Janice Dendy has served as the Assistant Conductor for Open Voices Community Choir since 2007. Her musical background began at 7 years old when she began weekly piano lessons eventually achieving Royal Conservatory of Music certification at the Grade 8 level in performance.  Branching out in her teenage years, Janice picked up the clarinet, saxophone and began singing in her high school Vocal Jazz Ensemble.  Soon after that, Janice was conducting and performing in various roles of local musical theatre productions.

IMG_0581-300x200Janice is a graduate of both St. Lawrence College and Queen’s University.  She first became an Early Childhood Educator, then continued her journey at Queen’s.  Janice attained a Bachelor of Arts with a Minor in Music Education.  She then completed a Bachelor of Education and currently teaches for the Limestone District School Board.

Open Voices has allowed Janice to showcase her musical leadership.  She has led smaller practice sessions, in every part of the group, for several years in preparation for larger rehearsals.  Janice enjoys her current role as Assistant Conductor supporting the 120 strong Community Choir from Kingston perform twice a year to thousands of dedicated fans.

This summer Janice will be traveling to Newfoundland to participate in Festival 500.

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