Spin and Counter Spin

Author: Jon Contorines
Contributed by: Gerry Gregory

Satan rose from his seat, approached the microphone, and gave his Sunday sermon:

What… of miracles?
We pin our hopes on miracles
because we base our lives on faith.

Is walking on water more wondrous than the
flight of birds? the glory of a rainbow?
the rising and setting of the sun?

Is life so blesséd and death so loathsome
that resurrection is a gift?

And what of suffering and pain?
Perhaps, the greater miracle is to find the strength
and courage to embrace our suffering
as we would embrace our brothers and sisters,
rather than flee from it and plead for deliverance.

Walking on water,
raising the dead,
curing the sick,
perhaps these occur so rarely because
they are of less importance… of less value.

He paused.
Smiled faintly.
And returned to his seat

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