October 9, 2018

Open Voices Community Choir

Meeting of The Board of Directors


Meeting Location: 39 Markland Street, Kingston 613-547-4394

Chair:  Skot Caldwell

Secretary:  Marilyn Haskell – Armstrong

Present: Skot Caldwell, Andy Rush, Alan Kary, Jerry Weller, Linda Williams, Pam Bandy-Dafoe, Graham Stratford, Mary Gauthier

  • Meeting called to order (Skot): 7:02 p.m.  
    1. Welcome and addition of new items to the agenda:
      1. List of topics from Andy for his report: added to #8: Artistic Directors Report
      2. Update on budget review project –info item. Added as item #9
    2. Approval of Minutes of September 11, 2018:

Approved by group

  • Board Business:
    1. Secretary/Scribe:

Action: Skot will confirm who will be scribing the next meeting

  1. Decision-making and emails (Linda):
    1. How board makes decisions: discussed with group what decisions can/could be made by Board as a group over e-mail: generally, any info received by Board members by e-mail should guide decisions at the next meeting. It was recognized that some decisions need to be made between meetings.
    2. The Board decided that if absolutely necessary and an e-mail decision has to be made then it will be confirmed at the next meeting and included in minutes of that meeting.

 Action: Board needs to appoint someone to record any e-mail decisions and bring to next meeting.

  1. Draft Orientation Manual (Linda):
    1. Linda distributed suggestions for topics to include in board manual and asked board members for suggestions re: the information that included under each Board position description. Board members are asked to email Linda with a description of their duties.

Action: Board members are asked to e-mail a description of their Board position duties to Linda.

Action: Linda to ask Sherry and Marilyn about scribe duties.

  1. Cooke’s-Portsmouth Church:

Linda gave an update about issues raised by choir members about rehearsal hall issues.

  • The issue of mould was initiated at the start of this session by a choir member. Linda discussed this with the church and they promised a walk through with her when the person responsible returns from time off. Linda will contact them again in two weeks if she has not heard from them.
  • The new chairs have been removed to an outside location for a two-week period for “off-gassing.”

It was suggested that faster action should be taken and there was some discussion of an   environmental inspection paid for by the choir.

Action: Linda will follow up with those choir members effected following the next       rehearsal and then contact the church again

  1. imagining how to deal with a “worst case scenario” e.g. singers leaving, finding alternatives due to church hall conditions
    • first thing would be to set up a search committee for new rehearsal hall site.
  1. ii) Insurance Policy questions: Linda

Linda has spoken to Gord: re: O.V. Insurance Coverage

  • It was suggested to generate a list of the questions the Board has and meet with the insurance broker

Action:  Skot will send out request for questions from review of the policy previously circulated and follow up with the insurance broker.

  • Membership (Mary/Graham): New members /Website

Graham: reported a hectic couple of weeks getting the website up and running. A blind email list was set up for correspondence through section leaders/ one list for choir members/one for board members / the board can see all lists/ section leaders can see their section/ members can see those in their section

Mary Gauthier will be back-up for webmaster to ensure constant access to membership information

Mary: reported that one new member had to leave due to a family emergency.

Action: Mary will send Pam the member’s name for possible refund of fees as per current O.V. policy

Alto group may not fit in sectional room: Andy suggested alternate spot could possibly be found. He also felt there may be a possibility of some Altos moving to Soprano section. He will discuss this at rehearsal.

The kitchen was suggested as an alternative space for the Alto sectional.

Andy asked for a reminder to mention October birthdays at rehearsal.

  • Publicity (Jerry):

Tim, Vern and Jerry are working on web-based publicity. Jerry distributed revised samples of the O.V. concert season brochure. He will bring copies to rehearsal as well as posters for choir members to distribute. Jerry will also bring posters to rehearsal tomorrow night for distribution.

Jerry may be doing an audience survey at next concert: perhaps inserted into the concert program. Skot asked about advertising in other choirs’ brochures for promotion (Kingston Choral Society/ Senior Choristers/ Martello Alley Cats/ Chamber Choir/ Melo Choir.)

Action: Skot will talk to the choir about connecting for reciprocal concert promotion

  • Treasurer’s Update: Pam

Statements were sent out for board review previous to meeting.

Board members asked if the choir could be given a financial update/report and feedback on ticket sales after concerts.

  • Music Committee (Andy/Alan):

Marilyn will be taking minutes for the Music Committee meetings.

First meeting is on the 24th of October:

Action: Andy will talk to Alan about agenda.

