Warriors of the Rainbow

When the earth is sick and all the animals have disappeared there will come a tribe of people from all cultures that believe in deeds not words; who will restore the earth to its former beauty. This tribe will be called ‘warriors of the rainbow’

I was given this quote several years ago and put it on the cover page of a spiritual journal. It was simply titled “a native American prophecy” and I don’t know who it came from. However there are numerous visionaries and spiritual leaders from many cultures who have been prophesying for some time about the changing times we are in and the need to take action. We heard from Colleen last year with a message from the Hopi elders. The Mayans have been trying to get through to us for a long time.

6 years ago I attended a gathering of South American Shamans in North America. They were here to open the Patchakuchi or the new age, the coming together of the eagle and the condor. I was caught in a net cast by visionaries of the Shaur tribe. The Shaur live in the Amazonian jungle in Ecuador and Peru. They were never conquered by the Spaniards and have retained their cultural identity over the generations. Living in the Jungle they developed an existence deeply integrated with Nature. They had no monetary economy until recently. Their Medicine men developed their skills to a very high level, easily accessing the realm of spirit and paranormal phenomena. They communicated with the plants of the rainforest and can hear them sing.

Things have changed dramatically as communities are meeting the modern world and the assimilation process begins…money economy has become essential, oil companies are destroying the very lungs of our earth and pharmaceutical companies are attempting to patent the plants that sing their song.

I went to Ecuador 3 weeks ago not knowing exactly what I would be doing but knowing that I had to go. To my delight I found myself being take deep into the jungle. First one bus, then another and another, then the back of a pick up truck, and then a treacherous hike into virgin rainforest above a River guarded by a giant anaconda to 2 sacred waterfalls. One pouring out feminine energy and one masculine under the watchful eyes of 3 eagles that circled above. There was a clearing and 2 Shaur huts had been built; the realization of a vision that the only surviving elder of the community had had. We were the first to come in response to his vision. I spent 3 days there just being with nature, hearing from the community leaders, eating palm hearts, drinking chicha (I avoided the grilled larvae) and doing healing ceremonial work with a very highly trained medicine man. They asked us to bring a message back to the outside world. The message is simple but not easy. You have heard it before in a variety of ways, but this comes to you directly from an ancient people at the centre of the earth. They want us to hear and to care and to wake up.

1. We are all one
2. The world is one community
3. The way we live affects them
4. It is time to unite heart and mind
5. If you don’t know the answer – ask a tree

I will finish with a quote from Guaysamin the most noted artist from Ecuador who exposed the plight of indigenous cultures around the world.” I cried because I had no shoes till I saw a child with no feet.”

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