Limestone Board thank-you letter

Hello Andy,

I hope this email finds you well and enjoying some cooler temperatures after a very hot summer. I having been meaning to provide you with feedback for quite some time, and I apologize for the delay in getting back to you.

Your concert on June 6th was a fabulous success! I was impressed, not only with the quality of the performance, but also with the incredible level of participant engagement. The students were so entertained; it was both moving to observe, and entertaining to witness how they wanted to involve themselves singing, dancing and ‘performing’ along side you and your incredible orchestra of voices. I was particularly impressed with the LDSB presence not only in the theatre itself, but also the foyer where you had displays of student artwork and contributions.

Thank you for spearheading the organization of attendees, along with the theatre space, providing educators with detailed timing and seating arrangements facilitating a smooth and seemless entry. The only difficulty we ran into was with busing. As June is incredibly busy time of year for field-trips, I would recommend that educators book buses well in advance of concert dates in order to ensure availability.

Moving forward, Elisabeth Beaulieu has returned to her role and will be handling The Arts portfolio. Please direct any further inquiries/plans for events to her attention.

Many thanks Andy,

Andrea Bolton
Elementary Program Consultant (Early Years)
Limestone District School Board

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