September 10, 2019

Open Voices Board of Directors Minutes of Meeting Tuesday, August 13, 2019 Present: Pam Bandy-Dafoe (chair), Sylvie DesHaies, Mary Gauthier, Alan Kary, Andy Rush, Jerry Weller, Linda Williams Regrets: Graham Stratford Scribe: Louise Slobodian 1. Welcome: Pam called the meeting to order at 7:12 2. Approval of Minutes: The minutes of June 10 were accepted as distributed. The board notes that the winter 2020 concert date has since been changed to January 18. 3. Check in: As Andy was absent from the June meeting, he requested a check-in on Tate Week and the final concert. He spoke with enthusiasm about all the activities of that week and thanked everyone for a terrific week. 4. Outstanding Business: a. Community Outreach to Helen Henderson Care Centre: Attempts were made in the completed year to arrange an OV community outreach to the Amherstview senior home. Andy advises to leave this dormant. The centre has a lot going on and didn’t pick up the offer. b. Voice coaching has been requested by members, especially related to avoiding vocal fatigue, developing a good range and singing with confidence. Andy and Janice will discuss this together. c. Andy and Janice will also discuss techniques to help choir members go off book. d. Commissioned work: Kento Stratford. The commissioned work Tak Tyme was received in August 2019. It is based on the Middle English poem A Description of Tyme by Scottish poet Alexander Montgomerie. The song is about timing and the message of the song is … smell the daisies … or chaos will result. Andy and Janice have sung it through and like it tremendously. It will be included in the January concert. e. Member directory: Deferred f. Concert committee: i. Skot has updated the guidelines and he and Sylvie will meet in September to go over them. ACTION: When finalized, to be posted on website to update the director’s manual. ii. Acknowledgements to Martha and Emily: Written by Linda. OV Board Minutes August 13/19 2 ACTION: Andy to deliver in person and to (Martha) ask for funds from Tate and (Emily) deliver funds from Tate iii. Union pay scale (Alan). Not yet obtained – will be used to ensure that pay to Kim, Tim and Craig are on par. 5. New business: a. Feedback from spring term: The board hasn’t seen the electronic results yet. Linda summarized the 12 written forms. Both written and e-results will be combined. b. New folder: Rather than the choir coordinating a second order of new folders, individuals are encouraged to contact directly The company has the OV logo for embossing if anyone desires. c. Childcare: An OV couple had their childcare subsidized for rehearsal nights for some months of the last choir year. Pam estimates the cost for a full choir year will be a thousand dollars per family. The choir considers this a question of accessibility. The board discussed offering this same benefit to others, noting that if there was sufficient take-up, rather than helping each family one-by-one, a nursery would be opened during practice. The board also considered the fact that others may have similar needs for frail elderly. ACTION: At the AGM, Linda will ask for a show of interest from others for whom financial assistance to cover care costs during practice would make a difference. d. Budget: A number of budget-related items were discussed. i. 2019-2020 remuneration plan in light of the increased role for Janice, the assistant director. Janice has accepted Andy’s offer to take on more leadership of the choir as a way to allow for his travel and work with Child Haven International. This plan is seen as a model for the next five years. Andy says the dates he will be away each year will be similar for coming years to allow for planning and budgeting. The dates that Andy will be absent in 2019-2020 are:  November 25 through Christmas travel  March 8 for 5 weeks or from March 15 for 5 weeks Child Haven There are 38 podium-dates for rehearsals and concerts. The division will break down to 31 led by Andy and seven led by Janice. A number of ways to change the pay for Andy and Janice to reflect this new model were discussed, with consideration not only to podium time but also to training and experience, tasks, preparation, leadership and responsibility. The board also discussed how cost-savings have been implemented over the last years, such as reducing the rehearsals involving collaborative OV Board Minutes August 13/19 3 accompanists. The stagnant nature of Andy’s pay was also discussed as he has not had an increase in nine years. The board decided to leave Andy’s pay as is, reflecting the broad range of work he does in addition to “on-the-podium” conducting and to effectively increase his compensation. Janice will be offered a raise to reflect her increased responsibilities. Addendum: These changes result in an 8% increase in the cost of music leadership. ACTION: Pam and Sylvie will talk to Janice about her workload and expectations and report back to the board. It is expected that Janice will agree to her remuneration prior to the start of choir. ii. Discussion continued in regard to costs and offsets. iii. It was also decided that it would be a “year off” for Andy’s section parties given the changing schedule. ACTION: Board to consider raising dues for 2020-2021 choir year ACTION: Sylvie to investigate sponsorship for printing and perhaps other items ACTION: Sylvie, who will chair, to add sponsorship to the next board agenda so the