December 3, 2017

PRESENT: John Rosseel, Craig Jones, Andy Rush (AD), Kim Duca, Marla Bransfield, Nancy Mucklow, Janice
Dendy, Mitch Mullings, Gord McDiarmid Barbra Rose Perry, Barbara Wilson, Kat Hatt, Diana HopkinsRosseel
REGRETS: Sherry Aylesworth, Tim Aylesworth, Detlef Stein
RECORDER: Marilyn Haskell-Armstrong
Meeting called to order at 9:05 p.m. AGENDA: formal agenda replaced by open discussion led by Andy Rush
1. Andy opened meeting by distributing blank response cards to the group asking for replies to
the following questions:
a. How can we make music committee work the best?
b. How can we make sure that choir is really fun?
The completed cards were returned to Andy anonymously for review after the meeting.
2. Diana led a round table group of self-introductions of attendees with the question; “What
are your current thoughts about the choir or Music Committee at this moment?”.
3. Andy led a group discussion about the purpose and value of the Music Committee and how
to maximize use of meeting time.
Comments included: – valuable for bringing concerns to the table early to allow problem-solving to begin
– section leaders can share ideas, identify what is working in their groups and what is not;
learn and share techniques used as well as get help with their leadership role. – involves “band” members in planning
– Andy can discuss ideas with the group such as vetting musical choices including solos,
use of musicians, etc. – Andy can discuss emergency items with group
ACTION: Janice will create a report for Andy on what she sees in Sectionals
4. Andy shared and discussed a spread sheet he had created showing the planning process for
the concert in January. Discussion included:
a. soloist choice for “Smooth”. Detlef S. was identified as a “good fit”.
ACTION: Gord will discuss being the soloist on “Smooth” with Detlef.
b. discussed the use of soloists in “How Far is Heaven”
c. Percussionists: To date, 4 choir members have expressed an interest in doing percussion
during the concert. Andy and Stu will write out music for the percussionists.
d. Practice Tracks: reviewed status of and need for practice tracks of the songs the OV
choir is singing in the concert on the Members Only side of the OV website.
e. Dancers: possible use of dancers for concert discussed.
ACTION: Andy will speak to David Champagne re: status of practice track for: “How Far is Heaven”.
ACTION: Kim and Andy will meet and record practice track for “How Far is Heaven”
ACTION: Nancy Mucklow will complete phonetic copy of “Dulce Embeleso”.
ACTION: Nancy Mucklow will contact local Latin dancers, including Catherine Lord, to see if they are
willing and able to perform a tango during the concert.
ACTION: Andy will suggest choir members record phonetics of “Dulce Embeleso” at rehearsal using
phones, etc.
ACTION: Andy will announce that Eccentric Vocal Ensemble (EVE) is singing in the concert as guests.
They will sing “Desafinado”, “Libertango”, and “Guantanamera”.
5. Planning for 2018-2019 session. – Andy revealed that Coco Love Alcorn has been confirmed as our guest for January 2019
concert. Concert theme “World Wide Revolution”. – Spring 2019: Andy suggested that the Music Committee set the theme and music
content and present to Andy using published SATB arrangements only. – Andy discussed possible involvement with Peace Quest for its final year, 2018.
6. Attendance: Andy collected attendance binders to review. Asked Section Leaders to keep
track of those missing more than 2 or 3 practices who are not attending the extra practices
for make-up to see how they are and determine if we can assist or if we need to discuss
stepping back from performing at the concert.
ACTION: Section Leaders to contact individuals in their section who have missed practices, ask them if
we can assist them in any way, and remind them of the extra practices on the schedule.
ACTION: Marla B. to call Andy at 5 P.M. on Wednesday Dec. 5th to remind him to bring attendance files
back to choir for rehearsal.
7. Report from Detlef Stein presented to group by Gord McDiarmid. (attached)
Meeting adjourned at 9:40 P.M.
Bass Sectional Report: Nov. 29,2017
Some notes for music committee:  Bass section pretty healthy overall-not hearing any complaints-enthusiasm appears to be very
 Only aware of one attendance folder (Frank has been in charge of this)-I will continue in his
absence.  Not everyone attends sectionals, but I think that’s to be expected—Gord does an amazing job
with us and I think we always learn from Janice’s input at sectionals.  Re: fun, -personally I have fun just being there and working attentively at the repertoire every
Wednesday; – the social experiences through Andy’s section invites/season, our own periodic
socials at choir, our annual bass bash at Gord’s—all contribute towards fun, and more so are
important features, I believe, of making us an energetic, keen, talented group.  I love the guest stars, Andy’s connectedness with the greater music community, the seasonal
repertoire theme changes, and the various opportunities for learning and growth as a chorister!  I would be prepared to ask Andy’s questions re: fun suggestions, well-being, etc. to our bass
group.  I would like to see more ensemble possibilities—Molly and Fergus, for example and 7 ½ cents
were not just highlights for me personally, but important learning stages, due largely to the
additional attention I had to give to the music.  I also would like the choir to break into quartets more during the last phases of each repertoireonce
she should have become familiar with the music.
Submitted by Detlef Stein

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