November 23, 2017

Location: Linda William’s- 46 Colbourne St.

In attendance: Skot Caldwll, Pamela Bandy Dafoe (Treasurer), Elaine Brown, Linda Williams, Jerry Weller (Chair), Linda Johnson, Andy Rush (Artistic Director) and Sherry Aylesworth (minute taker)

Regrets: Diana Hopkins Rosseel (President)

1. Meeting called to order- 7:08 pm.

2. Minutes Approval: October 26, 2017 minutes were approved.

3. Membership Update: (Elaine)

a) Members returning, leaving or deferring until February:

-two new Sopranos on leave until the Spring

-two members now on leave- one bass and one soprano

-one tenor withdrawn

b) Thank you card and phone scripts for departing members: (Elaine)

Action: Elaine to create a script for exit telephone and thank you card script. Linda Johnson to send out thank you cards.

c) Attendance records process: (Skot, Andy, Elaine)

-Andy finds it helpful when Section Leaders show him the attendance folders at the end of rehearsals.

-There were only 90 members at the Peace Quest concert. A few members indicated they were absent due to illness. Some members do not want to sing in concerts.

-Section Leaders have two copies of attendance sheets that can be given to Andy occasionally for review.

Action Item: Attendance procedure and the role of Section Leaders in following up with choir members to be further discussed at Music Committee.

d) Discussion about recruiting new people for Membership Committee: (All)

-Susan Hara is Elaine’s membership back up person.

There needs to be a membership apprentice as Elaine’s term will be up this year.

Action: Elaine will make an announcement at choir to recruit new membership volunteers and create a sign-up sheet for next week’s rehearsal.

e) Volunteer base discussion- (Linda Williams)

-Ruth Hayward has volunteered to post Board of Directors meeting minutes on website as she is familiar with the system.

-Posting a flip chart with an explanation of volunteer roles/jobs at choir seems to be working. -The membership registration forms has a section for members to indicate areas of interest for possible volunteer positions. Elaine sent a copy to all Board members. This list can be used as a way to recruit volunteers. It was suggested that since choir members have indicated interest on registration forms that they can then be directly approached by Board Members when jobs arise.

Action: Elaine will re-send the choir list that contains choir member’s interests for possible volunteer positions.

5. Treasurer’s Update: (Pamela)

a) Pamela send out three reports to Board Members to review prior to meeting.

b) A cheque for $350.00 from Kingston Arts Fund came in which changes the budget and brings financial statement $299.91 in the black.

-This item lead to a discussion about how the work in obtaining the funding from the Arts Fund and the Chorapalooza project involved a lot of time and was beyond the purvue of Andy’s role. The Board thanked Andy for his all his extensive work involved behind the scenes with Chorapalooza.

c) Pamela discussed the need to discuss investments and whether other investment avenues should be explored in the future.

Action: Board to review investments in future as investments come due.

6. Music Committee Update: (Skot and Andy)

a) Posting Music Committee minutes on OV website- (Elaine)

Action: The Music Committee Chair will forward minutes to Ruth once they are approved. Ruth will post the minutes on website.

b) Community events- (Linda Johnson and Andy Rush)

Impromptu Gigs:

-Andy mentioned that the frequency of impromptu performances has dropped off. It was noted that these were deliberately dropped last year due to the condensed terms, and work involved in having three new Artistic Directors.

-The procedure in scheduling and decisions around impromptu gigs was shared with new Board Members. It is as follows: the request comes to a Board member, it is then discussed with Board and then goes to choir to determine interest. Andy requested that the Board look for possibilities of new impromptu performances.

Action: Linda Johnson to make an announcement at choir that OV is once again open to impromptu performances and to encourage choir members to approach Board members with ideas.

Busking Project: Andy will choose 10 all time favourite songs. There will be a few Monday night rehearsals. Anyone can come, no attendance required. Locations will be chosen and then promoted to choir, Rabble members and those who did not get into the choir. Busking Project will commence after January concert with performances in the spring. Andy requested financial support from the Board for this project.

Action: Andy to create a list of expenses and present this to the Board at the next meeting.

c) Simplifying printed OV Schedule(Diana and Andy)

Diana and Andy to discuss this further.

d) Open Sing- The dates for Open Sing were on timetable but not discussed in time to have adequate planning. Andy described various formats of Open Sing that have happened over the past years. Andy would like Open Sing to be discussed further by the Board and Music Committee before the next event happens.

7. Concert Committee Update– (Skot)

a) General Concert update:

-Skot met with Colleen and will post a flip chart for volunteers for assistance with concert. He has connected with Tacey and she is willing to do tickets again. She needs a non alto volunteer to assist.

Action: Skot will make announcement about this next week.

-Skot needs to check in with Nola- re business cards and program. Skot will book a meeting before Christmas with the concert committee members. He felt it was important to recruit two new concert committee members.

Action: An announcement will be made about the need for concert committee volunteers next week with sign-up flip chart.

b) Peace Quest follow up and upcoming concert details: (Andy)

-Andy felt that OV did a good quality performance at the Peace Quest concert.

-He is considering soliciting feedback from the choir at next rehearsal.

