Joining Open Voices Community Choir

There is NO audition for Open Voices; any voice is welcome. But there is a process. We will promote our openings widely to try to get as much diversity in our new interest as possible through through media, promotion and word-of-mouth through our current members. Interested persons get a short info session about the choir, so that they know what they are getting into, and then, if they are still keen, their name goes into the hat for a lottery. We do this by section to retain great balance in our choir. This system has served us very well for many years. So keep in touch with your Open Voices friends and if you happen to hear that we are looking for new members… Read that poster or notice and act on it!

Membership Committment

Members of our choir make a big commitment to participate in and contribute to the learning and community culture of Open Voices. This commitment from all our members is essential to the success and awesomeness of Open Voices. What does this mean exactly?

  • All members are committed to attending weekly rehearsals and monthly sectionals, currently scheduled on Wednesday evenings at a central Kingston location.  If they do miss rehearsals through travel, other activities, family stuff, whatever… they are committed to making that up by attending the extra practices that we offer.
  • All members are committed to keeping their section leader informed if they have to miss practices.
  • All members are committed to performing at dress rehearsals and concerts.
  • All members are committed to participate in Open Voices for the full concert season, September (or the time they join) to June.

Your citizenship as an Open Voices Member does go a bit beyond weekly rehearsals. 

  • All members are committed to use the study practice resources that we provide.  Even a little bit of independent study of your music goes a long way to helping the choir AND enhancing your learning and enjoyment.
  • All members are committed to looking at ways they can support the choir through a bit (or a lot) of volunteer work.
  • All members are committed to take a role in getting us big concert audiences by selling and promoting tickets.  Your friends and family are our core audience.

Joining Open Voices asks a lot, and gives a lot.

Frequently asked questions about joining Open Voices Choir


Do I need musical experience to be a member of Open Voices?
Open Voices? No, Open Voices is a non-auditioned community choir and there is no voice check, required experience or musical training needed to join.  The current membership ranges from people who are new to singing in a choir to those who are very experienced. Some members read music well, some do not. Some members have beautiful singing voices, some do not. 

Print music, teaching recordings, beginning theory lessons (optional) and sectional rehearsals are provided to help members learn and have maximum fun. We are friendly and fun, and you’ll find you ‘belong’ very quickly! 

What is expected of members regarding dues?
Full Membership dues are $300.00 per year. However, the choir doesn’t want finances to be a barrier, so other amounts are acceptable, no questions asked. Our operating budget is planned around approximately 85% of members paying full dues. 

How do I become a member of Open Voices?

The capacity to take in new members is assessed at the end of every concert season, after current members are offered the opportunity to register for the following concert year.

If there is enough room for new members for an upcoming concert year (starting in September), a “Call for New Members” announcement will generally be made in the early summer. It will be advertised through our current members, on the OV website, on the OV Facebook page, and in the local papers.


Interested choristers can complete our Expression of Interest Form. This form can be completed at any time of the year, but we will reach out to the those on the list in the summer if there is enough room to welcome new members in the upcoming concert year.


Andy Rush, Artistic Director, and a Board Member will hold orientation sessions in the late summer for interested individuals. These sessions will be an opportunity to learn more about the choir, the upcoming concert season schedule, and what it’s like to be a member.

If, after this session, you determine that you are still interested in being a member and are able to commit to participating in the OV concert season, you will have the opportunity to submit your name into the lottery.


After all orientation sessions are completed, the submitted names will be “put in a hat” and drawn at random, section by section. The Artistic Director also has the prerogative to select a few members specifically to balance or strengthen sections of the choir, and the Board has the prerogative to use affirmative action to help create diversity in the choir. 

You will be advised by phone about the results of the lottery.

More questions about OV membership? 

If we haven’t answered all your questions about joining the choir, please feel free to contact us at

Open Voices not for you?

Check out Kingston Community Choirs for a list of other community choirs in the Kingston area.

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