October26, 2017


In attendance: Elaine Brown, Diana Hopkins Rosseel (President), Jerry Weller, Sherry Aylesworth (Scribe), Skot Caldwell, Andy Rush (Artistic Director), Linda Johnson, Pamela Bandy-Dafoe (Treasurer)

Regrets: Linda Williams


Meeting called to order: 7:05 p.m.

  1. September Board meeting minutes approval –The minutes were approved acknowledging a query from Linda Williams was deferred.

Action: contact Linda Williams about a question she had concerning the budget. This item to then be added to minutes.

    1. Reminder that board emails start with OV and subject. Continue email discussions with one subject in a stream.
    2. The following board members would like to receive all board emails: Diana, Elaine, Linda Johnson, Andy, Skot (for now), Jerry, and Pam
  • Linda Williams wants to receive board emails requiring her action or response, and to be cc’d on other brd emails.
  • Sherry only wants emails relating to board minutes or meeting agendas.
    1. Pam has a new email: bandydafoe.pamela@gmail.com
  1. Membership (Elaine)
    1. Updated membership numbers- Elaine passed out a membership document. There are 127 members, not including 4 musicians, and three non-shows (2 tenors, and 2 sopranos)

It was discussed that those members who have a valid reason for being absent (ex., surgery) can be offered a chance to return in February. Those members who have not given any reason for being absent or who have not connected with Elaine or a Board Member are considered withdrawn and can reapply for the lottery when offered again.

Action: Elaine will connect with those choir members who have given a valid reason and will ask for a response within 2 weeks of her contacting. They are to indicate whether or not they are returning or want to defer until February.

Andy looked at membership and it looks like there may be 106 members for concert. Andy appreciates seeing the attendance on a nightly basis and would like Section Leaders to show him the attendance at the end of each rehearsal.

Action Items:

  • Skot to bring this up to Section Leaders at the next music committee meeting.
  • Sherry Aylesworth to make an announcement at next week’s choir to remind choir members to inform their Section Leaders when absent or ill, etc.
    1. Following up with folks who leave: (Diana)

Diana mentioned it would be nice to have the Board membership person check in with members who leave choir and follow up with a thank you card. It was suggested that there be a script to follow when calling these members.

Action items:

  • Elaine to share with The Board a script to review.
  • The Board to recruit new people for Membership Committee and share ideas at next meeting.
    1. Introduction of new choir members- (Linda Williams)- discussion deferred to next meeting.
  1. Concert Committee: November and January details (Skot)

January Concert:

    1. Skot meeting with Colleen this week about concert planning for January. He will make an announcement at next rehearsal and has tried to recruit ticket sellers. He will ask Tacey to see if she is still interested in this job and may ask Stu Wilson to see if he might be interested.
    2. Frank Poce’s wife, Linda, likes to help with front of house. This needs to be confirmed.
    3. Jerry Weller will do poster for ‘Latin Heat’ concert in January.
    4. Skot wondered if Mauricio’s photo could go on the poster.
    5. Jerry will print tickets for January concert.

November concert:

    1. Skot to speak to Section Leaders about attendance for November concert.
    2. Andy to make a flipchart concerning reminders/info for concert (dress, call etc…)
    3. Jackie and Andy would like to invite choir members to their place after the concert for a social.
    4. The choir will be in the rehearsal hall at the Isabel while the concert is happening due to seating issues for choir.
    5. It is possible Open Voices may be asked to sing-along with ‘Diggin Roots’ at the last minute.
    6. Isabel Bader has agreed to a full page OV ad and a black and white ad depicting full season concerts for the Peace Quest program. Jerry suggested that the same full season concept be developed into promotional materials to be posted around the city.

Action: Jerry will work on three ads- handbills, poster and full poster. He will check with John Rosseel for feedback and suggestions for printing and layout.

    1. OV is not responsible for promoting the Tuskegee concert and is also not responsible for tickets. People will be referred to Grand Theatre to purchase tickets.

Action: Andy has a package of Tuskegee promotional materials that he will share with Jerry.

  1. Music Committee:
    1. The minutes were circulated and will go on website.
    2. Minutes go to Section Leaders, Artistic Director, Assistant Director and Board Members and then go on website. It was agreed to continue with this practice.

Action: Elaine to put minutes on website.

  1. Governance (Diana)

If any new Board Members have questions about their roles they can bring them to next board meeting or email questions.

Action: Linda Johnson and Andy will meet to talk about community events.

  1. Treasurer’s report (Pam):

The signing authority should be finalized by next week.