-This could be another potential OV gig for next year.

-There is a Peace Quest meeting Friday December 1st at 9:00 am.

Action: Andy and Linda Johnson to attend this meeting.

-There was an issue with a screen that came down and blocked lighting on stage so that back two rows could not see their music.

Action: Andy to bring this up at the Peace Quest meeting.

-Skot wondered if due to tight spacing on risers if choir members could buddy up and share binders. This idea will be considered and may be brought forth to the choir.

-There are some concerns from members that the Peace Quest gig placed focus off of Latin material due to rehearsing Peace Quest material. Some members were concerned about how much time will be left to adequately focus on Latin material for January concert.

Action: Andy to take time at next rehearsal to solicit choir feedback on Peace Quest concert.

c) 3-concert poster follow up from feedback and discussion with John Rosseel’s input: (Jerry)

-After discussions with John, it was decided there will be a colour version and that information and graphics should be scaled down on poster. OV full season concerts will be on one poster for this year.

-There are six distributors for posters from choir this year.

-There will be three poster versions- large, small and hand-bills.

-Novel Idea will now be a new ticket distributor.

-No senior ticket sales available due to busing that is not available.

-Darryl Bryan’s Queen students are required to attend music events. They then might be expected to attend our concerts.

-Promotion from mid January to mid March will be in Profile Kingston magazine.

-An apprentice is needed to train with Jerry and learn about promotion, as his position on the Board ends next year.

-It was suggested that it would be a good idea to get OV concert handbills into other choir concert programs.

-Another idea was to put contra ads (1/2 page ad) in other choir concert programs.

Action: Jerry will contact other choirs to see if OV can get a Contra ad in their programs.

d) Musicians for Latin concert:

-Eclectic Vocal Ensemble (Eve) will be performing in Latin concert. Andy suggested they be paid $200.00

-Mauricio will be paid $800.00 for his guest performance in Latin concert.

-Kim and the band will receive their usual fee. Andy will connect with the band re- music and rehearsal time. There will be one extra rehearsal that will include an extra band fee.

-Percussion instruction- no cost.

8. President’s Update: (Diana)

– Since Diana was going to be absent for this meeting she sent a report to the Board concerning updates for the 2017-18 season, follow up on accessibility policy, scent issues and church renovations and clean up plans. This has been addressed and discussed with details in Diana’s report. She also reported on research into new chairs.

9. Follow up discussions: (All)

a) Non- and partial-dues paying members:

– It was discussed to have e -transfers and on-line registration options be available for next year. Members will indicate on their registration forms what they are paying for dues.

Action: The use of e-transfers and on-line registration to be discussed in further detail later in the year. Look for a volunteer to set up a pay pal or e-transfer system.

b) Discussion with Section Leaders about accommodating capacity members: (Andy)

c) Members who will not be “concert” members and how many can be accepted:

Action Items: b and c items to be discussed at Music Committee.

d) Grant writing team: (Andy)

Andy reported that a sign up sheet was posted and a committee of three has been formed.

10. Music Director’s Updates: (Andy)

a) Tuskegee: A sign up sheet was posted and volunteers signed up for different volunteer positions that were required.

-Andy and Jerry met with Susan Hara and received an update concerning the plans for promotion. Originally it was believed that Tuskegee was doing all promotion, but was discovered they will only design posters. OV, as host choir is expected to print posters at our cost. There was a concern about unexpected finances on this project for OV as there is no revenue from this concert and this was not considered in budget. Linda suggested an idea about choir members being invited to donate or sponsor money for this event to help offset these costs. This brought forth discussion. Andy felt that part of OV’s responsibility in hosting this event should include promotion. He felt that this would not be an undue hardship for the choir as it is anticipated that printing might come to $100.00. The Board then agreed to approve the printing costs.

Action: Andy will send out an email about the Tuskegee event to clarify what will happen at the event and what is expected of choir members re workshop, concert and purchasing tickets. Jerry and Andy to confer on the information in the email.

b) Kids’ Show- 180 kids are registered

c) January Coffee House coordination-Frank Poce made an announcement last week and created a sign-up sheet.

d) Outreach singing- Board member liaison is Elaine. Andy would like an announcement to be made to choir to describe in further detail what is involved in Outreach singing.

Action: Elaine to make an announcement next week to describe outreach singing.

e) Andy would like to gather photos from family members who attend concerts so that photos on OV website can be continuously updated with new photos.

Action: Jerry to make an announcement about collecting photos.

f) Choir rehearsal set up:

Andy mentioned that the set up for choir has not worked lately.

Action: Andy to discuss this with Shawn to follow up on volunteers for this.

g) Promo for Latin Heat:

Action: Jerry will create Latin Heat poster as a few locations will not post a full season poster.

11. Next Board of Directors Meeting:

Concert Committee Meeting-at Skot’s house on December 14th at 8:00 pm.

Board meeting:

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

6:30 pm. tea/beverage; 7:00 – 9:30 pm. meeting

Pam’s house at 45 Carriage Court.

Chair: Pamela

May need to get another scribe for that meeting as Sherry may not be available.

12. Meeting Adjourned: 9:23 pm.

President’s Report:

Review: The year has come off with barely a hitch so far.

