A New Choir Season’s Spiritual Resolutions

Contributed by: Henry Clarke
Adapted from the Wiccan Tradition

Live in the moment.
Do not dwell on the past; do not worry about the future. Focus on what you are doing, as you are doing it. You will be less likely to have regrets, or to experience anxiety over what is to come.

Be fully aware of your surroundings.
Attune to the sounds and sights of the living world. This is one of the most potent sources of strength and peace for us. No matter where you live, the outdoors, the ground beneath your feet, the moon above you, the trees, allow yourself to learn their eternal lessons.

Be compassionate.
Your patience and kindness in difficult moments can have a dramatic effect upon the lives of others. How would things be different if we all thought of the welfare of others more often than we do now?

Be good to yourself.
We should be honoring our bodies: this singular, sacred vessel – with the best offerings we have available to us: fresh and healthy food, pleasing surroundings and pastimes. Activities like walking in the woods, yoga, meditation, dancing, singing or laughing have very healing and rejuvenating effects upon our bodies.

Be good to the planet.
Our Mother is strong and forgiving; but her children have not treated her very well in recent years. She needs our help and love more than ever. We live on a beautiful vibrant planet: let us care for Her as She has cared for us.

Accept and love yourself.
We often blame our upbringings for qualities in ourselves we would rather not have. But what is most important is to accept and love ourselves. No one is perfect; accepting our own limitations and those of others is the first step towards better relationships and self-confidence. No one can move forward on his or her path while they doubt their own self-worth.

Be open to other beliefs and ways of living.
All life-affirming paths to the divine or wholeness are valid. We should not proselytize about our ways; neither do we criticize or judge the paths of others. Do yourself a favor this year: read up on the teachings of other faith or humanistic traditions; attend another community gathering or worship service. Stop and have a conversation with that person on the street handing out tracts; you both may learn something valuable, even if it is only tolerance.

Remember that life lived simply is beautiful.
Think of those regions of the world where people get by on very little. Don’t worry so much about your possessions. Rejoice in simple pleasures: the scent of flowers, the taste of a favorite food, the company of loved ones, the devotion of our animal familiars (pets). Attune to the elements, to your chosen pantheon, to the Earth. This path of simplicity is healing to the psyche, soul, and ultimately, the planet.

Let it all go.
We are part of a mysterious endless cycle of life, death and rebirth-eternity. The sooner we lose our denial and fear, the better we may enjoy the earthly pleasures and teachings upon our path. Life’s difficulties balance its times of joy and ecstasy. Live each day as if all is right with the world—because, it is!

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