January 4, 2017


Meeting Opened at: 9:10 p.m.

Members and other Attendees:

Present: John Rosseel, Janice Dendy, Ian Juby, Diana Hopkins-Rosseel (Chair/Board Liaison), Frank Cabral; Gord McDiarmid, Mitch Mullings, Sherry Aylesworth, Shawn Suenaga, Kat Hatt, Barbra Rose Perry, Morag Coyne, Marla Bransfield; Nancy Mucklow, Kim Duca, Craig Jones, Tim Aylesworth

Regrets: Detlef Stein, Tacey Lawrence

  1. Board Liaison and Music Committee Chair (Diana)
    1. Welcome to our new guest conductor, Ian Juby
    2. Minutes of the Music Cmt meeting 16-November-2016 (pre-circulated)
  1. Musical Leadership Team: (Ian Juby, Janice Dendy, John Rosseel and Board Liaison/Music Cmt Chair, Diana)
    1. Fall Term ‘Global Folk’ quick debrief
      1. Janice: need a faster start; seating arrangements will unfold so not as per last session; sectionals equally or more important
      2. John: when Martha was here, we had a slower adjustment period, which we do not have now … PLEASE point your sections to the music on the website and ask members to do homework every week
    1. March 11th, 2017 “All Spirits Rise: exploring the Spiritual tradition” concert term:
      1. Approach to rehearsals for this session
        1. The song for the men and song for the women requires separate practice times
        2. Ian will send Janice what to work on for the sectionals and what we will work on for the next week
      2. Repertoire (attached)
        1. Approach to the music
          • Comments on individual pieces
            1. The only piece we need to hit soon is ‘Witness’ as it is a difficult piece. We did do this one a couple of years ago. We are hoping that Ian can spend more time finessing the pieces we have sung before.
            2. Section Leaders asked to gauge how their singers are doing with individual pieces and when they want more input/help from Ian
        2. Upcoming sectional advice
        3. Review and discuss
          • Vision of the performance
          • Musicians? Noted that there is room for a bass, guitar. We also have percussionists. Craig noted a number of our songs have had our musicians in the past.
          • Emcee? May have one. Ian to note soon what he wishes.
          • Solos? Ian thinking many will be small groups or duets. No strong vision right now. None seen as a solo feature. John noted an early decision would be best so members can make a decision on what they might prepare for. Also need microphone practice time if relevant. May be a hot mic or condenser approach.
          • Intermission: can be decided later after a night is timed. Last time it was a longer show, so may not need it.
        4. Proposed off-book songs:
          • Asked Ian to note ASAP which will be off-book. He should know by next week e.g. Peace Like a River, e.g. Every time e.g. Kumbaya
        5. Dress:
          • Asked to think of what would fit with Ian’s final vision (noted that Ian should connect with Morag to discuss the vision for the poster)
      3. Ramp up to the concert: e.g. plans for schedules rehearsals, dress rehearsals and concert 
        1. Board of Directors & Concert Committee
          • 1st Board meeting of the new year and new concert session next Tuesday, Jan 10th, 2017 (6 Miles Ave., Polson Park)
          • Concert Committee:
            1. Linda Williams, Jerry Weller, Colleen LaHaise
            2. Volunteers: we will have a lot of opportunities, please let your sections know


            1. Technical production
              1. We do mic the piano for the choir and the house
              2. Diana asked for a lead person
            2. Schedule on the day of the concert: Diana provided Ian with the notes from the last concert re: logistics


  1. John to connect Morag with Ian for poster development

  2. John to connect musicians and Ian re: which pieces will have instruments

  3. Diana to loop Ian into the emails with the concert committee

    1. Tim Stiff Session Update (item to be covered at the end of this meeting)
      1. Theme: chronological survey of musical theatre and their music over the decades
      2. Combining new material and some old favourites
      3. Proposed set list (TBA)
      4. Janice and John have met with Tim. Tried not to put any pressure on Tim re: theme
      5. Tim is searching for some titles now. By the end of January will refine into a repertoire list
        1. Want Tim to do a solo from Phantom
        2. Wicked
        3. Carousel
        4. The King and I
        5. Sound of Music
        6. Annie Get Your Gun


  1. Til There was You’ of the Music Man suggested by Craig – John to feed this idea to Tim
  1. Section Leaders:

NOTE: as there have not been any sectionals this sessions, this will be a discussion of what worked and what might be reworked from last session plus plans for / approach to the upcoming sectionals (ALL):

Janice: sectionals really, really important! Be at rehearsals by 6:55 p.m. at the latest – we are starting right on time!!!

    1. Basses (Detlef Stein, Frank Cabral; Musical Support: Gord McDiarmid)
      1. Gord felt they are really well attended and quite collaborative – help from Shaun, Dave Best and Janice.
      2. Surprised that no responses to what members think they should work on.
    1. Tenors (Mitch Mullings-Music & Organization; Diana-Attendance, Sherry Aylesworth-Social Support; Musical support: Shawn Suenaga)
      1. Nothing specific yet for the sectional next week except the 6 pieces covered tonight.
      2. No feedback about what is or isn’t working. Does like to have more ears detecting sections to work on.
      3. Having Shaun was really helpful
    1. Alto (Kat Hatt, Tacey Lawrence; Barbra Rose Perry-attendance; Musical Support: Morag Coyne)
      1. Janice was there until 6:35 p.m. so didn’t always know who was the keyboard player at 6:00 p.m. Morag will be the keyboard player this session.
      2. Tacey does often send out pre-sectional emails.
    1. Sopranos (Marla Bransfield; Musical Support: Nancy Mucklow)
      1. Nothing re: feedback. Nancy did work on identifying things to work on while listening during practices.


  1. Ian to send what to work on to Janice and she will send it out to the full choir.

  2. Need to work towards confidence with off-book concept

  3. Include Janice on sectional emails please.

  1. Musicians:
    1. Accompanist – Kim Duca
      1. Great rehearsal. Loves the Kumbaya song
      2. Would like to have a bigger piano for a group this size.
      3. People say they can hear it in the back of the room
    1. The Band – Tim Aylesworth/Craig/Accordion player/Other
      1. So far, don’t forsee anything too challenging
  1. Web / IT Support (Susan Hara; Board Liaison, Colleen LaHaise)
    1. Thanks to Susan Hara – great job!!!


      1. Diana or other to speak to how we appreciate Susan Hara’s work
  1. Other:
    1. John mentioned that he and Janice are the people to communicate with as Ian is very, very busy. They will contact Ian.

Adjourned at: 9:54 p.m.

Next meeting: Wednesday, February 8, 2017

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