Interesting Links

Gary Ewer: A music theory teacher Throatsinging, Overtone Singing, Harmonic Singing, Chanting, Online Lessons, and More!

Taize Chants: Learn some Taize chants and practice sight reading (learning the music page)

Choral Public Domain Library: A Free Sheet Music Archive

8 Notes: Another Free Sheet Music Archive

Principles by Craig Jones: Notes on how to improve your performing technique. This is a summary of what Craig taught us in the rehearsal, May 5th.

Earpower: This is a demo sight singing trainer

Mudcat Cafe: This is a great site for folk music lovers.It features a database of lyrics to about 9,000 songs, some with music as well, which you can use at the site or download (for free) to your own computer. It also has great music discussions.

Voice Teacher: Presently, David Jones performs master classes for the training of teachers. His understanding of the Old World training of the voice, and his knowledge of vocal science have worked together to enlighten and inspire teachers from Manhattan School of Music and the Julliard School.

Finale Notepad: A free program for writing or playing back music.

Audacity: A free sound editing program

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