MAY 3, 2017


Present: Gord McDiarmid (Acting Chair), Tim Stiff, Kim Duca, Mitch Mullings, Janice Dendy, Tim Aylesworth, Linda Williams/Colleen LaHaise, Sherry Aylesworth. Kat Hatt, Anne Chiarelli, Elaine Browne, Detlef Stein.

Guest: Andy Rush

Regrets: Diana Hopkins-Rosseel

Recorder: Tacey Lawrence

1) a) Welcome

  1. Minutes of the Music Cmt Meeting 20 March 2017 (pre-circulated).

No Amendments. Minutes approved.

2) Musical Leadership Team:

June 3, 2017 “It’s a Grand Night for Singing – Broadway Hit’s

  1. Updates:
  1. Venue – Salvation Army Citadel (venue)
  • Sharing of any knowledge of the venue. No further information
  • Monitor needs, sound needs, lighting needs:
  • Use Bose Tower only. Unlikely to need extra equipment for soloists.

ACTION: Tim A and Tim S will give Linda a list of all equipment needed. Tim A will take everything that is needed on the Wednesday night before the concert. Andy offered to help supply any equipment that might be needed.

  • Lighting needs:

ACTION: Tim S. will check the venue shortly to determine if any extra lighting is needed.

ACTION: There is a Concert Committee meeting scheduled for May 18 at 7:00 pm Janice, John, Tim S, Linda, Jerry and Colleen to attend. Location to be confirmed.

  1. Promotion

– Tim confirmed that he is prepared to be part of the promotion needs – e.g. interviews.

  1. Staging

– There will be five rows – one seated, one standing on floor, three rows on risers.

– Andy confirmed that there are back rails and 2 end rails purchased as part of our risers. These must be transported to the venue with the risers as there is no other back bracing/support at the venue

(4) Day of the concert timings:

    1. Sound check – 11:00 A.M.
    2. Afternoon concert call time: 12:15 – choir to go immediately to the stage to practice entry and exit on risers at 12:30.

Warm up: approx 1:10

    1. Evening Concert call time: 6:45 P.M.

(5) Performance:

  • Focus
  • Will be on the conductor
  • Duration
  • Intermission still to be determined.
  • Musicians required
  • Stu Pike has been hired.
  • Andy is the back-up for Craig if he is not available for the concert
  • Band will be at rehearsal on May 17
  • Tempo markings on music scores are where we need them – with possibly two small changes, which Tim S will review with Kim and Tim A
  • Emcee
    • Tim will be the MC
  • Concert choir member, conductor, piano/accompanist and musician positions on stage
      1. Singers: one seated row, one row on the floor, 3 riser rows
      2. B, A, T, S formation, as we are in rehearsal
  • Tim is happy with the sound the way we have been organized thus far. No reason to change it.

ACTION: Diana to arrange 5 rows of seats for remaining rehearsals

    1. Dress: all black with a splash of colour (primary colours as per the OV logo)

ACTION: Alto: Blue; Bass: Orange; Soprano: red; Tenor: Green

  1. Approach to rehearsals for this session
  1. Off-book repertoire:
  • Can’t Stop The Beat
  • It’s a Grand Night for Singing
  • Aquarius
  1. Section splitting during rehearsal – how is this going
  • Working very well. Everyone likes it
  • May not be able to do a section split on May 10 unless Tim is available.
  1. CDs and online parted music (Noteflight) and full YouTube selections
  • Elaine noted that the hits on the website are low (for Sopranos)
  • Most people prefer Noteflight to YouTube recordings
  1. Upcoming sectional advice

– Janice confirmed that she will be available for the Alto Sectional on May 10.

– Decision has been made for Solos/Duets/Small ensembles

ACTION: Janice will confirm for the choir who is doing which solos/duets and exactly what each is singing – by email this week.

ACTION: Tim will aim to have the set list ready for May 10

  1. Ramp up to the concert: e.g. plans for schedules, rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and concert

Note: Janice is the go-to person for Tim for the concert

  1. Volunteers – Lists need to be filled in
  2. Program – Nola is doing the program
  3. Technical Production – Discussed above
  4. Special needs – So far none mentioned to but Section Leaders should check with choir members again
  1. Section Leaders:
  1. Basses: Detlef, Gord
  1. Some concern about being able to learn all of the repertoire. Tim confirmed that, so far all songs are still in – but one may be removed.
  2. Homework will continue to be very important
  1. Tenors: Mitch, Sherry
  1. Same concerns as Basses with respect to the challenges of the material
  2. Continue to emphasize homework
  3. Talk of trying to squeeze in another Sectional
  4. Attendance hasn’t been too bad
  5. Tim was asked to be clear about when the Contraltos are to sing with women in ‘Wash That Man’ and ‘Summer Nights,’
  1. Altos: Kat, Tacey

i) Request that there be no further changes in the music.

  1. Sopranos: Elaine

i) Concern about absenteeism

Noted that there has been approximately 1/5th of the choir absent each week in this session

e) Musicians/ Band – Tim, Craig

ACTION: Kim will call the Salvation Army administration office to confirm any need for tuning their piano before our performance.

Tim feels they are caught up on what is needed but more practice is necessary

  1. Andy Rush: 2017 – 2018 Season
  • Getting oriented for return in September
  • Recognizes that choir members have been asked to take on a lot this past season and is very impressed at how they have risen to the needs.
  • All three directors have been very impressed with the choir and its willingness to take on so much
  • Choir will be asked to do feedback which Andy is looking forward to reading (what did the 3 directors do that choir members felt was really great and that Andy might adopt in his practice)
  • Next year:
  • Limestone SD has confirmed funding for buses to bring students to the Grand theatre (late May and June) for the spring ‘Open Voices Animated’ show. . There will be a video component to the show. There will also be an evening concert which will require a big sell – 700 seats in The Grand
  • January – Latin flavoured music – taking advantage of Andy’s experience in Cuba. Andy welcomes our ideas for music for the Latin show, but written in English. Concert will be at Cooke’s-Portsmouth.
  • We have been invited to do performance at the Peace Quest event on November 11 at the Isabel – evening show.
  • Tuskeegee choir (with conductor William Dawson) will be here for a concert at St. Andrews Cathedral, and an afternoon workshop where we will learn 2 songs to perform with them. March 4, 2018
  • There will be no Choralpalooza this fall

Adjourned at: 9:59

Next Meeting: Fall 2017 (TBC)

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