For Our Members

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Hello Members,

The choir Board and Andy plan to use this “Members Only” section of the website in a somewhat different way than in past years. It will continue to serve as a means of delivering various audio files to you for use as music practice resources. You may also find files containing various musical scores/arrangements which may be either viewed online or printed  to hard copy for your convenience.

In addition to serving as the medium for delivering practice music resources, the “Members” section of the website will also now serve as a repository of important OV dates (link to calendar here) and announcements pertaining to up-coming choir-related events.

Please try to get into  the habit of visiting this “Members” area on a regular basis from now on. With the launch of this refreshed website, the choir leadership will be relying much less on “e-mail blasts” for distributing vital rehearsal/performance information. Instead, members are being asked to keep themselves up-to-date by regularly checking the “Members” section of the website. We are asking you, as individuals, to seek out or PULL information from the site, rather than having it sent out or PUSHED to you through the sometimes unwieldy system of mass e-mail distribution. Please try to embrace this new model of information delivery – it will, we think, prove to be much more efficient for everyone than the previous delivery model.

Thanks for your cooperation with this change. Please direct any questions to any Board Member.

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