September 26, 2017

PRESENT: Board Members 2017-18: Diana Hopkins-Rosseel (Chair; Scribe), Linda Williams, Pamela Bandy-Dafoe, Skot Caldwell; Andy Rush (Artistic Director)

REGRETS: Jerry Weller, Elaine Brown, Linda Johnson


Meeting location: 6 Miles Avenue, Kingston, ON


  1. Meeting called to order (Diana) 7:05 p.m.
  2. Welcome and Round Robin [a tidbit for us to get to know each other a bit better] (All)
    1. Contact information: check current active members list for corrections / changes for Board interactions
  3. Minutes approval: August 23, 2017 (circulated to 2016-17 Board) – done as per Sherry Aylesworth circulated minutes and already online.
  4. Communications:
    1. Email etiquette – for effective sorting, subject line starts ‘OV …’ for Open Voices emails and ‘OVB …’ for Board and/or Board plus ex-officio (i.e. Andy, Janice); continue a stream until the subject changes and then start a new stream with a new subject line; copy to all Board members unless any have asked not to be copied in a certain stream (e.g. non-concert committee members re: concert prep); assume CONFIDENTIAL unless explicitly stated (note – most are not confidential as we are acting on behalf of the membership).
  5. Membership Update (Elaine/Diana)
    1. Current membership numbers – 120 members
    2. 2 new members have not yet been at a practice, one likely withdrawing
    3. Support for new members (Linda)
      1. Andy and Debbie to check in after choir tomorrow, Wed., Sept 27th plus ongoing periodic support by Andy and Elaine as membership portfolio.
      2. Debbie Earl volunteered to provide an ongoing link this year; she will send a report re: ongoing connections with new members.
  6. AGM Review (All)
    1. Logistics, outcomes
      1. Summary of the year: suggested listing the events (workshops, outreach group gigs, …), gigs and concerts chronologically as an archival piece of the report; Skot noted that members come because there is a rehearsal so the need to be ‘fun’ lesser but suggested slide show of pictures from the past year. Also suggested opening with a song.
    2. Minutes approval status – not yet approved by the Minutes Approval Committee. Sherry A. to follow up.
  7. Governance (Diana)
    1. Review of portfolios: discussion & selection by each/all board members (2016-17 template pre-circulated) (All)
      1. Board members present selected the portfolios they would be willing to commit to pending input from the board members who are absent tonight. Diana to circulate 1st draft after connecting with Jerry, Elaine and Linda J.
      2. Volunteerism and ideas regarding how/whether to track; strategies for the future, etc. to be added to the next board meeting.
    2. Update on Section Leaders and sectional leadership – updated 21-August-2017
      1. Janice informed Andy that she attended only the beginning of the sectionals last year and then left to liaise with the conductor. Felt having other sectional members lead the latter part of the sectionals was a good promotion of more leadership and depth in the choir. She would like to consider this model again this year. It was noted that this worked for all sections but the tenors. Andy to attempt to resolve this single issue in consultation with Janice.
  8. Board History:
    1. Celebrate CD: has a history of the choir; Linda W. to give each new board member a CD (Andy to grab for Linda W.)
    2. Decision-making by consensus to give all persons a voice; people able to dissent if feel strongly on an issue; strengthens the organization. Consensus building can be difficult but is essential. Discuss until there is support for a position (does not mean full agreement) and each board member can carry that decision to the board.
    3. Diana noted that, as a duly constituted Board of a registered charitable organization, we do require an official vote on some issues within legislated fiduciary responsibilities, etc.
  9. Treasurer’s Report (submitted by Ruth in June 2017 as 2016-17 Board Treasurer; audited statements reported at the Sept 2017 AGM)
    1. Audited statements review
    2. Budget for 2017-18 (reviewed in June)
    3. Decisions / Actions:
      1. Signing officers:
        • Treasurer: Pamela Bandy-Dafoe
        • Secretary: Elaine Brown
        • President: Diana Hopkins-Rosseel
        • Treasurer to indicate when executive of the Board (and any additional signing officers – Linda W., Jerry W.) are to go to the bank to sign papers.
  10. Review and Finalizing of the 2017-18 detailed schedule – Draft v5 pre-circulated (Diana); Draft v6 will only have added concert cmt meeting Dec 14th.
  11. Projects carried over from last year to discuss:
    1. Music education
      1. protecting your voice, aka singing technique – Martha Hill-Duncan, etc.? SLP? ENT physician? Voice therapist? Andy Rush to investigate an individual who would fit and could run a workshop.
      2. improving our memory for music (e.g. off-book requirements)
