October 22, 2015

October 22, 2015

Present: Ruth Hayward, (Treasurer) Andy Rush, Diana Hopkins Rosseel (President), Wendy Stewart, Elaine Brown, Thom Rosseel (Chair), Jerry Vaughn, John Armstrong, Sherry Aylesworth (minute taker)

Meeting commennced at 7:12 pm

Banner- John Rosseel made a presentation on OV Banner

· Presented two versions ($150.00 less design of $100.00; $300.00 plus art)

· Less expensive may be too fragile and shorter thus, less visible

· Consensus to purchase the larger, more expensive banner

· Request to have design streamlined

· 2 board members to be John’s contact- Wendy Stewart, Thom Rosseell and Andy Rush

· Tag line to be added: ‘Always fun, always quirky and sometimes beautiful’

· John asked for permission to use choir photographs

Approval of September 21, 2015 Minutes: approved as amended.

Action: Ruth will post on website

Treasurer’s Report: Ruth opened floor to any questions pertaining to Treasurer’s documentation on annual budget and balance sheet as of September 30th, 2015

Refer to attached reports.

Action: Ruth to make amendment concering ticket sales. It should be stated 14,000.00 instead of 16,000.00

Action: To discuss Treasure Chest at future board meetings:

· What is in this fund

· How to build it

· How to protect OV from dissolving and liability issues.

Board 101 and Executive Limitations: Diana circulated an Executive Limitations document followed by discussion.

1. New board members asked to review document

2. Voting on decisions- to be done for liability issues and when required

Action: Diana will stay after choir next week to answer any questions regarding the Executive Limitations document with new board members.

Artistic Director’s Report

A. China: Andy will no longer be going to China as trip was cancelled due to financial constraints. Andy will be present then for rehearsals leading up to Enshalla.

B. Andy’s leave next year-Both replacement A.D. candidates that were considered declined the offer. Andy’s replacement still needs to be found for next year. In the meantime Andy is keeping a list of individuals who might come in on an ad hoc basis e.g. as conductors/guest Directors

Action: Board to do some more brainstorming about this matter.

Andy feels there should be a discussion with Janice and Kim before we move forward on other ideas. Andy will include John in discussions.

Action: Andy to book meeting Friday, October 30th to meet with Janice, Kim and John and then report to the board with results from this discussion.

Suggestions on A.D. replacement thus far:

Andy’s suggestions: combination of guest directors, Janice, choir leadership, guest conductors at concerts.

Suba and Dylan were thought to be excellent consideration but, might be expensive Jen Moyer

Advertising for new A.D. in community

John and Janice could be a combination

Observe conductors at Choralpalooza

Youth conductors at Choralpalalooza

Action: Andy and Thom to bring forward to music committee for discussion on options


C. Choralpalooza:

OV will have a table with cd’s and banner

Volunteers are required for the following:

· Set up, take down and manning the OV table

· Greeters/general welcoming table with shifts throughout afternoon- possibly volunteers from spouses and friends

· need 2 energetic people to shadow Andy the whole day (possibly Anne Chiarelli?)

· Choir wrangling and guiding

· set up (10:00-11:30 a.m.) and take down (4:30-6:00 p.m.)

· assistant stage manager

· technical gophers at beginning and end of day (4:30 to 6)

· assist Andy with unloading and loading gear and assist Tim and Craig

· Volunteers will need to be trained closer to event

Action: Wendy Stewart to post volunteer sign-up sheet at next Wednesday’s rehearsal


· Dress for the event: black and/ or white with colour accents based on OV logo-

basses ( green) sopranos (red), tenors ( orange, altos (blue)

Action: Thom to announce the costume at rehearsal next week

Action: Andy to address attendance concept for this event.

· Reptoire: Rejuvenation, First of the Last, Be Still/Look up, Gabriellas song

D. Winter Songbook:

Andy met with Churches and provided board with hard copy of his notes.

i. Financial considerations: musicians, rental of space, printing tickets, handbills

We need $1500.00 revenue to cover expenses.

ii. Income potential- 250 people-$ 6,000. St. Marks and St. Luc’s might come away with $1,500.

iii. Promotion: Onus is on the other churches to sell out. They will put handbills in all apartments in 4 neighborhoods, plus advertise within their church communities

iv. Ticket price: $5.00 for 18 and under, adults are $15.00.

v. Volunteers: Churches to take care of the following with OV team leadership: 3 to 4 to do ushering, set up or risers (Sunday afternoon) and break down crew, clean up of churches, gate and merchandise, reception for OV

vi. Action: who will design poster- needs to be done asap

Brainstorming ideas for design: everyone liked Thom’s idea of a Christmas tree advent calendar with some open windows depicting the following ideas: family and fun, sugar plum fairies (photo of Andy in tutus), snow falling

Action: Thom to ask for interested parties to design the poster from choir to do design based the above idea

i. Program: Instead of program it was suggested that a one page lyric sheet be created for visually impaired with use of screens for projecting song lyrics- to be moved to concert committee

Action: someone to create lyric sheet and lyrics on computer for projection

Music Committee Meeting- Thom to connect by phone with Andy to decide on agenda

New members: Andy met with new members. What came out of the meeting was theory classes, lyric sheets to assist with memorization


What other volunteer roles do we need?- technical, need board to repair and tighten risers


Andy mentioned that the registration forms often indicate what choir members might like to volunteer for.


1.Wendy to look at forms to create list of potential volunteers

2.Repairing and tightening the risers: needs to be done immediately-Andy plus 2 others-John Armstrong to ask Frank Cabral if he will take the lead- possibly Lorne Carmichael?



OV Social: Everyone thought it was the best one we have had in awhile.

Action: Jerry to make announcement about the success of Social

Songs of Syria:

Action: Ruth to make announcement about the fact that Songs of Syria gig raised $20,000.00


Music Stand:Board approved music stand- for Andy- approx., $50.00

Piano has been tuned- Paul will do it again for a free announcement in program. This needs to be passed on to the concert/promotion committee

Action: John to contact Paul Kopten

Rabble– Thanks to Tim Aylesworth for looking into Montes for next Rabble venue. The song choices for next Rabble will be choral collegiate/acapella

Choir- Andy commented that the choir sounds great. It was pointed out that this term we have lots of new younger members. Thom suggested increasing the number of members who stand.

Action: Diana to put out fewer seats in each section 2 weeks from now

Action: Andy to announce this next week in preparation.

Membership: Elaine brought forth some concerns about choir privacy.

Action: Elaine to send out email to remind members on privacy policy about email distribution list and to inform section leaders that all member emails should be sent blind carbon copy


Attendance folders:In past Elaine dealt with attendance folders. From now on, Section Leaders are to keep attendance folders and are responsible for checking in with absent members


Grant application update:John and Dan Corbett have been meeting and will be submitting a proposal to Trillium society for a $20,000 grant for extraordinary capitol expense. The Board has discussed that there may be issues from members due to Trillium money coming from OLG. OV has large ticket item expenses such as risers (safety issues) and chairs that are a concern. Thus it was decided that this is an avenue worth pursuing for these reasons.

Next Board meeting- Focus on brainstorming new ideas about choir. What crazy dream(s) does the board have about where the board is going in the future.

Concert Committee meeting: Monday November 2nd at Montes

Next Board meeting: November 26th at 7 pm at Andy’s house –50 Livingston

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