Action: Alan will talk to Janice and get status of section leaders.

  • Concert Committee:

Skot and Andy will talk about the structure and work of the committee and bringing in others.

     Action: Skot will set up a sign -up sheet for the concert committee at rehearsal

  1. Syrian Benefit: 7:30 start time at the Spire. Andy reported the choir will end the concert with “Take Down These Walls.”
  2. Peace Quest: it was suggested by the concert’s organizers that O.V. opens the concert with “Down by the Riverside” with audience participation.
  3. Coco Love-Alcorn: Andy has met with Coco to discuss the Feb. concert
  4. Brian Tate: an email has been circulated about the Brian Tate concert to board members. Discussion is deferred to the next board next meeting and board members asked to review prior to meeting

Action:  Add Brian Tate Concert to agenda for November meeting.

  • Artistic Director’s Update (Andy)

Andy passed out a list of topics he wanted to discuss. These topics have been added to the list below.

  1. Commissioned Work (Andy): Kento Stratford. Andy has met with him—he may have composition ready in time for the Brian Tate concert. He will be paid fees of $500 fee to be paid on delivery. This will include consultation during composition, some consultation with the choir in learning the piece; and attendance at the premier. There will be a credit on the song “as commissioned by Open Voices Community Choir”

Board approved fee payment.

  1. b) Storage:
  • need to meet with church to make sure everything is working as far as shared storage space is going.
  • Andy would like to ask the church for an alternate, climate- controlled space to keep electronic equipment such as the speaker system.

Action: Linda will arrange a meeting with herself, Andy and the church.

  • Storage of photocopied music: Andy will meet with Dianne Dowling about the value of keeping copies of music. Keeping copies uses up storage space.
  • Andy wants to suggest to the choir that copies can be marked by highlighter, etc. for their personal use.

Action: Andy and Alan will speak to Dianne Dowling re:  photocopied music and potential for changes.

  1. c) Extra rehearsals: Andy would like to offer two extra rehearsals prior to the Syrian concert. Dates are Oct. 21 and 22, 7-9 P.M. at Andy’s home.

Action: Andy will announce at choir rehearsal

  1. d) Request for differently able member: discussion was held re: consideration of accepting a new member. They would begin with a support worker and may eventually become independent. The Board agreed to further consideration and discussion.
  2. e) Data projector: The current projector used belongs to Andy. It is getting out of date and needs replacement. The board was asked to consider purchasing one for the choir with

Andy given the option of accessing it for personal use. Andy suggested it should not be stored in the back room. The board deferred a decision, until Andy provides 3 quotes.

Action: Andy will look at costs and report back to board.

  1. f) Vocal Care Workshop: It will be awhile before this could be offered. Karen Bright is not able to do it and Andy is looking for someone else.

Andy asked for suggestions for workshops. He will offer theory classes to the choir soon.

  1. g) Socials at Andy’s: These events are valued by both Andy and the choir members but are expensive to hold. Andy asked if the choir could help with the expense.

The Board discussed this request and suggested that a new budget item /yearly allocation for social expenses should be considered.

Pam suggested that a budget plan be introduced with more detailed line items such as equipment replacement, detailed revenue sources, social expenses, etc. A committee consisting of Pam, Alan, Linda and Jerry was formed to discuss this.

Action: Pam, Alan, Linda and Jerry will meet, discuss and report on an itemized budget at the Nov.13th meeting.

  1. h)     Spring Ideas: Andy is thinking about ideas for impromptu performances.
  • Springer Theatre at the Thousand Islands Playhouse Gananoque, has offered to provide venue and tech for some kind of performance and fundraiser: Andy feels we need to move on the offer.

Action: Andy will check with Brett Christopher for possible dates

  • Busking: Andy will pick some dates. The January binders will include some Oldies for use for busking, etc.

9)  Additional Items:

  1. a) AGM Minutes

Action: Skot will send out the corrected minutes with a copy to Pam. The final minutes will be held by Skot and Marilyn until the next AGM.

  1. b) Update on budget review project:

Linda, Alan and Andy have met and drafted thoughts about why and how this will happen and who will participate.

10)  Next Board of Directors Meeting

  1. a) Date: November 13,2018
  2. b) Time: 6:30 for Beverage/Tea visit, 7:00 start
  3. c) Location: Pam Bandy -Dafoe home, 45 Carriage Court Avenue
  4. d) Chair: Pam Bandy-Dafoe

11) Meeting Adjourned: 9:30 P.M.



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