      3. Andy has discussed with Janice offering some Saturday morning workshops on basic theory (Andy may do approx. 4 Sat. mornings)
      4. Andy discussed hands-on sessions at computers learning to use NoteFlight with Graham Stratford
  12. Other: Practice recordings
    1. Graham has produced some NoteFlight materials for the web site
    2. Andy has added some practice tracks
    3. Andy will be adding more diverse sets of materials
  13. Andy:
    1. Funding Request for Oct 21st full day workshop: final component of the Choralpalooza grant; workshop for leaders
      1. Open Voices is the sponsoring agency; funds are in our bank account ($1,650.00 to spend)
        • Andy sent an email with a budget:
          • Hall Rental $225 St. Andrews
          • Suba and Dylan $1200 + HST  13% = $1356
          • Booklet Printing $3 x 40 booklets = $120
          • Food at Megalo’s $260
          • Tea and coffee, cream $35
          • Extra Lunches $60 (for folks who forget or need food)
          • Snacks and water $150
          • Third Party Insurance (required by St. Andrew’s) We are the sponsoring Agency, our Open Voices insurance covers this event
          • This adds up to about $2200.00 … About $400 over available funds.
          • Request: $400.00 from OV educational monies to cover the difference
          • Note: if the costs exceed this amount, Andy will underwrite those costs.
          • OV Board agreed to the $400.00 expenditure
      2. Facilitators: Suba and Dylan
      3. Operations: Ruth Hayward
      4. OV Intern, Alli to assist
      5. Andy looking for other OV persons to be involved
      6. Andy looking for a Board member to be involved: Skot? Jerry?
      7. 40 persons registered to date, including Kim and Janice
      8. Workshop at St. Andrews
    2. Annual ‘Year’ pamphlet: Andy requested that we cover the costs of a 2-page (one 3-fold, 2-sided, single 8 ½ x 11”) flyer to be created by Andy and Jerry to be dropped around town for ‘buzz factor’ and advertising. Andy to return with the mock-up and production costs before a board decision is to be made.
    3. Pricing of Grand concert:
      1. Colleen and Andy met at the Grand
      2. Seats an audience of 740
      3. Andy and Colleen ran the numbers and, given the projected budget, they suggest that with a ticket price of $20.00 per person ($10.00 per child) at 600 seats sold, we will cover and or exceed our costs. Therefore, we will push selling these tickets and ensure we sell seats.
      4. Discussed the previous idea of writing a grant to help cover some of the costs for this June 6th concert (focus on the afternoon concert for the children). Decided to pursue this by putting a call out for a grant writer(s); 1st Andy to check with Dan Corbett to check regarding relevant, available grants. Linda W. willing to assist with the grant writing if needed.
    4. Andy absences: May miss one fall rehearsal – Janice will cover; Andy may miss 3 consecutive rehearsals in March (educational contract in Nepal) – Janice can cover one night; could hire additional person(s) for the other 2; e.g. last year’s conductors, Kim Duca, etc. (perhaps out of Andy AD salary if need be)
    5. Tuskegee: OV is the host choir therefore need for significant volunteers on the day
      1. E.g. the gate, front of house, meals
      2. Linda W. to assist with marshalling these volunteer needs (query with Linda J. as gig portfolio?)
  14. Next Board of Directors Meeting:
    1. Date: Thursday, Oct 26th
    2. Time: 6:30 p.m. for tea/beverage; 7:00 – 9:30 p.m. meeting
    3. Location: 6 Miles Avenue, Kingston (Tel: 613.583.9553)
    4. Chair: Skot Caldwell
  15. Meeting Adjourned: 9:27 p.m.


Open Voices Community Choir By-law #1 (2002)


5.5 The President

The President:

(i) chairs Board meetings and meetings of Members or delegates this task to another Director;

(ii) follows the decisions approved at Board and meetings of Members;

(iii) co-ordinates the work of the Board, committees, Members and staff, and

(iv) has such further or other duties and responsibilities as the Board delegates to her or him.


5.6 The Secretary

The Secretary, must ensure that:

(i) all required notices of Board and meetings of Members are given;

(ii) all the necessary documents for Board and meetings of Members are provided;

(iii) a complete membership list is kept for Open Voices-,

(iv) the minute book of Open voices is kept up to date;

(v) all necessary notices are filed with the Province; and

(vi) complete minutes of all Board and meetings of Members are kept and distributed before or at the next meeting.


The Secretary will not necessarily perform these duties if they are part of staff duties.

The Secretary will work with the responsible staff. 19


5.7 Treasurer

The Treasurer shall take care of the finances of Open Voices and report on them to the Board and the Members.


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