Open Voices Choir January 2020

Registration for Open Voices 2022/2023 season is now closed for current members who wish to sing with us this coming year.

We’ll let everyone know if we have room for additional members soon.

Open Voices is BACK!

After a 1.5 year hiatus, Open Voices has resumed its activities, within the confines of public health guidelines and caution. Last fall we had 3 sing song/rehearsal sessions on Andy Rush’s from lawn in September, followed by four glorious sessions in the pavilion at Lake Ontario Park. The weather was so great for ALL of these, and to be together again, and also welcoming friends and newcomers to join us felt so good. We resumed live rehearsals indoors at Cooke’s Portsmouth United Church in November, being very careful about safety and comfort. That went well but after 3 evenings Omicron whacked us.

We started up again in March, 2022 with about 65 persons attending rehearsals. We continue to ‘proceed with caution’ and are making steady progress in re-learning how to sing, how to be an ensemble, how to follow our intrepid director’s teaching and how to have fun! We remain ready to pivot and modify anything. Even our May 25 concert at Cooke’s has flexibility built into it.   

Many members are not comfortable returning yet, and we’ll see them in September.

All through this our board of directors has provided remarkable, intelligent, compassionate leadership. Wow! The whole choir is so grateful for that. Many member volunteers continue to support the operations of the choir through all of this….. Thank You!

Can I Get Into This Wonderful Choir?

The pandemic hit, and we went into lock down in March 2020. Choral singing worldwide was particularly impacted by Covid. There were predictions and speculations about how long this would last and what things would look like when we were able to sing again. Choral Canada and Choirs Ontario did extensive research about this, and now that choirs ARE re-grouping, we have a clearer understanding of who is still with us. It is very likely there will be limited room for us to take in about 20 new members  to start singing next fall. We will promote our openings through members,  and through media and promotion. There is NO audition for Open Voices, any voice is welcome. But there is a process. We’ll promote widely to try to get as much diversity in our new interest as possible. Interested persons get a short info session about the choir, so that they know what they are getting into, and then if they are still keen, their name goes into the hat, for a lottery.  We do this by section, to retain great balance in our choir. 

This system has served us very well for many years. So keep in touch with your Open Voices friends and if you happen to hear that we are looking for new members… Read that poster or notice and act on it! 

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