An Everyday Miracle

Submitted by: Dave Best

An everyday miracle happened right here in Open Voices choir. Well, actually it didn’t happen right here… it was at Andy’s Music Theory Workshop at McArthur Hall during the November 17th session.

I was seated in the middle of the back row beside Diana, so I had a great view of Andy, his computer screen, the blackboard, the music systems drawn on the carpet with masking tape, and Andy’s musical toys.

As Andy started the lecture, he turned off the overhead lights, leaving only perimeter pot lights. As I watched Andy talking in the partial darkness, I could scarcely believe my eyes… I could see his aura! His right arm was canary yellow, his chest and face were grass green, while the rest of his body was a light grey.

This was incredible!!! I have friends who can see auras but never expected that I would be able to see them.

“Thank-you God for this most wonderful gift!!! I will learn how to use it for the benefit of all! This is truly an everday miracle!”

Well it was, until Andy walked to the blackboard. That’s when I noticed it… he had been standing in front of the overhead colour projector.

So… that was my wonderous and fleeting glimpse of an everyday miracle.

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