March 29, 2017


Meeting Opened at: 9:05 p.m.

Members and other Attendees:

Present: Kim Duca, John Rosseel, Tim Stiff, Craig Jones, Tacey Lawrence, Barbra Rose Perry, Gord McDiarmid, Anne Chiarelli, Nancy Mucklow, Marla B, Shawn S, Elaine B, Mitch M, Janice D, Diana Hopkins-Rosseel.

Regrets: Tim, Sherry, Detlef, Frank

  1. Board Liaison and Music Committee Chair (Diana)
    1. Welcome to our new guest conductor, Tim Stiff
    2. Minutes of the Music Cmt meeting 4-January-2017 (pre-circulated)
    3. Other – nothing to add
  1. Musical Leadership Team: (Tim Stiff, Janice Dendy, John Rosseel; Board Liaison, Diana)
    1. Winter Session ‘All Spirits Rise’ quick debrief
      1. Diana gave an update from the recent Board meeting; the minutes will be circulated

ACTION: Elaine to ask Dianne for copies of ‘Hold Fast’ for the upcoming funeral

    1. June 3rd, 2017 “Broadway Hits – A chronological survey of musical theatre” concert term:
      1. Concert name revisited … “Great Songs from Musical Theatre: a chronological survey” ‘? ‘Lovin’ Broadway!’? Others? ‘A Grand Night for Singing’

ACTION: John to pass this title on to Jerry for poster development

      1. Vision of the Concerts (afternoon, evening)
        1. Venue: Salvation Army citadel venue
          • Sharing of any knowledge of the venue
            1. Flat floor, stage only slightly raised; cannot have 2-tiered effect, so 4 rows deep and very wide; upholstered seats which ‘suck up sound’ but comfortable for the audience
          • Monitor needs, sound needs, lighting needs?

ACTION: Tim to discuss with Janice and John (and musicians) what the needs are ASAP and communicate this to the concert committee and the Board.

ACTION: Janice to determine if we need piano tuning.

        1. Staging? Piano stage left (lid opens towards the choir); band on same side
        2. Sound check? 10:00 a.m.?
        3. Marshalling and stage singing – Suggested flow … call for 11:45 a.m. on the Saturday, on stage at noon, practice marshalling on and off at 12:30-12:45 p.m.; doors open at 1:00 p.m.
        4. Performance?
          • Focus? Tim suggested we may connect with one audience member at a time, constantly reconnecting while still focussing on the conductor; OR may do the choral focus … i.e. eyes on the conductor. Tim will think about this some more, not sure of the presentation yet, but probably conductor focussed. Tim may face the audience occasionally but the choir’s job is to focus on the music.

ACTION: Tim to communicate this to the whole choir.

          • Musicians required? This is not determined at this point but likely to hire Stu Pike for the drum kit to free up Tim A. for guitar.

ACTION: Tim to communicate this to Janice and John who will then communicate this to the Board and the musicians. Tim to do tempo markings for the songs requiring the musicians.

          • Solos / Duets / Small ensembles? A list has been made of what is written in the scores.

ACTION: Tim to finalize these by next week. Auditions on the 19th of April. Then May 3rd the singers will know if they have a part.

          • Emcee? Tim? Other? Tim will be the emcee, to do the interludes, talk about the pieces.
        1. Length? This will depend on the treatment of the Rogers and Hammerstein medley. Leave out ‘The King and I’, leave out ‘chicks and ducks’, ‘June is busting out all over’, …

ACTION: Tim to review the medley and see where he is going to cut and work with Kim on the segues.

        1. Intermission? To be determined after the runtime has been determined.

ACTION: Tim to decide if we have an intermission. If not, place Tim’s solos mid-each ½ of the concert.

        1. Dress? It is June, therefore less is more. All black with a splash of colour for each section.

ACTION: Diana to announce dress to the members.

      1. Approach to rehearsals for this session
        1. Discussion: How to be less reliant on binders this term, these concerts.
          • Important to do off-book songs off-book in rehearsals
          • Conductor to encourage this approach; making a mistake in rehearsal is the best way to learn where you might fall down, what you need to work on (to fix)
          • Eyes down only for your personal trouble areas
          • Buy choir binders (from BC) ACTION: John to get an estimate for a bulk purchase of these and thus cost for the choir versus cost per singer.
          • Tim to mouth the words whenever possible
          • Encourage practice at home

ACTION: with Tim, Janice and John’s guidance, Section Leaders to encourage home practice on particular songs as we move forward.

        1. Proposed off-book repertoire – fastest 3 songs? ACTION: Tim to determine and communicate which songs to be sung off-book ASAP
        2. Rehearsal seating arrangement options? Conductor preferences? Members? ACTION: Tim to let Diana know where the sections will be during the concerts to begin set up in this way for rehearsals.
        3. Any section splitting? To be determined.
      1. Upcoming sectional advice – asked Tim to identify what to work on during sectionals

ACTION: Tim and Janice to identify for Section Leaders what songs or components of song to be worked on during each scheduled sectional

  1. Ramp up to the concert: e.g. plans for schedules rehearsals, dress rehearsals and concert 
    1. Board of Directors & Concert Committee (Cmt: Linda Williams, Colleen LaHaise, Jerry Weller)
      1. Volunteers –
      2. Program – ACTION: Janice to see if Nola is interested in doing the program again.
      3. Technical production
      4. Schedule on the day of the concert
  1. Section Leaders:

NOTE: as there have not been any sectionals this sessions, this will be a discussion of what worked and what might be reworked from last session plus plans for / approach to the upcoming sectionals (ALL):

    1. Basses (Detlef Stein, Frank Cabral; Musical Support: Gord McDiarmid)
      1. Gord reported. There is a lot of music this term. Shawn has CDs to hand out. Lower attendance tonight than usual for this group but really committed.
    1. Tenors (Mitch Mullings-Music & Organization; Diana-Attendance, Sherry Aylesworth-Social Support; Musical support: Shawn Suenaga)
      1. No sectional yet. Attendance down for rehearsal tonight. Diana asked Tim to make it clear when the contraltos are being asked to split from the male tenors in a piece or section of a piece.
    1. Alto (Kat Hatt, Tacey Lawrence; Barbra Rose Perry-attendance; Musical Support: Morag Coyne)
      1. No sectional yet.
    1. Sopranos (Marla Bransfield; Musical Support: Nancy Mucklow)
      1. No sectional yet. Nancy has already identified some trouble sections for next week.

ACTIONS: Elaine to send section leaders their revised member lists.

  1. Musicians:
    1. Accompanist – Kim Duka
      1. Discussed piano tuning.


      1. Rehearsal piano needs tuning. Diana to get Board to arrange this (Ruth?). Kim to determine if the Concert Venue piano needs tuning.
      2. Tim to provide a ‘Summer Nights’ score / keys for Kim
    1. The Band – Tim Aylesworth/Craig/Other

ACTION: Tim to provide tempos for the songs

  1. Web / IT Support (Susan Hara; Board Liaisons, Colleen LaHaise, Ruth Hayward, Elaine)
    1. Many of the parted songs and full songs online

ACTIONS: Janice/John to remind members to go online. Section Leaders to ask if their members need assistance with NoteFlight access & use.

Adjourned at: 10:15 p.m.

Next meeting: Wednesday, May 3rd344, 2017

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