September 11, 2018

OVB September 11, 2018 – 7pm-9:30pm

Meeting Chair: Alan Kary

Host: Linda Williams

Scribe: Jerry Weller


Attendance: Graham Stratford, Linda Williams, Skot Caldwell, Pam Bandy-Dafoe, Alan Kary, Mary Gauthier, Jerry Weller, Andy Rush


1. Approval of Minutes of August 21, 2018

Action: Scribe will add the following edits to the September Minutes using Word:

5. Member Relations Report (Mary)

Linda W. is the Accessibility lead contact.


2. Business Arising from the Meeting of August 21

a. Discussion – AGM Preparation

i. Digital and hard copies of Agenda;

ii. Treasurer’s three Motions for member approval; Digital and hard copies of Auditors’ Report;

iii. Flip chart for volunteer roles, including recruiting a volunteer to gather news for OV website of upcoming choral concerts by other choirs our members might be in;

iv. Sign-in sheets, volunteers and tables by Section;

v. Addition of members missing from email lists;

vi. Review of last season’s highlights;

vii. Creation of Rehearsal attendance lists from membership lists;

viii. The retiring Board Members’ shortened mandate as OV transitions to its new Board election schedule every other May; and,

ix. A reminder that all new members are restricted from voting Board elections until 60 days after the annual September dues collection.

3. New Business

a. Letter, to the OV Music Director from LDSB school board director, Andrea Boulton, Sept. 10, thanking OV for the “kids world” concerts, will be posted on the OV website and sent to Scribe for inclusion in the Minutes of this meeting, along with the Music Director’s return acknowledgement.

Discussion – how to ensure that OV continues to engage with young audiences. Suggestions: organize “gigs” at schools, including opening day of the school replacing both QECVI and KCVI.

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