“Common Voices” – It was Amazing

Submitted by: Marilyn Parks

Here are some comments sent in by email from our choir on our concert in Kingston and the experience singing with Open Voices:

“We felt instantly welcomed by total strangers, starting with the wonderful greeting by Open Voices singing Mulumele Shangwe and continued with their hospitality throughout the weekend”

“What a greeting! I found myself, most unexpectedly, in tears – and they have surfaced again every time I have thought about or spoken about that greeting. Those few minutes began, and came to symbolize for me, the whole “Common/Voices” weekend experience.”

“Coming in the front door at KCVI to find OV singing us in was just tremendous. And Andy’s acrobatic approach to directing was interesting!”

“The power of music and the magic of singing left no one untouched. I have never seen our choristers happier –everyone came back smiling. A big thanks to all organizers and a message to Open Voices: Common Thread may have inspired you but you have opened a new chapter for us. Thank you for reminding us why it is important to keep singing!”

“The experience of connecting with so many other people in such a short period of time was my favourite part of singing with Open Voices in Kingston. It’s amazing how quickly the power of song can create a feeling of community within such a large group.”

“I loved the energy of signing with Open Voices!”

“Musically, I really enjoyed seeing another (Andy’s) conducting style, and to get some new ideas for things CT could do (e.g. coffee house).”

“I think it was the meeting and connections with people that I enjoyed the most. I really enjoyed the bus ride there and back; as it was an opportunity to just chat for a couple hours each way with a handful of people– a luxury that usually we don’t have at rehearsals.”

“One thing very important about Open Voices choir is how much energy there is and how they can make their rehearsals both serious and fun at the same time. After performing with Open Voices, I noticed how energized I was and how this lingered throughout the evening. This choir sure knows how to bring the fun element into serious performing!”

“I really enjoyed the fellowship within CT as we prepared for the trip. I also really enjoyed seeing our choir in a broader context: Open Voices and Common Thread share some things in common but are essentially quite different. For me it was like putting a diamond against a velvet backdrop to see it and appreciate it for what it is. The trip made me even fonder of CT and the choral experience we have here

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