that could be used
  • Diana suggested that the membership person and another member come up with a simple plan that can be formalized.
  • This to be discussed at next Board meeting.

Board Christmas Social: Diana suggested Pub Caroling- partners are invited. Sunday, December 6th-

Artistic Director Report:

Plan for Andy’s leave next year

  • Andy met with John, Janice and Kim and then discussed with section leaders.
  • Suggestions:
    • Use section members who are pianists to help out with sectionals
    • 3 concert cycles- 3 different guest conductors to take on one cycle each-12 weeks
    • Janice will conduct many rehearsals- but does not want to do full term
    • Concert themes- John Rosseel is interested in doing programming.
    • Repetoire- mixture of new, challenging and some music we already know
    • Concerts to be held at Cookes.
    • Still need to send out feelers in community for guest conductors
    • Need to look at financing for all 3 concerts and develop a plan: roles will be spread out and thus finances need to be determined based on this.
    • Outreach gigs can be made up of off book songs to make it simpler.
    • Action: Music Committee to discuss what next year will look like and when to let choir members know. Also to ask for suggestions for repetoire.
    • Kim gave Andy 3 names of music educators in Limestone district.


  • Andy thanked Board for supporting this event. Andy is finalizing details and there will be a debriefing in January.
  • John Rosseel to be thanked for quick work on the banner. There are actually 2 banners.
  • Andy was pleased with OV performance- singing and their presence at the event
  • Diana created a fluid survey for collective and choir directors involved. Diana needs some questions.

Action: Diana to send some draft questions with Andy to give suggestions.

  • Thom was thanked for his great stage managing.

Meeting adjourned: 9:30

Next meeting: January 21st, 2016 at Wendy’s.

Chair: Thom

Agenda: Ruth

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