September 27, 2016

Open Voices Community Choir

Board of Directors Meeting

September 27, 2016



Board Members 2016-17: Diana Hopkins-Rosseel (President 2015-16, Chair), Elaine Brown (Secretary2015-16), Ruth Hayward (Treasurer 2015-16), Wendy Stewart, Jerry Weller, Linda Williams

Musical Leadership Team: Janice Dendy (Assistant Conductor), John Rosseel

Minute taker: Sherry Aylesworth

Regrets: John Armstrong (Board member 2014-16); report attached

Absent: Thom Rosseel

Meeting location: 6 Miles Avenue, Kingston, ON


  1. Meeting called to order at 7:02 p.m.
  2. Welcome to new Board member– Linda Williams
  3. AGM 2016 Minutes update (Scribe Tacey Lawrence; Minutes Approving Committee Tammy Caldwell, Bruce Downey, )
  • Have been viewed by committee with minor changes.
  • Action: Diana to forward to Board.
  1. Quick Board 101
    • Executive Limitations plus … document attached (Diana)

-Diana pointed out that the Board has the following legal responsibilities: duty of care, fiduciary responsibilities, duty of diligence, duty to exercise power, duty of obedience, and duty of loyalty

-Board has two levels of liability: (i) the Board itself which has liability insurance and (ii) personal liability

-President has heavier weight of liability

-Minutes need to reflect that Board is considering risk management

Action: Board to review the Board Limitations documents

    • Board 101 power point content (pre-circulated)

It was suggested that Board review the power point.

    • Board communications – methods (Diana)
      • Email: suggest every email start with OVB, then subject with stream containing one topic
      • Phone: Board will share phone numbers and complete OV Board Structure document. For fast turn around call members.
      • ‘Emergency’: Send email and then phone or text to have everyone read email.
      • Action: John Rosseel and Janice to contact the Guest Conductors to find out what their preference is for emergency procedures (ex., winter storms)
  1. Getting to know each other:

Personal skills and interests; team interactions or leadership style you feel most comfortable with; preferred decision-making style; and dreams for OV this year or beyond. (All)
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Board members:

Elaine Brown – likes the way it is running, but would like to see new members in the board.

Ruth Hayward – happy with current decision-making, likes efficiency, feels everyone should have a voice

Diana Hopkins-Rosseel – would like to see it be fun- meetings, socials and that we like what we are doing is still effective

Wendy Stewart – easy going, prefer not to get bogged down with details, develop more members to share work load- ex concert committee and create sub-committees

Jerry Weller – values friendship from the Board is happy with current way board is operating

Linda Williams – prefers open discussion with differences in opinions and perspectives, openness and transparency, collaboration, big picture thinking, distribute jobs so everyone has a role in board, consensus thinking, option to include voting, joy at rehearsal, happiness in Board, work to be done to bring in new members.

Musical Leadership Team

Janice Dendy – is happy to be invited to Board meetings

John Rosseel – feels he is a resource and doesn’t need to comment. Wonders if he and Janice should be attending the Board meetings, especially while Andy is away.

Guest Conductor

Martha Hill-Duncan -Diana invited Martha and she is happy to attend some of the meetings, but may not attend all.

  1. Board Roles:
    • Review of portfolios – discussion and selection (2015-16 final & 2016-17 draft attached) (All)

Note: Thom Rosseel will be resigning from Board.

Colleen LaHaise has expressed interest in joining the Board.


    • Treasurer-Ruth
    • Concert Committee-Linda, Colleen and Jerry

There will be 3 concerts, with a lead, liaison, division of task, venue selection and reservation, staging, supporting guest artists, concert set-up and tear down and coordination of volunteers for the concerts.

Action: Need to confirm the leads, back-ups and volunteer coordination for this portfolio.

    • Music Committee: Dianaliaison and chair the music committee
    • Admin Details:

-Hall closing schedule: Ruth

-Church set up: Diana

-Tech: John Armstrong to do lead and Jerry to be Board liaison

-Website-:Action: Ruth to ask Susan Hara if she is still willing to continue in this role.

Action: Ruth to ask Colleen if she would be back- up for Susan.

