October 4, 2017

Members and other Attendees:
Present: Diana Hopkins-Rosseel (Chair), Gord McDiarmid, Barbra Rose Perry, Allie McMillan, Kat Hatt, Craig Jones, Kim
Duca, Stew Wilson, Nancy Mucklow, Barb Wilson, Skot Caldwell, Janice Dendy, Sherry Aylesworth, Andy Rush.
Regrets: Mitch Mullings, Elaine Brown, Tim Aylesworth, Marla Bransfield
Recorder : Marilyn Haskell-Armstrong
1) Welcome (Diana HR)
a) Round Robin: deferred
b) Other: addition to agenda by Andy Rush. Item #7: Attendance
2) Artistic Director : (Andy Rush)
Can anyone help us on Oct. 21 with the Choralpalooza grant full day workshop? Facilitators: Suba and Dylan
Andy, Janice and Kim are participating. Choir Volunteers for the day are: Ruth Hayward, Allie McMillan and Stew
(i) Workshop: Location: St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
Time : 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Volunteers need to arrive by 9:30 a.m.
There will be a get-together after the workshop (4:30) at Megalo’s.
(ii) Who wants to come to the Freeplay workshop?
Andy asked if those attending were interested in the workshop and to remind other music leaders that if they are
interested they are to let Allie and Andy know. Allie reported that currently 30 people are registered.
ACTION: Section Leaders will share information about workshop to other leaders with direction to speak with Allie or
Andy about registration a.s.a.p.
b) Sat., Nov 11th, 2017: Peace Quest ‘The World Remembers: An Evening for Peace’ performance.
i) Event location: Isabel Bader Centre @ 7:30 pm. Choir Call Time: 6:30 p.m.
ii) Attendance is mandatory. Dress is formal: black and white with no colour accents.
iii) The band is needed for Kumbaya and Give Peace a Chance.
ACTION: Diana will contact Elaine and request an e-mail be sent to members containing the pertinent information needed for
the Isabel Bader Peace Quest performance including a list of songs and a reminder that attendance is mandatory.
c) What education workshops would be good?
i) Voice therapy and voice care? Discussed exploring this further and speaking with a speech therapist.
ii) Others: It was suggested that with several new members, beginning music theory instruction would be valuable.
iii) Andy asked for interest in helping with the workshops and Janice volunteered.
ACTION: Andy and Janice will discuss and decide what educational workshops will be offered.
d) Saturday, Jan 27th, 2018 – “Latin Heat” Concert Term
i) Updates:
(1) Venue: Cookes -Portsmouth United Church
(2) Times: 1:30 and 7:30 p.m. concerts
(3) Dress: Latin: colourful and fun. Long pants and shirts for men, no shorts.
(4) Percussion and solos: Andy requested that percussionists must have had lessons from Stu Pyke to play in the
ACTION: Janice will announce the particulars for the Latin Heat concert to the choir.
ii) Approach to rehearsals for this session:
(1) Off-book repertoire? The following songs will be off book as much as members are able: Kumbaya, Come by
Here, Give Peace a Chance, Love Has Broken Down the Wall.
ACTION: Diana will speak to the choir urging members to try to their ability to be off book on these songs
(2) Section splitting – how is this going? Did members like the small ensemble opportunity? Changes?
Section leaders reported most members have identified as first or seconds. Andy requested that seating
arrangements at rehearsal reflect the split in each section.
ACTION: Diana will place papers on chairs indicating first and second seating.
ACTION: Andy will communicate to the choir the importance of sitting in sections with like voices and the benefits to the choir of
moving around.
(3) What are the most critical pieces for practice tracks right now? Remembrance
How to use online parted music (NoteFlight – Graham Stratford) and full YouTube selections.
Andy will continue to post to the web site You Tube links as well as parted tracks played over music.
Graham has suggested purchasing more licenses to NoteFlight. This will be discussed by the Board.
ACTION: Andy will send all YouTube links to Susan to post on the website.
(4) CD support? If so, when will it be coming?
Andy suggested that “live” recordings by choir members be included on the CD’S.
ACTION: Andy will work on listening CD’S for the choir.
ACTION: Andy will look for volunteers to participate in recording the CD’S.
ACTION: Barbra Rose, Gord and Sherry will find someone to burn the CD’S.
(5) Will Andy be providing the membership at large with the plan for the following week via email notice?
• If so, when to expect the email? If not, what other options for choir members?
ACTION: Andy will instruct the choir at rehearsal as to what members should work on at home for the following week. Janice will
remind him each week as back-up.
(iii) Upcoming sectional advice:
(1) Will emails go out to the section leaders from Andy?
