A Method for adding music files

To insert an audio file click on the “Add Media” button above.

It will open up a dialog that looks like this;


If you don’t already have the file in the media library then you can click on “Upload files” and follow that dialog to upload the files to the media library. Please be patient since your upload speed is likely much less than your download speed.

Once you have uploaded your files you can choose the files you wish to insert into the page. Each file icon you click with have a checkmark on it. After you have chosen the files choose insert into page at bottom right corner.

02 – Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – Killing the Blues

Now after inserting the file click anywhere on the name and then click on the link icon above (looks like a few chain links). Make sure that open link in new window is chosen and then choose update from bottom right of box.

It may be best to choose one file at a time since if you choose multiple files they will be listed without pagebreaks at the end of each file so you will then have to separate them.

If you wish to choose multiple items it will be necessary to hold down the CTRL key as you  choose them.

If you wish to “unchoose” items just reverse the process.

You can reduce the # of items on the list by making the choice of the items you want from the dropdown.

Since the name of the file becomes the label for the file it is important to name them in a way that makes sense to you and the end audience.


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