Tickets for our Saturday june 3, 2017 concert will go on sale
at least one month prior to the concert.
Tickets THAT WERE bought online will NOT be sent to you; instead, PayPal will send an email showing your purchase. Bring the email to the concert and it will be exchanged for a ticket.

FAQs about purchasing tickets online

  • Q – How can I pay for the tickets?
  • You can pay using any major credit card or a PayPal account.
  • Q – Is there a service fee for online tickets?
  • Yes. There is a small service fee for each ticket purchased.
  • Q – Will tickets be sent to me by email or post?
  • No. PayPal will issue an invoice & email it to you once your financial transaction is complete. The invoice is proof of purchase.
  • Q – Do I need to bring my PayPal invoice to the concert?
  • Yes. Your invoice needs to be presented at the door and it will be exchanged for a ticket(s).
  • Q – What if I forget to bring my invoice to the concert?
  • Open Voices will have a record of online ticket sales but it is best if you bring your invoice as proof positive.