October 20, 2016


Regrets: Jerry Weller

In attendance: Diana Hopkins Rosseel (President), Elaine Brown (Secretary), Ruth Hayward (Treasurer), Colleen LaHaise, Linda Williams, Wendy Stewart, Sherry Aylesworth (Scribe)

Guests: Janice Dendy (Assistant Choir Director)


  1. Meeting commenced at 7:00 pm
  1. Approval of September Board Minutes- approved
  1. Business Arising from last meeting

Role Clarifications:

Role of secretary. (Elaine)

-Secretary role will include archiving Board and Music Committee minutes.

-Minutes on website are not up to date. Elaine will update. Ruth will be back up.

-It was decided that from this point forward minutes will be electronic with a paper copy going to auditor.

Action: Secretary duties to be updated to state that Elaine is the Board Meeting minute and Music Committee minute archivist. She will now post minutes on website and keep a hard copy to pass on to the auditor. Ruth will pass on the physical archival materials to Elaine along with website procedures.

-It was suggested that Elaine set up an Open Voices email domain relating to membership.

Role of Scribe (Sherry)

Action: Sherry requested that the scribe be given a description in the Board roles to avoid confusion in relation to scribe duties and for email correspondence. It needs to indicate that role of scribe is to record minutes, send out for revisions, receive OV Board agenda prior to meetings, send out minutes for approval and send out final minutes prior to Board meetings.

New Board Member:

The Board welcomed Colleen LaHaise to the Board. Colleen will be liaison with website webmasters and meet with Susan and Brian.

Board roles and email etiquette and responses:

-It was agreed that emails start with OVB and subject line and to not start a new topic within the email thread. Start new topics with new subject lines.

-There was a discussion concerning Board members sticking to their roles. When there are questions or comments from choir members to specific Board members, other Board members can be cc’d in the email to be kept aware of concerns and resolutions.

-It was suggested that questions from choir members get posted to all Board members if there is uncertainty with which Board member it should be directed to. The email could be sent with the following question- ‘Who is answering or responding to this?’

-It was also agreed to timely review emails to react and be ready for Wednesday practices and monthy Board meetings.

Recruitment & follow up with volunteers

Reminder that Board members will make requests for volunteers related to their specific roles.

Process questions:

Circulation of agenda and minutes:

The scribe (Sherry) will send out minutes within 48 hours after meetings. Board members to review and send revisions within that week. Minutes will be finally approved at the following meeting. Once approved the secretary (Elaine) will post on website for choir members and public. Music leadership team to also receive a copy of minutes.

Guest Conductors preference for emergency procedures ( ex., snowstorms):

Janice reported that both Martha and Ian will proceed with rehearsals during storms.

  1. New Business

Community gig request (Wendy)

-We have had only had one community gig request from Queen’s Engineers for end of November. Wendy sent a letter declining the request due to the fact we are not doing any Christmas repertoire.

-Greg Tilson invited OV to do a Halloween gig in Skeleton Park on October 31st. This was accepted.

Action: Elaine to send out an email to choir members mentioning that OV choir members can invite their families. The email will also remind those singing at the event that Greg Tilson will come to next practice at 9:00 after choir to do a short rehearsal of four songs.

2016 CD correction: (all)

Issues about OV CD jacket:

-Ruth mentioned that this project went over the projected budget. OV paid $4,620.88. At this point we have only received $2,520. in sales.

-There were mistakes with names missed on jacket, some names not acknowledged and spelling errors. It will cost another $700 with major edits, $500 with minor edits.


We ask for a donations to cover some of the costs as we are a charitable organization.

-A new jacket be designed with John Rosseel to do final proof.

-Try to negotiate a lower cost with Summit Sound

-Sell program advertising

Actions: It was agreed that cost is important but it can be covered and that the Board needs to rectify this issue.

Linda Williams will talk to Andy Rush and Tim Aylesworth for suggestions on cd packaging and try to negotiate a deal with Dave Dawe at Summit Sound.

The Board to be notified of final cost of text corrections on the cd and decisions.

In future there needs to be a specific budget on cd projects which need to be approved by board before proceeding with projects.

  1. Reports

Music Leadership Team (Janice)

    • Martha will be at rehearsal now until Choralpalooza. She will be absent November 9th which is a music committee meeting. Music committee will be changed from November 9th to 16th.

Action: Elaine to send out email with music committee date to choir, music committee and leadership team and Martha. Diana to make an announcement at next choir rehearsal

    • Darryl Bryant is unavailable now for Choralpalooza.

Action: Diana to inform the Choralpalooza committee.

