April 4, 2018


Attendance: Janice Dendy, Barbra Rose Perry, Nancy Mucklow, Gord McDiarmid, Detlef Stein, Kim Duca, Skot Caldwell, Diana Hopkins-Rosseel, Andy Rush, Elaine Brown, Craig Jones

Regrets: Kat Hatt, Sherry Aylesworth, Marla Bransfield, Kim Duca, Chris Mitchell

Recorder: Marilyn Haskell-Armstrong


  1. Meeting opened at 9:05 P.M.
  2. Choir Request: Diana Hopkins-Rosseel
    1. Diana spoke to the request from choir members that they be directed on what to practice or work on for the next rehearsal. Andy asked for assistance in doing this through a reminder and someone taking responsibility for e-mailing the information to the choir.

ACTION: Andy will give direction for at home practice to the choir at the end of rehearsal. Barbra Rose Perry will remind Andy to do so. An email will be scribed by Barbra Rose and sent to Elaine Brown for distribution to all members.

  1. Artistic Director: Andy discussed the following with the group:
    1. Spring Concert: Andy updated the group on concert particulars he is working on:
  • The afternoon show will be 58 minutes long; the evening show 1 hour and 18 minutes, no intermission. Gary Raspberry will be joining us for a new song: “At the Drive Through”; Andy is also thinking Gary could do the solo in “I Believe”
  • Andy will look at providing practice tracks for the Spring Concert songs if needed.

ACTION: Janice will provide suggestions to Andy of what song tracks or part of song tracks are needed for each section.

b) Plans for 2018-2019:

  • Confirmed Winter 2019 concert guest: Coco Love Alcorn. Proposed concert name is “Soul Revolution” Music will be “bluesy gospel, soul.” Concert date is Feb.2, 2019 at Cooke’s.
  • The Choir will participate in the final Peace Quest on November 11, 2018.
  • Group discussed possibilities for the Spring 2019 concert. Date will be June 8, 2019. It was decided that Andy will pursue the possibility of bringing Brian Tate to Kingston as our guest. Some planning ideas include:
    • Brian Tate comes in on a Wed. to join the choir in rehearsal, conduct a community workshop on Thursday hearse with the choir Friday night and assist with conducting Saturday’s concerts.
    • Music will be Spiritual- not necessarily religious spirituals
    • Possibility to join with one or two other choirs in producing the concert (share costs/revenues/liability, will need larger venue)
    • Andy will meet with Martha Hill- Duncan of “She Sings” and further develop the idea.
    • Venue needs to be booked ASAP: some venues were suggested such as McArthur, The Grand, etc. Andy will pursue the possibility of McArthur College if space can be guaranteed.

4) Barbra Rose suggested developing a laminated keyboard to help members to sight read their music. This idea was well received by the group and will be pursued further.

5) Janice Dendy suggested that choir members do not clap to “Epic Patty Cake Song”. Suggestions were made that a group of volunteers from the choir could do it in front of the choir on stage, or pair with the kids on stage. Andy agreed that an alternative to all members clapping should be looked at.

6) Meeting Adjourned: 10:00 P.M.

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