How Long?

Contributed by: Doug Forde

How long have You waited by my window,
playing Your celestial flute?
Long before the winds
wailed an echo of Your tune.
Long before the stars
wrote their score above the moon.
Long before time
woke my slumber, and awakened me to You.

What power there is, in Your magical flute,
for when You cease to play it,
Oceans empty, suns fail to rise, and my
heart ceases to beat.

How I love the sound of that flute! For it has within it
every word ever uttered and every song ever sung.
With each note, planets whirl and comets dance,
in timeless rhythm.

Long after the walls ’round my window
have crumbled to dust,
The wind no longer cries,
and the sun no longer glows,
You will still he here,
creating the cosmos,
with every breath on your flute.

But though ages pass,
and my body is gone,
I’ll still be here, floating,
on the notes of Your song.

For I exist only to hear you play,
Your etemal melody
of Love.

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