  1. Review and finalizing 2017-18 detailed schedule:
    1. Close up/church lock up schedule: Diana sent out a schedule for lock up and responsibilities to Board Members.
    2. There was a discussion about the OV schedule. A few Board Members found it a bit visually challenging with too much content.

Action: Diana and Andy to consider possible new ideas for schedule for next year.

  1. Accessibility policy discussion

Minimum capacity requirements for membership:

Skot raised a few questions:

  • What is Open Voice’s minimum requirements for membership?
  • Do we allow a certain number of members who have accessibility issues who may not be able to fully function in the choir?
  • Suggestions from discussion:
  • Allow some members who have accessibility to attend rehearsals for healing purposes.
  • Board should be informed of needs so that sections can assist these folks.
  • Artistic Director has to determine the maximum capacity for members for concert and maximum numbers of members for rehearsals.
  • How does one define what is an accessibility issue?
  • In some cases, Andy has had a discussion with family members about their concerned choir family members and discussed needs and how to accommodate them in choir or in concert.
  • Andy mentioned there are some requirements for attending choir already laid out: ability to attend rehearsals, be able to sing and follow along in rehearsals, and ability to sing in concert.

Action items:

  • Andy to have a discussion with Section Leaders to inform them of choir member needs and how to accommodate them.
  • Board to come back to next meeting to discuss this issue further and come up with ideas.

Scents due to venue interior work:

Diana followed up with a concerned member about a scent issue from the summer and the protocol

on how to bring forth any concerns.

An email went out about cleaning of church to inform choir members of possible scent issues.

– Diana read an email to Board from a choir member on behalf of a collective of choir members

concerning cleaning of rehearsal room. Discussion followed.

-There is a concern about what chemical was used recently in the church for the cleaning and

any potential harmful effects.

Action Items:

  • Diana to follow up with the church regarding what procedures were carried out and which chemicals were used (in Linda William’s absence); Andy to forward the church contact information to Diana.
  • Diana will create an email to be sent to choir. But, first this will be sent to board for feedback and approval.
  • There needs to be further discussion with church concerning more information on what work is being done and advance notice of any upcoming work/use of rehearsal space.
  • Linda Williams & Andy to continue discussions with church about processes for future issues.

Scents from choir members: to be announced later at choir.

  1. June Kids show: (Andy)
    1. Limestone District School Board has agreed to the title ‘Kids Can Rule the World’.
    2. Andy would like to find a volunteer choir member who would be willing to submit a grant proposal for this concert. The grant would be for approximately $4,000.00 to support Open Voice’s costs.

Action: Skot to make an announcement at choir to recruit a volunteer or two to write a grant. Information will be provided on a flipchart. Skot will then follow up with volunteer.

  1. Other:
    1. Choralpalooza (Andy):

-Nine Open Voices choir members attended the Chorapalooza workshop as well as other community members on October 21st. That was the last Choralpalooza event.

-All paper work is in and accepted by Kingston Art’s Council. Open Voices will get a check for $350.00 and also sold some t-shirts at the event.

-It was noted that the Choralpalooza intiative was driven mostly by Open Voices. Andy wanted to thank Open Voices and mentioned that it was a huge success in Kingston.

    1. Announcements:

– Andy brought up a concern about the length of announcements and who was making them.

-It was decided that only Board members, Library committee or Section Leaders are permitted to make announcements to make good use of choir time.

Action Items:

  • Diana to inform choir about policy on announcements and also mention that if choir members have something to announce that they check with a Board member first.
  • Diana to remind choir that Soul Food is two minutes.
  • Andy or Concert Committee to use flipcharts to post concert information.
    1. Chairs:

-There are currently 77 chairs in church, but only 74 functional chairs. Diana stated that it is

imperative that the choir purchase 55 new chairs. The Board approved this decision.


  • Diana to determine the range of costs and Board members will come back next meeting with ideas on how to fund this large purchase.
  • A Board member will need to discuss storage of chairs with the church.
    1. Idea for open sing: (Andy)

-Andy presented the Board with a new idea for an Open Voices ‘Busking Initiative’ to start in the

spring. It could be held on Monday nights with a group of OV members who would like to go

out busking. There would be rehearsal dates and busking dates. This project would need Board

support and possibly support by musicians.

-Skot asked whether this could be a way to connect with other choirs.

Next Board meeting:

46 Colborne Street at 7:00 p.m. sharp (arrive between 6:30 & 7:00 p.m. for chat, beverage)

November 23rd

Chair: Jerry Weller

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