• If so, when?
• If not, other options for sections/section leaders?
ACTION: Any emails should be sent to Elaine for distribution by Friday night.
iv) Extra Practices at Andy’s: scheduled and in calendar. Members need to attend when rehearsal has been
ACTION: Andy will announce extra practices to members at rehearsal.
v) Section (& partners) socials at Andy’s: 9:15 pm -information in calendar.
3) Assistant Conductor:
a) Janice to share her role this year with sectionals…Gord, Marla/Nancy, will also provide musical support
b) New member support:
i) Music buddy for new members
ii) Support them via seating arrangements (e.g. sitting around them) Members are asked to move seats insuring new
members are surrounded by experienced members.
ACTION: Janice will announce at rehearsal that any new member that would like a music buddy to speak to their section leader
c) Rehearsals:
Will there be nights where we split into 2 sections for the first hour, one group with Andy, one with Janice? Is this of
interest? This practice will continue.
d) Feedback: Feedback was positive from meeting participants about how this worked in the past.
Section Leaders:
c) Basses (Detlef Stein, Frank Cabral; Musical Support: Gord McDiarmid)
i) Gord reported that attendance has been good and that new members have been well supported by others. They
are the last group to have an initial sectional.
d) Tenors (Mitch Mullings-Music & Organization, Sherry Aylesworth -Attendance, Diana – Other Support
i) Tenor section seems to be doing well and attendance has been good.
ACTION: Shawn Suenga to be removed from section leader list.
c) Altos (Kat Hatt, Barbra Rose Perry-attendance; Musical Support: Janice Dendy)
i) successful sectional tonight and attendance has been good
ACTION: Tacey Lawrence to be added to Alto Section Leader list.
e) Sopranos (Marla Bransfield; Musical Support: Nancy Mucklow)
i) Section working on identifying splits
5) Musicians
a) Accompanist – Kim Duca
ii) Piano seems ok
b) The Band – Tim Aylesworth/Craig/Other
i) Craig will discuss with Andy band related items for the upcoming concerts
6) Web / IT Support (Susan Hara; Board Liaisons: Elaine, Jerry)
a) Posting items to the website was discussed including who has access to do so.
ACTION: Andy will speak to Susan about the need for another person who could access the website
7) Session II (Andy Rush)
a) Sunday, March 4th, 2018:
i) Tuskegee University Golden Voices Choir from Alabama, GA
(1) St. Andrew’s Church; workshop at 2 pm and concert at 7 pm.
(2) O.V. members to sing 2 songs with the choir, help at the concert and host the choir providing full evening
(3) This event is optional participation for choir members.
b) Wed., June 6th Children’s Concerts:
i) Venue: Grand Theatre
ii) Times:
(1) 12:45 p.m. children bussed in from schools
(2) 7:00 p.m. open to the community
(3) Choir members need to work hard to sell tickets for the evening show. (600)
8) Other: Attendance
iii) Andy expressed concern that some new and older members have not shown up. He would like to see the attendance
lists from each section as well as membership list.
ACTION: Skot will ask Elaine to send lists to Andy. Section leaders will provide lists to Andy.
Adjourned at: 10:05 p.m.
Next meeting: Wednesday, November 29th, 2017
Reminder: Choir Social, Wed., Oct 18th, 2017
Open Sing; Wednesday, Nov. 15th; 7:00 p.m. (Cooke’s-Portsmouth)
ACTION: Barbra Rose will announce and explain the Open Sing event to the choir
1) Basses
a) Frank Cabral frankcabral@gmail.com
b) Detlef Stein detstein@hotmail.com
c) Gord McDiarmid – music support gordmcdiarmid@yahoo.ca
2) Tenors
a) Mitch Mullings – music & organization mitchmullings@hotmail.com
b) Diana Hopkins-Rosseel – attendance hopkinsd@queensu.ca
c) Sherry Aylesworth – support/social aylesworthsherry@gmail.com
3) Altos
a) Kat Hatt kat.hatt@hotmail.com
b) Barbra Rose Perry – attendance barbraroseperry@gmail.com
c) Tacey Lawrence vtlawrence@gmail.com
(613) 766-3398
4) Sopranos
a) Marla Bransfield marlamacdougall@hotmail.com
b) Nancy Mucklow nancy@nancymucklow.ca
Backup music support:
Kim Duca kim.duca@gmail.com
NOTE: Music Committee membership includes all section leaders, Board liaison, all musicians, the Assistant Conductor
and the Artistic Director. Music Committee meetings are held at 9:05 p.m., after choir practice, approximately once a
month from September through May each season.
Revised 04-10–2017

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