The AGM was great and we have a wonderful new Board mix.

Nov 11th went very well. Evenings with sections at Andy’s have been very well received once again – 2 down and 2 to go!

Open Sing this week was terrific, with many choir member friends and family were in attendance, including the Syrian family Suzanne Bodner has been supporting. Janice and I noted that next year we will not schedule a sectional on the same night as an OPEN SING.

The Outreach Group, with Alan McChesney and John Thomas in the lead, have done a couple of gigs at LTC facilities to date. The most recent was Thursday, Nov. 16th at Providence Manor. Seven singers in attendance (1 new member among us) plus Nimi (whose mother is a resident) joined in when she heard we were on-site. It was terrific.

Our 1stextra practice is on the horizon and an email was circulated by Andy reminding choir members of all upcoming extra practice dates, times and locations (the latter being 7-9:00 p.m. at Andy’s home for all).


The primary issue over the fall has been the work done on the church, the resultant scents and concerns regarding chemicals used on the mould. Communications were through Rev. Dr. Nadene Grieve-Deslippe ( ; and her husband, Mike Deslippe (, who was the ‘Asbestos Manager’. When I inquired about the chemicals used, Nadene referred me back to Mike, although he did not appear to be the lead for that work, the work was done by the same company. In italics below is the email content from Mike Nov. 1, 2017. When I wrote back with thanks to Nadene and Mike, I reiterated that we were interested in knowing the chemicals used but they were not able to provide that information or a contact to pursue the information. By that time the members no longer remarked on any problems with continuing scent issues, I dropped the inquiry for the time being.

From Mike Deslippe:

There are two Environmental projects being undertaken at the church this fall. I will attempt to summarize them below

Asbestos Remediation

Many buildings built in the 1950s and 1960s used a vermiculite as an insulator that was poured into the cement blocks that form the walls of much of the building. Vermiculite can be naturally contaminated with Asbestos and the vermiculite used in our building was confirmed to contain asbestos. Since we became aware of the existence of Asbestos we have been required by the Ministry to have an Asbestos Management Program in place. This program requires us to ensure that any leaks are properly cleaned up and that we have an annual compliance audit performed to ensure that we are in compliance with the Act. Leaks in our building can be caused when cables (phone and electrical) are routed through the concrete block walls and holes are made in the wall to allow the cable to come out and be hooked up. This is the case with all of the electrical heaters in the building that are located on outside walls. From time to time we have noticed a small amount of vermiculite beside a heater and have promptly cleaned it up (we have a special vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter for this purpose). This year we decided to be pro-active and contracted Environmental, a local certified Asbestos Contractor, to make recommendations and perform the following work on all of our heaters:

1. Remove the cover from the heater and clean the inside of the heater from dust and any vermiculite particles

2. Seal the hole in the wall where the cable exits through it, with a standard silicone caulking

3. Clean up any evidence of vermiculite on the floor and around the heaters.

4. Replace the cover and seal the gap between the back of the heater and the wall to which it is attached with the same silicone caulking.

There might be an odour from the caulking as it cures but curing is expected to be complete within a few days of the work.

Every year we have Pinchin Ltd, an Environmental Engineering and consultation group with an office in Kingston to come on site to perform a compliance audit to ensure that we have done all that is required. Sealing of the heaters was not required but we felt it would be an added measure of safety and will allow us to perform cleaning maintenance on our own heaters. The results of this audit are available for review.


I did not look after this project but I will try to explain what I know of it. We noticed mould building up on some of the walls and equipment throughout the church. Out of concern for everyone’s comfort, we asked Environmental, the same contractor we used for the Asbestos Project, to come in and have a look at it and make recommendations. Their initial comment was that the occurrence of mould in residential and Institutional buildings has increased significantly this year  due to the hot humid summer we had. They recommended that we wash down all the mould occurring sites in the building with a chemical that they use for this purpose. This work has been completed and while there might be a slight residual chemical smell from this work, we expect that it should not continue to be an issue any longer than a week. This work has been completed and we have not used any air fresheners to mask the odour of the chemical out of respect for those that are affected by these smells but we felt cleaning of the building was in everyone’s best interest.

I hope this answers your questions. If you have any others, please let me know and if I can’t answer your question, i will find somebody who can.

Chairs for Rehearsal Hall:

I have looked far and wide on the internet (scoping Kingston, Ottawa and Toronto and locations in-between) and have not found neither the right type of chair, nor chairs in a reasonable price range. I have looked for both new and used items. So, I will keep looking but suggest we don’t ask for donations until we have a good idea of cost. Having said this, many items seem to have a tight timeline from seeing it online and actually buying it (especially, of course, the used items as they are one-off offers). So, we may have to purchase before we have a committed donation or, barring that decision, just risk losing a particular option. I would be interested in our thoughts on this last part.


I would personally love to see us do some busking!

Next Board Meeting:

Thursday, Feb. 1st, 2018.

Really sorry, I would rather not host the meeting or pull together the agenda as I am in my heaviest teaching period of the year and can’t anticipate what draws there will be on my time.

Hope to see you all at the meeting.



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