board can more fully discuss and consider sponsorship policies, limits and levels ACTION: Andy is going to communicate with choir prior to start of year on a number of items and will share the news about the new concert date and Janice’s increased leadership ACTION: Mary will check about the proposed date for hockey game, to be in fall 2019 e. AGM preparation: The AGM will be held on September 11, the same evening as the first choir rehearsal and so prep for both were discussed. Board secretary Alan noted the by-laws indicate that notice of the AGM has to go to members at least 21 days before the meeting – in 2019, that means by August 21. The notice will include an agenda, minutes from the previous AGM and from the special meeting to elect members held in May. It was agreed that the evening would begin with a welcome and rehearsal and the AGM would be held within the course of the practice. There is no new intake for the upcoming year but a tenor, a previous member who had to drop out due to illness, is being welcomed back. As he will be a new member of less than the required-by-by-laws 60 days standing, Alan proposed a motion to similar to that passed in the spring to allow voting rights to this potential new member. The motion was seconded by Mary and passed unanimously. Motion: That everyone on the membership list to be used at the AGM on September 11, 2019 will be considered a full member with voting privileges. OV Board Minutes August 13/19 4 Membership in the choir in any given year ends with the AGM. Therefore, those who belonged last year but have not renewed remain voting members at this AGM. ACTION: Alan will contact all those eligible to vote, regardless if they were on leave in the spring or of their status going forward ACTION: Alan will contact the one member who has not renewed and does not use a computer with a notice of the meeting. ACTION: Board members will act as greeters starting at 6:30 pm, welcoming back choir members and showing them to the sign-up sheets used to establish quorum ACTION: Needed, sign-up sheets! To establish quorum (You understand an emoji is needed here ) ACTION: Thought needed about how to divide the paperwork for the AGM from the material for the first rehearsal ACTION: For the meeting itself:  Mary will reprise a report of the past year  Andy will consult with her in regard to his director’s report to minimize overlap  Board to be visible and roles explained ACTION: Mary will create activity calendar again. As per Janice, the schedule should have a sectional every week with the pattern of tenors, altos, sopranos, basses ACTION: Andy to add in extra rehearsals ACTION: Alan making phone cards for board ACTION: Linda to create board responsibilities sheet ACTION: Andy working with Janice and Diane Dowling for music ACTION: The choir has six keys to Cooke’s-Portsmouth, held by Linda, Andy, Pam, Diana H-R, Diane D, Janice, Skot has returned his to Linda. Linda to create a lock-up schedule for board members. ACTION: Alan to check with Diana in regard to set-up, if she’s still doing this ACTION: Alan will check in with Shaun willing to convene crew and get train ACTION: Minutes from 2018 AGM to be sent to Louise who will take minutes f. Brian Tate workshop: ACTION: Linda to circulate her notes on his workshop on choir management. 6. Reports a. Publicity: Deferred but Jerry’s wonderful printed book of success was noted. Mary and Andy will use it for AGM prep. And Jerry has two potential helpers for the upcoming year. Jerry’s recruits, Barb Carr and Bruce Downey, will design our June and January concert posters, respectively, while the two Tims and Vern are assisting him with PR. b. Concert committee: Discussed under item 4f. ACTION: Sylvie to touch base with Andy re her role after meeting with Skot. OV Board Minutes August 13/19 5 c. Membership: An intake wasn’t done. As noted in the AGM portion of the meeting, there is one potential new member. The membership is considered robust. All leave requests were accepted and the process of learning about where members are at was considered successful. d. Treasurer: Pam had circulated a package of financials prior to the meeting and the board expressed their appreciation for the work involved. A date error was noted on two reports. ACTION: Regarding Tate, Andy to check in with two choirs re possible outstanding expenses ACTION: Andy to submit a report to Ballytobin in completion of the grant process Andy proposed that the cheque for Robyn Abelson of SPLASH proceeds be made at a rehearsal in the fall and that she and some of her students attend. e. Music committee: Nothing to report f. Artistic director: Andy noted the January concert date change. He talked about different ways the choir might get off-book for the January concert and the repertoire he and Janice are discussing. As Janice hasn’t been using her professional development allotment, she and Andy will have an outing this year to take in some choir sounds. g. Budget review committee: Pam has started a budget and a meeting date was chosen. 7. Meeting adjourned: 9:50 p.m. 8. Upcoming meetings Regular meetings to remain second Tuesday of the month NEXT: September 10, 7 – 9 P.M. WHERE: Sylvie’s house, 1370 Sierra Ave (off Bayridge) CHAIR: Sylvie UPCOMING: October 8 November 12 December 10 January 14 (or concert committee) February 11 March 10 April 14 May 12 June 16 (transitio

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