    • Song choices for Tim and Craig have been decided on. Ruth raised a question on the budget line for musicians. The budget currently is set for $500.00 for musicians for concert. Darryl will now not be included. Tim and Craig will be paid. They are paid for performance and also for dress rehearsal. This means that the budget for musicians will need to be increased by 300.

Action: Janice to send Tim and Craig an email with songs they will be playing on and dates to attend choir rehearsals.

    • Janice and John will be meeting with Ian on Tuesday night and will contact Diane Dowling with songs list for next term asap. Janice and John will meet with Tim Stiff in near future to determine repertoire.
    • Auditions with soloists were held last rehearsal, with a few more to still be auditioned. A decision will be made soon.
    • Music Section Leaders: Morag, Nancy, Gord and Sean. Janice has received great feedback about their role in assisting her with leading sectionals.
    • New Member check in: Action: Janice will touch base with the new members in next few weeks.
    • Deb Earl will be the MC for the concert which will include story telling. Janice will be the liaison between Deb and Martha.
    • Janice still has not received feedback from last term.

Action: Wendy to pass feedback forms on to Janice.

    • Janice asked if there was any feedback for Martha.

Board mentioned the following: Martha does great vocal coaching, has responded and implemented feedback quickly, needs a new marker for the flip chart paper.

Action: Janice to purchase flip chart paper and large permanent marker.

Membership Report (Elaine)

Action: Elaine to send Sherry numbers for membership to be added to minutes.

Music Committee Report (Diana)

Action: Diana to make corrections to errors in the Music Committee minutes.

Elaine to be the minute taker for the Music Committee.

Choralpalooza Report (Diana)

    • Martha and Patty Smith are taking on some of the roles that Andy normally does. Insurance needs to be in place in order to apply for the grant. Grant was received.
    • Minutes were passed onto the Board.
    • Two stage managers needed. John Rosseel not available at this time. There may be money in budget for Thom Rosseel to be paid to be as a stage manager. A second stage manager to marshal the choirs is needed. There is a concern that some of the rooms are not available this time to marshal large groups.
    • Volunteers are needed to become apprentices at setting up risers. John Armstrong and Andy to take lead in training volunteers.
    • Sherrill Ritchie to assist Diana with organizing details.
    • The venue is ready. They just need to know who second stage manager will be. Diana needs to know by next Wednesday. Colleen may know of someone who could help. Otherwise an announcement needs to made looking for a volunteer.
    • One group was missed in poster design. Errors are being corrected. Last details are being finalized.
    • Donation jars stating “donations of $5.00 or $10.00 or pay as you can” will be set out. If there is a short fall in money, Open Voices is lead and may need to take on costs. But, all the choirs on committee are expected and willing to chip in.

Concert Committee and Promo/PR report (Colleen, Jerry, Linda):

    • Members who indicated they wanted to help with Concert Committee have been approached. Announcement will be made with call for volunteers after Choralpalooza.
    • Tacey has tickets and will be available next Wednesday to sell them. Tickets need to be purchased in advance by choir members. If unsold tickets come back the week prior to concert money will be returned. Members to be encouraged to sell tickets at Choralpalooza, to purchase to give as Christmas presents. Tickets will be sold on-line.
    • A question arose as to whether it is Concert Committee’s responsibility to organize an after concert party.

Action: Wendy will organize after concert party again at Ports. Tim and Craig to be asked if they want to play the after party again this year and if or how they were paid last year.

    • It was agreed that tickets to be given to Ian Juby and Tim Stiff and their partners for the December concert.
    • It was agreed that OV will give out 10 free tickets to community to those who normally may not be able to attend. Suggestions: Better Beginnings families, Immigrants services, Syrian families.
    • Seniors homes will buy tickets but need notice in advance.

Action: Jerry Weller is to contact the seniors centres with concert details and ticket purchasing details.

    • Action: Janice to ask Martha if there will be an intermission for this concert. Then the Board can decide if porta pottys need to be organized.

Library Committee Report (Elaine)-nothing to report

  1. Treasurer’s Report (Ruth)

There is no news on the budget at this time and little difference in the budget from last meeting. Ruth to report on the budget in more detail next Board meeting.

Action: There will be a report presented to the choir after each concert on how many tickets were sold and the effects on budget.

Action: Diana to make an announcement that due to the fact that OV has less concerts this year it equals less revenue and thus each member needs to do their part to sell tickets.

  1. Closing.

Discussion on time set for board meeting: Board agreed that time will be 7pm to 9pm this year

Next meeting: Nov. 17th at Wendy’s

Meeting finished at 9:00 pm.

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