Action: Ruth to ask Colleen if she would monitor if website is updated and edited

-Concert Feedback: Linda

-Church Liaison: Wendy

    • Membership and Communications: Elaine
    • Community Events: Wendy

Choralpalooza, Halloween event under community events. Needs to be reported back to OLG for terms of grant. (see below 8.a) **)

Outreach Liaison is a subset of community events- Ruth

    • Social: Linda

Soul Food: Frank Poce will still continue this

    • Library Resources: Diane Dowling/Elaine as Liason
    • Musical Leadership: John Rosseel and Janice Dendy/ Elaine as Liaison
    • Governance: Diana
    • Music Leadership Liaison: Diana
    • Publicity and Public Relations: Jerry with Wendy as back up
    • Accessibility Coordinator- Diana (scents, concert access, washrooms, disabilities, illness, parking)
    • Volunteer Coordinator: was deemed not necessary at this time. Instead it will be included with the specific Board tasks.
    • Church Key owners: Janice, Wendy, Ruth, Andy, John Armstrong, Diana, Diane Dowling

Action: Elaine to get key from John A.

B. Determination of 2016-17 President, Treasurer and Secretary

Refer to By-laws section 5.5 – Officers (attached)

Last year- Elaine was secretary and Diana was President

Secretary- Elaine

Treasurer- Ruth

President- Diana

Chair – will rotate and, in some cases, host meetings

Those with signing authority will be the executive plus Linda Williams and Wendy Stewart

7. Update on Section Leaders and sectional leadership – updated 21-Sept-16 list pre-circulated Janice has list of Section Leaders.

Action: Elaine to ask Marla if she will step up to be Section Leader and to ask for another Soprano section leader.

8. Review and Finalizing of the 2016-17 detailed schedule – Draft v2 attached (Diana)

    • Board and Musical Leadership reviewed and set upcoming schedule for the year.
    • The following was reviewed and approved with dates, times, locations and leads, practices, Music Committee meetings, Board meetings, socials, dress rehearsals, concerts, coffee houses
    • John Rosseel brought forth an issue in the schedule concerning dress rehearsal date for the December concert. Martha cannot make the dress rehearsal on December 3rd.

Janice will lead this rehearsal

December 7th will be a formal dress rehearsal with Martha

Action: Diana to send out the final draft of the schedule.

9. Board 2015-16 Report from John Armstrong & resultant ‘Business Arising’ – pre-circulated via


    • Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant (OTF) ongoing responsibilities:

-Ontario Trillium Grant requires two outreach events. Choralpalooza will be one. A suggestion was made that OV offer smaller choral groups the use of our new risers for this event

-an out of town gig needs to be included as part of terms of grant

**Action: Ruth to report use of risers to John Armstrong as he needs to report to OLG

    • CD status update-John Armstrong has cd’s:

Action: Wendy will set up a table tomorrow night. Jerry to man table when Wendy is away.

    • Follow up with John A:

Action: The Board to formally thank John Armstrong for all his work with the grant for leasing with OTF and as CD Board liaison and coffee house coordinator.

10.Treasurer’s Report (Ruth, 2015-16 Board Treasurer)

a) Audited statements and budget for 2016-17 were reviewed. (see attached documents)

b) Decisions/Additions or changes to budget:

– Jan LeClair- accordion player will be accompaniment for December concert- projected approximate cost- $400.

-Possible expenses- projector

-Darryl Bryant will play clarinet for concert- the Board approved an honorarium of $100

11. Membership Report (Elaine, 2016-17 Membership Lead)

Membership report deferred to next meeting due to time.

12. Additional items:

  • Action: Announcements to be made at choir:

Diana: –accessibility, attendance expectations (ex., cannot miss 2 rehearsals due to shorter terms- if you are absent and cannot make dress rehearsal please volunteer to not sing)

-call for artist for poster

John Rosseel: – Choralpalooza

  • We have received John Armstrong’s concert notes

13. Janice and John Rosseel update:

-Janice did not get feedback from choir from last term.

Action: Wendy to pass on feedback to Janice

-Elaine to check in with new members after a few weeks. Janice and John R. to follow up.

-Solos- Janice and Martha may be auditioning soloists

-Ian- meeting with Ian end of October- everything will be in place. Music being ordered.

The Board thanks both Janice and John Rosseel for all their hard work and time liaising with the new guest conductors.

14. Meeting Adjourned: 9:36pm

Next Board Meeting: October 20th at 46 Colbourne Street- Linda William’s place

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