January 3, 2018

PRESENT: Craig Jones, Andy Rush (A.D.), Kim Duca, Nancy Mucklow, Mitch Mullings, Gord McDiarmid, Barbra Rose Perry, Barbara Wilson, Skot Caldwell

REGRETS: Diana Hopkins-Rosseel (Chair), John Rosseel

CHAIR: Andy Rush chaired the meeting in Diana’s absence.

RECORDER: Marilyn Haskell-Armstrong

Meeting called to order at 9:05 p.m.


  1. Andy asked group to identify any issues or problems
  • It was suggested that Andy include vocal warm-up in rehearsal sessions.

ACTION: Nancy will call Andy at 5 P.M. next Wed before choir to remind him to plan vocal warm-up time.

2) Set list for concert reviewed:

  • Bossa Samba: good
  • Rasta Pasta: should be off book
  • How Far is Heaven: could be off book
  • Dulce Embeleso: excellent progress has been made and is IN. Asked folks to review it on the practice CD or on line…. with Clara.
  • And I Love Her:
  • One Note Samba:

Second Half:

  • Baila Comigo: no lyric sheet needed…use music

Need to work on bar 33 (al rit mo de la tier ra) and the second verse bar 45(bai-la bai-la nos)

  • Chili Con Carne: cheat sheet needed. Andy will create one.

ACTION: Andy will create a cheat sheet for Chili Con Carne

NOTE: The Bass Section is holding a “mini-sectional” on January 11 @ 6:30 P.M. to address issues with Chili Con Carne.

  • Ave Maria:
  • Sway: Janice will conduct
  • Smooth: Janice will conduct.
  • Andy suggested that the Band needs to play quieter during Sway and Smooth

ACTION: Janice to conduct Sway and Smooth at rehearsals from now on


  • Andy will remind choir to use the lyric sheets provided
  • Andy will request choir to close books during some songs at rehearsals.

3) Dancers: Two couples from the community have agreed to attend the concert and dance in the aisle to create a “party” atmosphere. They will be joined by David Champagne and perhaps Barbra Rose.

4) Choir Fashion: Men will wear dress pants and white, sleeveless, dress shirts. (Cuban Style). Women to wear colourful, fun, sunny colours.

ACTION: Skot will speak to choir at rehearsal about the dress requirements for the concert.


1) Andy discussed plans for June concert at the Grand.

  • Choir will perform for 1 hour at afternoon performance: songs mostly known to choir, only a few easy new ones
  • Evening concert will be 90 minutes with no break.
  • Gary Raspberry will join the choir for 3 songs, one called What If Kids Could Vote and was written at Centennial with Skot’s class.

2) Andy discussed an idea for choir promotion and community involvement. He would like to see an “open” session for community members and choir to join in rehearsing together selected fun, easy songs, in preparation for a filmed flash mob session in Market Square or another public event(s). He suggested perhaps 4 rehearsals culminating in the public performance. Busking activities were also discussed perhaps raising money for the Food Bank.

3) Spring 2019 session may be considered for a Beatles themed concert. Songs choices could be choir choice.

Meeting Adjourned : 9:30 P.M.

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